The Patio Garden Mid-June

Looks like Charlie is checking out the golden pennies you can just barely see that I planted in the driftwood/log.

One of my favorite perennials, the coneflower. This is a new one. Supposed to have various colored blooms on the same plant. This is the first bloom. So we shall see.

Yesterday I cut off some of the long purple potato vine and transplanted the cuttings to various places. Hope they take. Yesterday it was hot and miserable. Today is rainy and cool, so there is hope for it.

Don't know if I could have a garden without a red geranium in it.

Lots of daisies growing about the patio in various pots. I just love them.

I know you all are wanting to see the kitchen. This is not a job that you can do in a week. I am recovering surfaces, have painted the entire room along with the cabinets, am adding new things, and am hoping to create artwork for it. 

So it may be a bit before I can show you, because I want to show it finished. Then there are always the little snags when you think something will work and it just won't. And you have to reanalyze the situation and perhaps change course. 

Secondly, there will be no Tweak It Tuesday linky go up until Tuesday morning. This is because I have a previous commitment with BlogHer that must remain on my blog for 24 hours. And it has to begin Monday morning at 9 a.m.

So for those of you accustomed to seeing the link-up go up on Monday afternoon, remember it won't go up then, but will go up the following morning. 

Wherever you are today, in sunshine or rain, enjoy it.

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  1. I always love your garden! A very creative idea to plant in the driftwood log. Beautiful coneflower bloom. I'm looking forward to seeing the different colored blooms. The daisies are gorgeous.

    Typical spring day here today. The temperature is 74 and it's sunny. Perfect!

  2. Instead of a fairy garden it's a Charlie garden in that one photo. Everything looks wonderful! :)

  3. And here I always thought that little blue bird bath was about 3 or 4 ft tall! You never fail to amaze me, the gardens on the patio are fantastic. At least you have rain and humidity, all of which are great for flowers! We have none of it! Our weather today is gorgeous, not too hot. I think you should at least post a few teasers of the soon to be big revealed kitchen!

  4. Your garden looks great. Wish we had some of your rain. I am waiting with baited breath to see the kitchen.

  5. Hello Brenda,
    I am so in love with your patio space and all of your container gardens. You have inspired me to try to create a fairy garden this year. I am planning on shopping on Wednesday for plants. Have my container and theme all ready to go. When I got my July issue of Country Sampler and was looking at it while soaking my aching back and legs in a hot bath, I came across the picture of the washboard with the starfish on it. I said to myself, that looks just like Brenda's washboard!! When I finally got around to reading the articles, I was so happy to find it was you! So proud of you and your spread in the magazine. I can't wait to see how the kitchen looks when you get finished. Have a great week!
    Hugs to the pupsters!

  6. Your patio is just amazingly beautiful! Love the little plant in the old piece of driftwood!!


  7. Your garden looks so pretty! I love your big yellow planter. The daisies are adorable.


  8. I looked for a hole in my driftwood but don't have one.. I have a yard full of "golden pennies" but no hole in my driftwood. What's a woman to do ? ;o)
    I'm sure yours will be gorgeous when it really gets going.. What a neat idea.
    Your flowers are showing how much they love you Brenda.. They really are putting on a show for you.. Soooo pretty and such a variety..
    I hope the week ahead will be a good, safe, happy one for you.

    1. Take you time with your kitchen.. We'll all be happy to see it when you're happy with it and give us the big reveal.

  9. Brenda, your flowers and plants all look so pretty! I planted coneflowers this year too. I can't remember what variety they are right now but they are blooming and beautiful. :)

  10. Your green thumb is amazing - delightful plants and flowers. I'd really enjoy sitting with all the greenery. Sigh.

    I'm anxious to see your kitchen but please take your time. Get it the way you want. :-)

  11. Your garden is blooming wonderfully and yes I can't wait to see what you've been doing in the kitchen.

  12. So pretty, Brenda...I love seeing it thrive...

  13. I've never seen that color of coneflower. I hope you show us when there are multicolor blooms!

  14. I think Charlie loves the garden as much as we do! He's adorable!!

  15. Your garden looks as cozy and welcoming as your home! I'm a gardening rookie but I have high hopes. Right now, I'm battling the dreaded poison ivy. That stuff is evil. I had no doubt that you would make your new place a haven for you and the pupsters. So happy to see it all falling in to place.

  16. The photograph of that coral color cone flower is so pretty. I've never seen that color either. Every time you show a picture of your garden (in the British sense of the word) I am so happy that you have this space. From your experience, I'll make darn sure I'm on the ground level and have a fence if I'm in an apartment again. You seem so happy and that makes all your blogging friends happy with you. I love your blog and when I visit others and see your blog listed, I see how many fans you have.

  17. Brenda, your patio garden is looking just great! I love seeing all the different flowers and plants you're tending. It will be fun to see what you're doing with the kitchen, too : )


  18. I would love some of that coneflower..Daisies just make me smile..

  19. Brenda, your containers are looking so pretty! Love that coneflower...please post pictures of the other blooms! My sweet potato vine always roots easily from cuttings so yours should too! Your patio is very inviting.


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