Blogs Read On Mobile Devices & What It Means To Bloggers

I'm posting late today. I had to go to the chiropractor (I go 3 times a week for awhile), and to Walmart for a few things. 

I changed my blog template. I really liked the other one, which is very similar, but it was not mobile responsive. So for $25 on Etsy, I got one that will scale down the blog page for any device. 

Why is this important?

Because 50% of mobile phone users use their mobile device as their primary internet source, say the current statistics. 

Now I don't know what Blogger does or if it scales them down at all, (I will have to do some digging and see if I can find out.) But I wanted to be sure I could reach all my readers every day. 

Last week was switching email subscribe options and leaving Feedburner for Mad Mimi. So that's two things I've done to ensure my blog goes out to subscribers. And that they can read it on any device.

I have under 2500 email subscribers right now. (Feedburner would tell me I had 1000 subscribers one day, 3000 the next.) I currently have about 1700 subscribers actually, though it has really picked up in the last week. I pay $16 a month for unlimited emails as long as I'm under that number.

My plan was free until I had used up all my credits. Which means they had sent out 12,500 emails for me, which is all I was allotted on a free plan. I post at least once per day, so I used it up fast. After that, you choose a plan that works for your amount of subscribers.

As a blogger who depends on this blog for part of my income, I thought it was a good deal, and a savvy move. When someone emails that they aren't getting my posts, I simply copy their email address and send it over to Mad Mimi. They look it up and see if they're on the list. 

Plus it is a tax deductible expense as I'm self-employed. 

With Feedburner, there is virtually no help for bloggers to access. I need to know my audience, what my stats are, etc. I like to be able to have options in designing my posts that go out as an email. 

I get an email each morning from Mad Mimi telling me that my post went out to all subscribers. 

This makes me feel better. I don't have to wonder. I can chat with someone at Mad Mimi and get an immediate response. That is worth a lot to me.

I know there is a lot of discussion and frustration right now with Feedburner. Some said readers weren't getting their posts due to something with email providers. 

But I don't know about that. As I've only had two people email me this past week that they weren't getting my posts, and it was quickly figured out. 

One was due to the security issues of a particular email provider. 

Here is the response from Mad Mimi I just got about the other one not getting her posts:

Hey Brenda,
Kate here! I can definitely help.

I popped into your account and see (her email address) in your ALL list and that she's being sent your emails. So, we'll need to dig a bit deeper. Is it possible for you to ask her to check her other folders, including her 'Spam' folder? I'd hate to think it's landing there, but if it is, we can help out with that too.

We'll get to the bottom of this, Brenda!

For both readers, I simply forwarded what Mad Mimi found out, and they take it from there. As it is clear it was sent to her.


So this is two important things that we bloggers must look at in 2014. Things they are a 'changin. People read blogs from their mobiles devices, plus they want the posts coming automatically so they don't have to do anything. 

And you have to please your readers to have a successful blog.

Simply put, you need as much control over your blog and how it appears and how it reaches your audience as you can get. 

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  1. I believe Blogger has a setting g if you wish to have your blog read on a mobile device and you can see what it looks like to others when you set it up. I'm not sure about Feedburner issues. To be honest I didn't know they existed anymore. I don't like getting blogs via email so I set them up in one place to be read at my leisure instead of helter skelter. I happen to use theBloglibin' platform though there are many other simar see vices.

    I'm intrigued by making money off a blog. Do you do it via advertisements mainly or some other means?

    1. I make it through ads, yes, primarily. But I also do the occasional link to get paid. I set my price pretty high so I don't get asked much. As I'm not crazy about doing them. I will write a review for a company. I've worked with various companies on several campaigns. There are various ways to get out there and make some money. You have to have quite a few pages views thought it seems. And of course there's Adsense, which is right on your Gadgets list. I've been watching my ad placements, and using various sizes for testing, etc. And have been doing pretty well with them. Or what I consider pretty well anyway! I purchased books that tell you a lot of this stuff, but mostly I've learned from keeping my eyes open and research.

