Exploring Kitchen Solutions For A Problematic Space

Since I moved here in mid-April, I have probably looked at more kitchen layouts and decorating ideas online and in old magazines than I ever have in all my years. I have become obsessed over it really.

The layout of a kitchen determines everything. If you own the home and have the money, you can bump out a wall somewhere. If you rent and have a small budget, that isn't anything you can entertain. 

So. I'll have to figure out a Plan B.

(I so would love a little kitchen island!)

In this space, I have just about 7 feet by 7 feet. That's to the cabinets, and not the wall. The space from the fridge to the washer (I turned it facing the washer the other day and liked it better) is only about four and a half feet.

As it is, I'm going to have to move the wall hanging pot rack (found at a consignment shop in TX for $10) I have there. I run into it constantly. And if it's the middle of the night, the clatter that ensues scares me half to death. 

One day the maintenance man was in here and he didn't see it and knocked into it, and by the look on his face, I thought he was going to have a stroke.

Plan B: buy a piece of pegboard cut to my specifications and paint it and try hanging it there. It is flat and takes up less room.

You're probably going to see a lot of red and white and black in my kitchen. Haven't figured out for sure where yet. If I can get the long-stuck contact paper off three cabinet's shelves, I'm planning to paint the insides white. (They are now stained.)

I've already taken the doors off the three same-sized doors that run from the kitchen window to the stove. BUT. I can't for the life of me get the little thingies off that keep the doors shut. I've worked and pried and they are being really stubborn. So have to figure out that snag.

For the love of Pete, isn't there ALWAYS a snag?
This kitchen has stumped me more than any other. I've thumbed through magazines at the store, been on Apartment Therapy for hours looking at small kitchens. Stayed up late on Pinterest. 

Somehow when I think I've got one area thought out, something crops up that blows my candle right out.

The appliances, dishwasher (which I don't use), stove and fridge are three different colors. What to do? 

Plan B. Cover what I can. Somehow blend in what I can't.  Don the thinking cap.

Only "I cans" are worth entertaining.

Counter tops: I hate them. I sure wish I had the black laminate I had put in the little blue house. But. No "I wishes" either. It is what it is.

Plan B. Either find a way to love it or find a way to cover it. Or find a way to minimize it. 

I keep telling myself: If there is a will, then there is a way. And I will find it.

(All images courtesy of BHG.com online)
I will figure it out. And I will make it work. Because determination is just in my blood.

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Decorating The Bedroom

This is the one and only bedroom. Abi the diva has managed to place herself in nearly all the photos.

The red and white checked buffalo curtains came from Primitive Star Quilt Shop

This window looks out on the patio, where I can see my container gardens and the birds that flock to the outdoor space. 

Nothing real special or expensive here. You will not be seeing Pottery Barn linens on my bed. Too rich for my blood. What you see is what I've had for quite a few years.

Maybe Abi is trying to show you her new haircut, courtesy of Mom. I'm tired of paying for a groomer every three or four months. At the end of that time, they look like monkeys. 

So I ordered some electric clippers from Amazon.com, and did it myself. I have a lot to learn. Abi's face and head is the hardest to get right somehow.  

You don't see Charlie because he is not a photo diva. Poor Charlie has one bald spot on his back because I couldn't quite get the clippers started when first trying them out yesterday. He is easier to groom in some ways because he has straight hair. But he fights you and is quite strong. It is a battle.

This is the only room where I have a TV set up. I really don't care for a TV in the living room.

So this is one of my four rooms. Well, if you count the fact that I have a tiny eating area at the end of the living room, it is just three rooms. 

You've seen the living room. I still haven't gotten started on the kitchen. I will have to pace myself, because I want to do some painting and some bigger projects. It may take me awhile. But you know it will be done in a frugal manner.

I'm coming along on the bathroom. I have a red and white buffalo checked shower curtain that I ordered from the same place where I got the curtains and the gold and white quilt. Primitive Star Quilt Shop has great prices. I found them by googling buffalo checked curtains.

You know, I have lived in all sorts of spaces in my life. From big turn of the century homes to garden homes to small homes to an apartment. Just because you live in an apartment does not mean you can't decorate your home to reflect your personality and what you value. 

You may think there just isn't a way to fix your space up for whatever reason. Lack of funds or lack of space.

Look at your living space with new eyes, and a creative mind set. Pinterest is a great place to get ideas. You will find all sorts of thrifty ways to decorate your space, no matter what your budget is.

Bloom where you are planted, no matter where that happens to be.

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Color My Decor Series: Rooted In Thyme

If you haven't seen Jody and Stan's yard at Rooted In Thyme, you're in for a treat.

Oh, look at the mama bird feed her young.

Everywhere you look, there is beauty and whimsy.

And masses of blooms. You can tell there is so much love invested in these gardens.

And raised beds for veggies.

Beautiful outdoor rooms.

All lit up at night for impromptu dinners and guests to enjoy.

Absolutely breathtaking, isn't it? So much to see. Jody and Stan are a good team. And their home and gardens reflect that.

I hope you enjoyed strolling through their lovely outdoor spaces.

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Java Talk: Funny Pet Stories

My Funny Pet Story

Once at the little blue house, we had this tortoise problem. Or maybe it was just a big turtle. But it was BIG.

I learned about it when the dogs started barking frantically. When I saw what they were barking at, my first thought was: How did that huge thing get in the fenced yard? And immediately after that: How am I going to get it out?

They'd never seen anything remotely like this before. I wonder what they thought it was? Whatever, they wanted to GET it. I was beside myself. They wouldn't leave it alone. They wouldn't come in. 

Finally I guess they got hungry or something and they came in. But the next time they went out, they immediately honed in on it again. I felt sorry for the poor thing. See Charlie's ears?

Oh, they thought they were really scary, barking and growling at the poor thing. It would go up the fence one way, turn around when it got to the corner, and head the other direction.

This went on for days. I couldn't figure out what to do. If I got up the nerve to pick it up (and I don't have anywhere near that much nerve), they would jump me and probably knock us both down. Me and it.

Finally, a few days later, I heard no barking. I went out and looked around. I guess it got out wherever it got in. 

I was just so relieved it was gone! And safe from the pupsters. Doubt they could have hurt it. But they could have worried it half to death.

Have you got a funny pet story to share? Let me go get my coffee cup while you think about it.

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