The Heat Is On & Tomorrow's Java Talk Topic

Today I went out to run errands. Boy, is it hot and humid. I'm just about to start on the kitchen, so I bought paint for the insides of the cabinets. They are currently stained, so I will have to use a primer first. 

After that, I just don't know. I figure I'll just start at the top and work my way down, not making any concrete decisions until I'm at that particular point in the decorating process. That's how I did the kitchen in the little blue house.

This is my usual way of doing things, and it seems to work for me. That way ideas I may have are not set in concrete and can be altered. Or completely changed, given the mood at that juncture.

I went over to the other house and got some of the passion vine I had. It was pretty limp by the time I got home. So I've got it immersed in water on the patio. Don't know if it's too hot already for it to take hold or not. 

I probably won't be planting anything else till fall. There comes a point when it's just too hot for plants to make the transition and take root. I think we are at that point in my region. The heat puts them into shock sometimes that you can't jolt them out of.

I finally have a copy of the new Country Sampler I'm in. I was beginning to think I was going to be the last to see it!

Yea for the red, white & blue!

So tomorrow we have Java Talk. And here is the topic:

If you could go back to about age 18, and redo it all, what would you change? If you have regrets, this going-back-in-time can temporarily change that for just a day. 

Would you have married? Would you have changed what you majored in in college? Would you have moved to live some place exotic? 

Tomorrow is a little session of "just pretend." For just one day, let's pretend we could do it all over.

Any alterations you make on your "let's pretend day" won't be looked at as cancelling out the choices you made, or the person you married, or anything about your children. 

There will be no judgment. Just a little trip back in time. 

See ya in the a.m. Dream a little dream... 

...Because it's just pretend...

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  1. Wow, that is a real thought provoker! What would I change? Hm.....

  2. You moved!! Why? Sounds like you are still close by the other place though. Good luck getting all settled in. So much to do!!
    xo Kris

  3. Brenda, It is getting humid here also. we are to have storms tomorrow. Today was pretty and breezy. I love your gardens in the containers. You are making the patio a wonderful get away place for peace. You know there are many thing were would change and others we would keep. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  4. Oh my so hot and humid across from you in arkansas. I got out and was so exhausted and only one bag of groceries. Been inside rest of the day. See now I dont even feel like cooking. Will have to search for the Country Sampler!! I assume it is on stands now. Everything looks great! Glad you are getting a start on your kitchen. Please take care and stay cool! :)

  5. I'm still looking for the Country Sampler magazine. Looking forward to seeing you in it! High humidity is the worst. I have a hard time breathing when it's really humid.

  6. Congratulations on the magazine! Your patio gardens have grown so much already!

  7. Can you believe you're in a magazine!!!!! That's incredible. Things needed to be different before I was 18 so I would have had better choices.

  8. I look forward to seeing your kitchen once you get it fixed that way you want it. I know it is a challenge! I bet as you get some of it done, you'll come up with more ideas that will work well. It's getting awfully hot here too. No new planting going on here unless it's in the shade.

  9. Brenda,
    Thanks for giving me a reason to buy a magazine. lol! I'm looking forward to seeing you and the puppsters in the magazine. Your patio garden really amazes me. Whenever I plant anything is dies...I don't seem to be able to get it right. We are having rain, but not too much humidity up here in the Pacific Northwest. I like it that way.
    I will be thinking about the discussion tomorrow. I know I'd make some changes.
    Redeemed Junk and Stuff

  10. Congrats on the magazine article! Your garden is so pretty, and I just love that red wagon!

  11. I walked past the Country Sampler today in the grocery store. I was in a hurry, but I asked myself if that might be the issue you were in. Now I have to go back to check out the issue.

  12. Congrats on your home being in Country Sampler!!

    1. I enjoyed your feature in the magazine. I just read on Miss Mustard Seeds blog about using starch to attach fabric to walls. Thought of your appliance fronts and could see them covered in red check fabric. She uses a bottle of liquid starch, rolls it on the surface, applies fabric, rolls another coat on the fabric and viola! No damage to the sufaces and peels off easily. Just a thought since you are working on the kitchen now. Vicki in Louisville Ky.

  13. I will be looking for that issue.

    I don't have to think about the discussion too much,,,I was just thinking about it last night, coincidentally. This should be interesting!

  14. If I could go back to "18"...Mmmm...I don't think I would change much if anything. All the highs, lows, failures, achievements, heartaches, and joys, have made me the person I am now. I might would have liked being a Hippie or not breaking both big toes(at the same time), but honestly, I can't say there is anything that I would have done differently...mainly because I've never been "normal", anyhow! LoL

  15. We've only had a few days of heat and humidity here, otherwise the weather has been in the 70's...nice! I don't mind the 80's as long as it's not humid. But that'd be a rare thing here. I saw your spread in Country Sampler when I was at B&N the other day, browsing through magazines. Impressive! I had a big grin on my face while reading the article and seeing the pictures. Interesting java talk later...I'm sure you'll have a lot of discussion going on that one!

  16. I guess it does get too hot to plant in some areas. We're good right now, spring came so late for us and it's still just in the 80's, except for today, rain and 62 degrees. I had big plans to do more yard work.

    I'm wondering...I have some trellises that I need to attach to my wood fence. I know once the vines take hold they can easily pull the trellises down. How do you attach your trellises? I'm thinking of going to Home Depot and getting some advice. I'm thinking of something metal in a half moon shape that I can pop over the edges of the trellis here and there and nail or screw them in. Do they even make anything for this?

    Yay on the magazine, I'll look for it.

    Cool Java Talk will be interesting to see how many of us are on the same page.


  17. I went to two greenhouses yesterday so I have some planting to do today..I wish I were as good as you are at it..I also wish I could find one of those galvanized tubs cheap..The magazine article is so nice..great picture of you and the pupsters..


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