    2. Thanks for your reply. At one time I thought I would do some things but at the end of the day I still haven't done. I probably would need to start another blog if I change my mind and move forward since my blog seems to have issues with my having (improperly perhaps) redirected things in early days. I'm pretty sure my stats are not all that accurate and that is more important when you want to advertise and have a good reach. Good for you for doing all this and figuring it out.

  2. Sorry I am typing on a mobile device and sometimes I don't catch all the typos. I meant that I amusing Bloglovin.

    1. I figured that out! See, you're on your mobile device. You must be part of that 50%.

    2. Yes, I guess I am though I usually prefer looking at blogs on my home computer and sending comments from my PC too. I even prefer my home computer to my laptop for this purpose. I do use the mobile when I am out and about and have access to wi-fi. That allows me to catch up on a bit of blog reading :-)

    3. Oh I should have mentioned that my phone also allows me to switch to web version also but I haven't had any problems viewing if I don't choose that option :-)

  3. I check blogs via mobile and I could see you old header just fine. Just FYI now all I see is the title in black letters, no pictures. Doesn't matter to me either way but you said you paid $25 and there is nothing there but a basic blogger title. I'm interested to see what others say.

    I don't subscribe to any of the other things you mentioned because I barely check my email (weird I know) so I don't want it filled up when I do check.

    1. Oh, the black letters is not all you get, though that's what you see! You get navigation set up and sidebar settings. I'll go get a listing and show you what you get. It's what you don't see that is important. It's not an aesthetic thing. It's what it does. I probably looked at hundreds in the last few days. But my requirement was that it be mobile responsive.

    2. Here was this listing, though it doesn't list much... This pre-made, responsive fashion Blogger template features a modern and simple design. Your photos will auto re-size to any size screen, tablets and smart phones. Use Bloggers template designer to customize the fonts, font color and more. You can also add more elements to the sidebar such as Instagram feed, Pinterest feed, categories or any other Blogger gadget. This pre-made blogger template is great for personal blogs and creative artists. Plus, this design features a menu bar that is fixed as your viewers scroll.

      The other important thing to me is that templates have to work with Blogger Template Designer, so I can change colors and fonts and widths, etc.

  4. Good evening Brenda. I mostly read blogs from my cellphone or tablet because I can carry it with me while I work. I have had no problems at all reading your blog. Before you switched to Mad MiMi I would get your update in my feedly but would have to click on your blog to finish reading. Now I can get your whole post on feedly. I am sure your readers can read your blog on their cellphones, etc without your having to pay out of pocket to do so. You shouldn't have to pay so we can read your blog on our devices.

    1. But I have to think down the line to the readers who might unsubscribe because of such things. And it's not just that. I want to be in control of my emailed posts going out in terms of design and being able to see the numbers and how many have signed up and all that.

  5. Yes Peggy is right! When I go to a site it is already mobile friendly and I can switch it to web version by simply touching that option on the bottom of the blog.

  6. I don't have a mobile device. I don't want one. I'm only thinking of those who do have them.

  7. My phone allows me to switch to web version easily so not a problem for me :)

  8. Brenda, I think blogger was already mobile responsive. Anyway, glad you got your feed/email thing straightened out. People seem to really like Mad Mimi.

  9. Reading blogs on my iPhone is not fun. I have to keep moving the screen back/forth, and just isn't worth it to me. I noticed today after you posting this the other day that on my phone when I bring your blog up it doesn't show the comment section, so I can't read them or comment.

  10. Hi Brenda! I just wanted to say that I am really enjoying your blog. I found you in Country Woman and loved the feature in there and decided to look up your blog. I'm looking forward to seeing more!

  11. Since I got my iPhone I mostly read my blogs here via Bloglovin' which I love. You can see your followers in Bloglovin too. I had no trouble seeing your cute header with my iPhone but now all I see is the title of your blog in big black print.


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