Painting Again & Java Talk Topic For Tomorrow

I can't believe how fast things are growing outside. But then we've had rain almost daily for awhile. I trim and trim and it grows and grows.

Today I'm painting again. This time with red paint. I won't tell you what it is, but it will go in the kitchen. 

This morning I had a completely different idea for that wall the fridge has now vacated, but while the maintenance man was taking out my oven (yes, he thinks I'm crazy too), I was sitting out on the patio in one of the chairs with the dogs. 

It was so cool and nice to sit there in the breeze. I've got quite a bit of shade. I have two trees at the other end. And where my chairs are I have shade from a tree in another yard. 

And suddenly, looking around the patio, my eye fell on a piece of furniture. And I knew what I was going to do. Well, sort of. 

So once he was gone, and I painted over the sheet rock he put up because there was a gap at the top of the wall where the vent hood had been, I was happy to roll the fridge over to its new home. But uh-oh, the electrical outlet for the stove was completely different. 

So I had to plug it in one of the two outlets I have on the counter. That means I will only be able to plug one thing in at a time, because the fridge has to stay plugged in all the time. 

I like to have my lamp on at night, so guess I'll just do a bit of unplugging or put one of those multiple outlets things on there. Come to think of it, I think I may even have one.

I rolled her back there, brought in my piece of furniture I'd cleaned really good with the hose, and went to work. It doesn't look like much now. One coat of red paint just does not pretty make. 

So more on all that later. I already have put things in my white painted open cabinets, and I'm really pleased with that. 

Okay, tomorrow is Java Talk. Let's talk about what we like to collect. Do you have collections in your home? Every time you travel to a new place, do you look for just one more for your current collection? Do you have multiple collections? Are your collections beginning to take over your home? (I've heard some people say this before, so thought I'd throw that in there.)

See you tomorrow morning, and I hope the second coat I'm getting ready to put on does the trick. Coffee or tea at around 8-9 a.m.

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  1. Brenda, I love your patio. It just seems so welcoming. I could almost imagine your wheels turning. Can't wait to see your newest item. xoxo,Susie

  2. It really is growing beautifully...and I can't wait to see what you are doing in the kitchen...

  3. I'm so glad that you were able to have your stove removed. Good idea! Looking forward to seeing your newest project.

  4. Can't wait to see what you are painting red. I love red in the kitchen as you know. Your patio looks lovely and welcoming. You are really turning your little nest into a wonderful home.

  5. So glad you are enjoying your lovely patio space. Your post made me think of my parent's house, which did not have enough outlets. We used to joke that it was Green Acres, you can have a 2 and a 4, but you can't have a 3 and a 4 (or the fuse will blow) spoken in a Hungarian accent.

  6. I can fill a whole page while talking about my collections.. I worked in a Christmas shop for 18 years and yard sales, flea markets and antique shops were John's and my hobby.. Will chat with you and the rest of your friends in the morning..
    Sweet dreams.. Can't imagine what you've painted red..

  7. I can't wait to see everything new you've done to your kitchen. I'm wondering if you have a range now. Did you move it out of your kitchen? Hope the 2nd coat of red paint does the trick to your "mystery" piece!

  8. I'm wondering if you could have an outlet put behind the fridge by either the handyman or an electrician. It would be much better than sharing the one on the counter. I'll bet your kitchen looks a little bigger now. Hope the red works.

  9. Maybe you can get one of those big square ones that screw into the wall. I think they have like 6 plugs on them. I LOVE reading you talk about your patio. I just hear happiness coming from you over the internet! It's a happiness I haven't heard in a long time and it is so exciting. Sure, the little patio home probably has some drawbacks, but I think that patio is your pride and joy! I wish you could send me some of that rain, for that matter all of us here in Calif and Arizona. Anxious to see what else you are up to! Know it will be fantastic!

  10. Wonder if there is a converter for that outlet? I'm dying to see your kitchen!
    Can't wait!

  11. I wonder if there is an adapter you can plug in the ex-stove electric socket to convert it to the type of plug you need for your refrigerator. That way you don't have to use one of your kitchen counter outlets for your refrigerator. I know while we were in Italy we had several different kinds of electrical plugs to convert their outlets to use our USA appliances. Just a thought. Your maintenance man may be able to help you or someone at Lowe's or Home Depot.

    1. I am just thinking that the stove was probably wired for 220 and not the regular 110 we normally use elsewhere! So that would not work and I don't know if it would be safe, but it was a great idea anyway.

  12. There very well may be a converter for that oven plug. Call Home Depot. You know, I don't use my oven much. I do have a toaster oven that sits on my counter and that is about all I need even with me and my daughter at home. Your adventurous spirit inspires me! I can't wait to see what you've done.
    Collections...ah. We won't use the "h" world right? (hoard)
    Clara from Redeemed Junk and Stuff

  13. Will you please send me some of your rain so my garden can look as lush as yours!

  14. Can't wait to see what you've done!

  15. Rain sounds really good, right about now, here in the Med! What sounds even better, is your mysterious, RED work-in-progress!


  16. After watching how well you've made things work thru the years am confident your kitchen will turn out great.

  17. Can't wait to see you kitchen. Love your garden!!

  18. Your post gave me a giggle, as I am too trying to redo my old kitchen on a budget! So I try to get creative, but I find whenever I come up with a new idea, WHAM, I get hit with a pie in the face! Hopefully I figure it out before I do it, but not always!!! LOL! Peaceful Blessings to you all! Nanny

  19. You really left us hanging!! Your patio looks looks like you've lived there forever!

    I found Country Sampler yesterday at Michael's. This was a big spread, girl!! At least you have something really great to remember the old blue house by.


  20. Well..I figure if it's yours and it's has to be good!!..Good topic tomorrow..

  21. I love all the bloggy features you have going now. Some of the pages are open on my computer all day because there is so much to look at. I am absolutely thrilled that you have this great garden space. This patio garden area must be the most enjoyed room in your new apartment. Love everything you do!


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