Obsessed With Kitchens

I guess it is safe to say that I am somewhat obsessed with kitchens right now. I spent so much time looking at kitchens to figure out what to do in this little apartment kitchen, that now I can't seem to stop!

I keep going in there and tinkering. Or adding. Or taking away.

These kitchens are of course way out of my league. But fun to look anyway.

My butcher block island doesn't have the antique patina this one has, but I am happy with mine. For $45, it was quite a deal.

Just look at that stove. Are you salivating? I no longer have a stove. And I don't miss it. But that one is something else. I wouldn't have been able to give that one up!

I am happy with my little kitchen reno. It wouldn't win any awards and a real designer would likely turn up her nose at my use of contact paper. But hey, it was cheap and it changed that space so much!

Oh my, the one above stole my heart. I want so much to figure out a way to use my vintage jar lights I made for the little blue house. Look at the pretty basket of vintage linens underneath the island. 

I think we bloggers do an awful lot of tinkering. And rearranging. And standing in the doorway with out head cocked, thinking: what if I tried this or that? Wonder if that would work?

Do you fit in that category? Are you a tinkerer?

Tomorrow is Java Talk, and we will be talking about whether we are a morning or a night person. About when we are at our most creative and what time of the day we manage to get the most done. 

(I am a morning person, just so you know.) See ya in the morning over coffee.

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  1. I like these kitchens, because they all have a sense of fun!

  2. Very lovely kitchens. I enjoyed looking at them. But, I really love the way you've decorated yours!

  3. I like that little kitchen the best.. I've never been one of those folks who wants others in my kitchen:)

    Not sure if anyone else has mentioned this but since I get your post updates in my email- they are always a day late.. :( I wish they would fix that..

    I think you did a superb job on your kitchen redo.. many have spent lots more money for way less impact and eye candy.
    you did GOOD~!

  4. It's easy to be obsessed with the kitchen, it is the heart of the home after all!
    All of these spaces are inspiring me to do some tinkering.

  5. I'm pretty sure I agree with Kimberly ...heart of the home and all!
    I seem to gravitate there and tweak it the most! I'm more if an "unfit kitchen" type -- like the old days when kitchens furnishings moved with the occupants!
    Most of my surfaces are collected and I only have about 10 linear feet of countertop!
    It's constantly a work in progress.
    I've never made it to Java Talk-- Dr. Appt. in the morning- check to see how I'm adjusting, wish me luck!
    Oh--- night owl here!

  6. Gorgeous kitchen Brenda, and I sure won't worry about what a designer thinks! Sometimes they are too formal and "by the rules" for me. Anyway I think we come up with a lot better ideas! All the kitchens are so cherry, and welcoming, I think that's what I like about them the most. I wish I could have some open shelving, but Mr. C would kill me if I took any cabinet down. I am trying to think of a way to "brighten" up my dark cabinets with out any "damage" left! I'm thinking of bead board in the back of the cabinets and using the "shelving" as a mean to hold it up without gluing down! Then remove a few doors. Can I join in on java talk even though I'm not a coffee drinker, I love tea? Just kidding!

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  8. These are some fantastic kitchens and the third one down took my breath away, loved the ceiling. None compare to your kitchen, though! It just brings a smile to my face when I see it! You are one fantastic decorator! I might be late tomorrow, but I am a night owl! Sorta changing with age, though, dang it!

  9. Beautiful kitchens. But your little re-do is darling. I love it. And yes I am a tinkerer. I am always thinking of ways to change things up in my home. Sometimes I wonder why. I guess it is just how I am I like to change and re-arrange. And blogging sometimes makes me even more obsessed with it. Karie

  10. I love the kitchen with the green walls and the white cupboards. I have oak cupboards, but I'm afraid to paint them. If the counter tops and all of the tile weren't blue I might give it a go, but I can't afford to change all of that. I'm sure you'd be able to figure out what to do. You're a genius. You should be a design consultant. We could send pictures and you could make suggestions for people with a very small budget. :)

  11. Hey - that second photo with the shelf and the stain glass in the window would work wonderfully in my kitchen. Thanks for the idea! Someday????


  12. They certainly are pretty kitchens but I too like yours better..I am a happy colors person like you..I loved your vintage jars lights too..

  13. Im in pain....sorry. You took out the stove? I mean it is gone? I know the new one you have. I did not know if the other is gone. Now I really want to redo my double wide kitchen with pumpkins and fall themes. I need painting, redo cabinets and huge cabinet sink dishwasher Isand, back splash and counter top. All done by me. THANKS FOR THE INSPIRATION!!!

  14. I'm also a fan of small kitchens. My favorite kitchen was in a studio apartment -- it was in a sort of alcove and you literally needed not take more than two steps from sink to stove to fridge. Didn't hurt that it was full of charm with glass-front cabinets built in the 20s, wall mounted sink, etc. Do you know what I love most about Michael Penney's kitchen? If you look closely at the cabinets, you can see they had that 80s strip of wood across the top of each door/drawer. He painted it to match and then did some fabulous decorating around it. I think the wallpaper is my favorite.

  15. Brenda, yeah I look at them all the time as well. Though my adding and taking away seems to be all over the house, I just can not leave things alone! LOL Thanks for sharing these great pics. Have a blessed day.

  16. Brenda - thanks for sharing all this great kitchen inspiration! We have just purchased a "new to us" home and the kitchen needs some serious TLC...I too have been fixated on kitchens...and I can't wait to move there and get working!! I am loving your kitchen and how you are making it truly "yours" - I think having a room that functions the way you need it to is the best - I can't wait to see what you do next!!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  17. I could happily be at home in any of those kitchens. Mine remains retro vintage as there are no funds for a remodel but I still love it.

  18. Brenda, I love your collection of designs. I work as a Kitchen Designer, so I saved many of these photos in my Dropbox for future reference. I can't wait to see what you do with your own little kitchen.

    BTW, if you don't want a stove, and you are not going to use a stove, then don't have a stove. Your kitchen should function for you.


  19. I think most of us that read home décor blogs tinker and look for ideas we can use in our own homes. I am going to use the beadboard wallpaper in my bathroom and if that goes well, in my kitchen. The wallpaper I put up about ten years ago has done it's job and needs to retire.

  20. I need to become more of a tinkerer and LESS of a thinkerer! I can literally "think" a project into the great hereafter! I can have great ideas that seem to get frozen into the recesses of my brain and never get tried! My Dear, you motivate me to get doing!!! And for that, I thank you! Peaceful Blessings! Nancy

  21. I also receive your posts a day late. Hope something can be done to correct that.

    I like the light blue and white kitchen. Those are the colors I chose for mine, however, its not decorated as well but I am working on it. I have red accents. I search the internet for ideas and garage sales for good bargains. The one idea I copied from you is the pan lid towel holder. Love it!

  22. I beg to differ.......your kitchen has already won many awards judging by the comments on this blog. It ought to be in a magazine so that many more could be inspired. Your style is unique and by and large inimitable. Getting rid of the stove was gutsy.....Applause to you.

  23. I get posts a day late also. I LOVE kitchens...I am a tinkerer, changing my curtains & placemats & tablecloths. I clean houses for people, some have very expensive kitchens...but they are BORING compared to yours!

  24. I have a "thing" for kitchens, too! I love each of these you shared today. Yes, am somewhat of an obsessive "tinkerer", as well. My poor family :)



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