Attracting Hummingbirds & Butterflies

Isn't that bloom the most artistic, intricate, and beautiful thing? It is the columbine, sure to bring in hummingbirds. There isn't an artist alive that could rival Mother Nature and her blooms.

If you want to attract hummers and butterflies, remember that they share my love of red. 

Plant both perennials and annuals, which are long-blooming, but typically, in most regions, last only a year. 

However I have morning glories that self-seed. It is best to plant a variety of colors, including purple, which also attracts them.

Dill is an annual that will supply both fresh herbs for your table, and it also attracts butterflies to your garden. 

Zinnias are always a big hit, with their variety of colors and long-blooming flowers.

I am thrilled to say that the birds have finally found my bird feeder. However, I have only seen sparrows so far. They are not the royalty of birds. Nor do they have gorgeous feathers. 

But then, I told myself as I gazed out the window waiting for a cardinal, everyone has to eat.

Be back this afternoon with Tweak It.

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  1. it always seems to take awhile for the birds to find the feeders - but once they do they will stay as long as the seed is there!

  2. Love the flowers. Columbine are one of my favorites.

  3. Such lovely flower photos. I'm really hoping you draw a hummingbird or two in the near future. Hurray...the birds are finally coming! Enjoyed this post...

  4. So Brenda must have been a hummingbird in another life...she sweet, and loves red. I love that little columbine...have to seed some of mine as soon as it warms up.


  5. The little sparrows are such cute little birds and yes, they need to eat too. Once the others see their is a buffet out, they will show up. I've tried growing dill many times. It's just too darn hot here.

  6. I have a dear, sweet Oklahoma friend who would love this post! She's plants her flower beds to attrack hummingbirds and butterflies, too. Beautiful photos!

  7. I suppose that yard has been empty of treats for them for years, so it will take some time. They will love your gardens! Thought of you this morning when I had to hand wring out a throw pillow that kept stopping the drum! After 3x of ringing it out it finally finished it's cycle!

  8. I would love a butterfly garden. I need to figure out how to get my bird feeder in this hard clay packed dirt. It's like cement :(


  9. Your flowers are wonderful! Wow it is 90 over here in NWArkansas. Hope not that hot your way. Take care my friend!

  10. Woo Hooo! Once the sparrows find it - the cardinals and chickadees aren't far behind :-)

  11. II am starting a second zinnia bed for my hummingbirds, finches, and butterflies this year. The zinnias in the new bed are sprouting now. I put down some blue bachelor button seeds at the edge of the zinnia beds. Haven't seen the buttons sprouting yet. Maybe got washed away by rain. I thought the bright zinnias would be pretty with some blue thrown in. Hope my h. birds approve.

  12. I loved feeding the birds. The Chickadees were always my favorite. Or was it nuthatch? Or the downy woodpecker? Or the ladder-back? Maybe they were all my favorites. What I didn't love were the raccoons that came in and made pigs of themselves by eating all the seed. Or the bears that not only ate the see, but ran away with the feeder. Needless to say I don'[t feed the birds any longer. I do have a birdbath and that is fun to watch.
    I have never had a cardinal come into my yard. Is there a secret to getting them to come in?


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