Restful Bedrooms & Runaway Critters

Today we're taking a gander at soothing bedrooms courtesy of (I kind of like those curtains. And I really love the garden stool. The green is so pretty!) But I know if it were in that spot next to my bed I would topple it over in the dark.

I had a doctor's appointment at 7:30 and have been going strong for five hours which is four too many. It's hot and humid as all get out too. 

Then the dogs got out when I opened the door to come in, and I like to never found them, with bags of groceries screaming "freezer! fridge!" 

I've had two complaints against me for their excessive barking over a cat that likes to stroll along the back fence. So they no longer get to go potty outside during the night. 

Suffice it to say I'm about to faint and fall over in it. Have you ever heard that old phrase? Well you have now. 

So we're looking at soothing bedrooms today and I'm going to imagine I'm sleeping in one of them.

Moving right along...

I have not managed to find removable wallpaper that 1) I really like, and 2) doesn't cost too much. So you will be seeing contact paper standing in for the real thing soon. (But not in the bedroom. I think you know where.)

I like the cloth or sheet or whatever it is behind the bed. But I would not be able to handle it in my home. Every pucker would drive me up the wall. But I love, love, love the bedding.

Orange and blue combinations are hot right now. And I can see why. They are striking together. Same is true they say for purple and yellow. However I've always thought blue and yellow was a nice combination.

Blues and greens are very restful. I guess it is sky and nature combined.

I really like this yellow bedroom, but to me it needs a contrasting color. What do you think?

This bedroom is very elegant and somewhat feminine. So it kind of surprised me to see the collection of beat-up cowboy hats. Not sure if I like that, but I could happily sink into that bed for a fast snooze.

On to other news. Did you know that Picmonkey has added a wonderful new feature to its already spectacular site? If you have a font anywhere on your computer you can now use it in Picmonkey. When you go to fonts, you can choose "Ours" or "Yours."

I was shocked to click on "Yours" and find a lot of fonts I didn't even realize I had. Boy, that Picmonkey has really impressed me. Don't think I'll even want to bother with Photoshop again. Never could learn how to use it anyway. At least Picmonkey is user-friendly.

I quickly saw that I had the Rochester font, which I just love, and changed my header to that font. 

So head over to Picmonkey and see what fonts you've got.

I'm headed back over to Java Talk to see what's what. The pupsters are grounded for their little dramatic exit, but I can't enforce it because they don't go anywhere. However they are now fast asleep. Worn out and pleased with themselves for making me chase them.

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  1. Pretty sample, Brenda

    daughter insists on blue and white.

    mine is beige and white so I can change the toss pillows

    that leaves the guest room.. no decisions on that yet.. might just turn that into a craft room :)

    my great grand,, my grand and my mom all said: faint and fall in it.. I understand~!

  2. Oh boy, those naughty little pupsters! My two hounds bark a lot too, as we have dogs in the house behind the fence in back of us. They were spending the entire day along the length of the fence so what I had to do was make a 4-5 foot width mulch bed the length of the fence, plant shrubs along it and put those 3 foot wire push-in borders in front of that. Now they can't see each other through the slats. They can still hear, however. So I don't let them out at night either. They usually sleep through anyway. I saw in one of those handy gadget catalogs they make things that look like birdhouses but they emit a high-pitch sound that only dogs can hear, it does not hurt them but keeps them from barking. I am thinking of getting one. I love the pictures of the bedrooms, I love them all!

  3. Sounds like Abi and Charlie are exhausted after their mischievous adventure! Does sound like they enjoy misbehaving. Glad it all worked out okay. I love these beautiful bedrooms! Wonderfully decorated!

  4. Poor pupsters, they hear the cat moving and they want in on the action. Must be annoying for you. The thing Lana talked about sounds interesting. Don't they have little muzzles you could put on them, too, before going out? I once had a beagle that barked her head off, we called her Maggie the Barking Beagle! The rooms are beautiful and relaxing.

  5. Does that sonic egg thingy you got not work on their barking? I realize you wouldn't know while your gone, what about turning it on during the night? I wonder if the night prowler kitty belongs to someone. A complaint could be lodged about his owners letting him out at night. If he's a stray, he's probably not going any where though. You know if I had a solution for that, you would already know about it. Little stinkers, Abi and Charlie!

  6. "Faint and fall over" is commonly said here. I love the aqua room. It hot and humid here-I may never get the yard cleaned from the latest storm. Olive

    1. my husband always says he had a fit and fell in it (whenever he throws a tantrum :)

  7. My dog does not bark very much. She drags me all over creation while I try to walk her, she is smelling the 5 different stray cats that come into the yard due to the fact my neighbor feeds them and they come over to get water from the birdbaths. My yard is semi fenced with pieces of mix and match wood/cyclone fencing/and vinca (no real enlosed airtight area and on 1/3 area). No way, can my Rosie be off that leash, I would never find her and the neighbor's pitbull would kill her if she slipped through his area. I so wish I had your patio. I love bedroom #2. I love the pop of fushia in the last photo.

