American Homes Underwater

Embrace Home Loans Infographic

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  1. Glad you posted that, Brenda. So many people got "caught" underwater. Such a shame.

    Around here the economy is healthy - though we're in Ohio we are Columbus, a healthy city - and lately people are offering more than asking prices on homes. Seriously THREE people I know either sold their home for more or offered more in just this last week. Yikes almighty. But that is a good sign that home values are going up.......I have been told by a few lately that the realtors are holding down the prices with whom they represent to they may have to rethink that soon.

    Anyway, neat way of looking at it - but those figures are STAGGERING to say the least! Have a good worry-free weekend, friend. ♥

  2. What a nightmare! In the area we've moved to, home prices are soaring. Our home value has increased a good bit even since we moved here two years ago. Not so great for our tax bill but good for the overall picture.

  3. That is very interesting and kind of scary at the same time.


  4. I had no idea the statistics were that high! Very informative post. I learned a lot.

  5. In our area (Texas) homes are selling well and really good prices.

  6. Unfortunately, my daughter was unable to hang on. Wells Fargo mortgage held her loan. But then that's another story. She is now part of a class action suit brought against them by the state of oklahoma. Whether she will ever see any money remains to be seen. Thanks for the post. We all need to be better informed.

  7. I know the problems that Nevada and Arizona have - too many houses built too quickly and not enough work. We are fortunate that we bought our last home long before the prices started going through the roof in California.

  8. Great reading. The reason Texas homes stay level is that you're not allowed to borrow on your equity. Too many homeowners inflated the value of their home by taking out loans up to 125 percent of the value of the home. They basically put themselves in hot water and the rest of us suffered because of it.


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