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Brenda has been writing since grade school. She attended journalism school where she majored in professional writing. She loves to decorate, garden, read and spend time with her Yorkies.

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Sunday On The Patio

Look how nicely the golden pennies are growing here. I planted two small pots, and now you can't tell where one ends and the other begins. I just love the chartreuse color.

I was afraid they wouldn't grow well here, as they are no longer in the pots and I just shoved some soil up in the log. But they do!

Good old tall zinnias planted from seed. They sure put on a show!

Sage. So soft and textured. Not sure what this shade of green would be called.

No garden of mine would be complete without herbs. I've been planting them since the early nineties. 

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Brenda Pruitt
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  1. Oh, wow! Such a pretty garden space... I try, but oh! Your flowers are so pretty. And, that kitchen is amazing. You have such talent!

  2. Your robin silhouette is beautiful. I like your idea of putting the "golden pennies" in your drift wood.. Your garden is lovely to visit.
    Have a lovely day.

  3. Love gardens with logs. Yours is so creative! A few posts back you wrote about staying home and getting things done. I've taken it to heart and have tried to not go out on certain days of the week. It does help to get things done. I love seeing your dogs too. They are so cute and must be good company.

  4. I also love your golden pennies in the driftwood..Now I am searching for driftwood to do the same..

  5. The golden pennies look like they belong in a fairy garden in the forest. So pretty. Then again your patio garden is a very magical place!

  6. Golden Pennies in a log. So very clever. Of course, now I'm going to have to "find me" a log!! I had to chuckle once again because I have the same birdie herb markers as yours. Just coincidence mind you.. this time! Hah!!!

  7. What a pleasure to see your garden. You have a true green thumb, ma'am! By the way, were you serious or being facetious about what that green is called? I laughed out loud, because the answer is sage green, haha. : = )

    Going to check out your kitchen, I am behind in my reading as I have been painting things lately then too tired to do much else afterwards. Hugs.

  8. Brenda, I think your patio and flowers are beautiful. I think this is because you are finding peace in your new home. I absolutely love what you have done to your kitchen. You are such an inspiration, Thank You!


  9. Pretty flowers! I love the greenery coming out of that log. I haven't been online due to a power outage (still w/o power...I'm at a friend's house) so I haven't seen your kitchen reveal. Off to look at that now!

  10. I live in the country. There are several trees that have been cut throughout the years. The ones that are hollowed are all used as flower pots. ha It looks so much better than stump standing there. :-) I always let my morning glories and moon flowers reseed themselves yearly. It's just so much easier that way, isn't it? Nice photos.

  11. Beautiful, Brenda...zinnias are my favorites!

  12. What a lovely patio garden you have created, Brenda. You are quite the decorator and gardener. ♥

  13. Enjoyed your patio/flowers post's almost 8pm EST...and I'm just now getting to look at your blog...had to work today...hubby got to do all the flower watering today...good thing he doesn't mind!

  14. Your patio garden and flower are ever so pretty! Love the colors and textures. I'd be afraid to bring the morning glory, but it is ever so pretty. I have all pink, don't know where all the blue went. Maybe you could send me some seeds? Have a great night!

  15. I love the little plants growing in your log! So cute! Your flowers are all so lovely!

  16. Seafoam...that's what I would call it. And don't laugh, but I just yanked out most of my poor morning glories this morning thinking they were weeds...sigh..


  17. I love your patio garden very much, always looking forward new post from your home :-) really stunning and beautiful ideas. The zinnias from seed?? you are great gardener!!! :-*

  18. I always enjoy visiting your garden. One of the highlights of my day. I love the golden pennies in the log. What a great idea!

  19. Your beautiful pictures have started off my week with a smile! I never would have thought to put a plant in an old log - I'm going to do that this week and I have the perfect spot for it in my garden! Where did you get the precious bird herb marker? I think I remember that you brought that with you from TX - adorable! It's amazing how, when you look at things close-up, how intricate and beautiful are God's creations! Thanks for sharing your camera's-eye view.

  20. Such a nice spot Brenda and I love your log with Creeping Jenny growing in it. That is CJ...isn't it? Always enjoy your garden shots...

  21. Sage green. :) I love morning glories as well. I have them coming up everywhere! I do pull them up here and there so that they don't overtake my garden. To early for them to bloom here tho. I just purchased some plants for my patio. Mine is so shady that I can't have potted flowers anymore, so I bought some ferns, palms, a red bromeliad and a few others. That is what I will be doing today, potting them up.

  22. I agree with Frankie Ann above: It's called sage green. Beautiful color, and your kitchen is just amazing! Great job!

  23. The vote is in. I was going to say sage too ;).

    The pennies in the log are charming. It's funny how gardens imitate life...some things don't survive in spite of our best efforts, while others somehow thrive in spite of neglect.

  24. You have some pretty plants on your patio. I think you have a green thumb! Aren't you glad that you don't have a yard to fuss with anymore though? You have your own little paradise right outside your door. Less chance of more injuries too.

  25. I am amazed at how beautiful your garden is so soon after moving. xo Laura

  26. Brenda,
    I just love your garden!! I planted seeds back in early March here in my area of NC!! Finally, the past 2 weeks I have started to see blooms on most of the containers. My Morning Glory has not bloomed yet but growing like crazy! Due to my back, I can't get out and dig like I want to, so hubby gets everything gathered for me and puts my pots and flowers up on a table and then I plant my flowers!

  27. Your garden is stunning! I think the shade of green of the Sage plant is sage :) I am going to plant some creeping Jenny in a log like you did. . .what a neat idea!

  28. Your photo of the sage is stunning.


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