  8. Sounds like you could really use a restful night. I would love a blue and white bedroom. Very restful to me. xo Laura

  9. Those are all such pretty and restful looking bedrooms. I don't see a dog plopped on the bed in any of them tho!

    Those little devils! They worry me tho that they're going to get hurt. We are going to have to leash train them somehow.


    1. Judy..The fourth & orange..has a dog on the

  10. I am chuckling about your pupsters being grounded, but you can't enforce it because they don't really go anywhere. I grounded Fuzzy from the back yard because he insists on scenting himself with anything disgusting he can find out there, but it's really me that is being punished because now I have to buy and clean up wee wee pads. He always stands and watches as I clean them up. I swear he has a grin on his face as he watches.

    I think that Fuzzy gets bored and then becomes more mischievous to entertain himself. Recently I was having a horrible week with my knees. I guess he thought my limping with both legs was an invitation to continuously sneak up behind me and surreptitiously roll the ball up against my feet. After almost falling over his ball, I hid it for two days. It was hidden from view, but he tracked it down. I caught him in the bedroom walking around on his hind legs smelling toward the top of the dresser where I had "hidden" it. Maybe he is a Pomeranian Bloodhound. I did give his ball back as soon as my knees got to feeling better. I can't stay mad at him very long, he is too cute and funny.

  11. Beautiful bedroom inspiration! Get some rest! It is hot and humid here also.

  12. Our dogs are more demanding than children sometimes aren't they!? The pomeranian above sounds a bit of a character! My dogs bark madly at every motorbike that goes past. And at the dog next door. With regard to wallpaper, would it be possible to use real wallpaper in your cupboards, but use blu-tak (if that's what you call it there) instead of actual glue? You would really only need a few small dots on the outer edges to hold it in place.
    I haven't commented for ages, but would just like to say that I think your home and garden are looking great.


  13. Brenda,
    I think I like the red white and blue one, but the sheet would bother me unless it was hung like curtains. I'm not a slipcover girl either. At least not the ones that come from Surefit. I can never get them to stay put.
    My pupsters bark like crazy too even though I got one of those "barkameters" that is supposed to keep them from barking.
    Clara from Redeemed Junk and Stuff

  14. I think your blog is looking beautiful. I love the green headings; my fave color. These bedrooms are so pretty. I lived in a rental once with a big blank wall behind our king size bed and no headboard. We shirred pretty floral sheets on a long piece of quarter round and nailed it to the top of the wall with a few finishing nails. (No wrinkles.) No sewing, either, the dowel slid right inside the hem. We added another dowel to the bottom to keep everything straight and in place. It was easy to take out the small nails to remove it for washing once in awhile. Just an idea to add to your arsenal.

  15. Great inspiration photos, Brenda...I have been enjoying the blue and orange combination in our living room. My Bailey is a little barkster...

  16. I had never heard your "faint and fall in it" expression. My least favorite month is August due to high temps and humidity, so I'll keep that saying in mind for later this summer. I like the yellow bedroom, but I would add some blue touches.

  17. My sister and her girlfriend have 3 papillions that will bark at the drop of a straight pin. I always joke (but have an underlying serious streak because I do not care for yappy dogs) that I'm going to give them all barkectomies :)
    They are funny dogs and give her much joy so I haven't carried through with my plan yet LOL. My bulldog's bark is low and more of a "huff-huff" like he forgets to open his mouth.

  18. Those dogs...they put the "lively" into life, don't they?

    Love all of these bedrooms...well, some of the ideas I've picked out of each picture. I'm actually using color on my patio, which is a huge step for me!

    Happy Weekend!

  19. Sorry to hear you have a problem already..that's why I don't like apartment buildings..too many close..I guess the pups were just waiting for the opportunity to explore their new bedrooms are so nice..I agree the yellow one needs more color..and I don't think those beat-up cowboy hats fit in that pretty room either..Sorry I missed Java Talk yesterday..I was sick and didn't get much time online at bed most of the day..I am going to read it today as I was looking forward to everyone's comments on what they collect..Take care Brenda..try to get some rest from your little jogging experience..

  20. Hi Brenda,
    Here is an idea for adding color (inexpensive) to back of cabinets I have used for many years. I use fabric covered cardboard sized to each shelf and pop into place. I used masking tape to back of cardboard to hold fabric in place & when tired of pattern or color I remove and insert again with different fabric. Of course reusing the fabric in sewing
    projects. Have also used found graphics and colorful cards in same way. Decorating my home and recreating is so much fun. Bet you already have a plan of your own, creative gal that you are! I congratulate you for being featured in Country Sampler. Best to you, Marcy

  21. I think that I will take that first bedroom :)


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