Trends In Blog Design & Using Graphics

If you're a blogger, you begin to see trends in how blogs are designed. There are the mason jars we all know and love. And of course hydrangeas.

Another is the watercolor graphics in the header and elsewhere. Very pretty and whimsical.  

Then at the far end of the spectrum are the "simple" blogs. You will see a simple black title on a white background. I like these too. They are clean and fresh. But when I try them, I get complaints from my colorful readers!

You may notice that I change graphics a lot. I love graphics. I buy them all on Etsy. I like to support Etsy shop owners and they are usually all well below $10, and that is the high end. You pay and download immediately and start using them. 

Here's one I've purchased that has a lot to play around with...

You may have noticed the vine I put on my header this morning. Found that with a few others. 

How fun is this? Polka dot leaves! Cost for the package: $2.75. So you can change graphics as your heart desires. 

It is very simple. But if you haven't downloaded graphics, I'll tell you how. I purchase through Paypal. Then you are usually sent a zipped file. 

To unzip, you must extract the file. Click on the download you've just downloaded, and you should get a box, where, on the left side toward the top, it will say Extract Files. Click that. Make sure you remember where you saved it to. 

Then I go to Picmonkey and go to town! Now that we have a zillion fonts at our disposal (as long as they are loaded somewhere on our computer), we have a bevy of choices. To use your graphics, go to the Overlay symbol, click on that. At the top, it will say Your Own. This is what you want. Click that. 

Then I open them and start moving them about. First I tend to choose a font and make a blog title. Then I play with the graphics to see how it will look. 

So this is why things get changed up on my blog. I'm a nut for Etsy graphics! This morning I started looking at watercolor graphics. And no telling what I'll find there. (Found this...)

Just go to Etsy and in the search bar type watercolor graphics, for instance. I also get my blogger templates from Etsy. And I've never paid more than $35. I buy the ones that are customizable. In other words, they can be customized with Bloggers's Template Designer. 

When you're looking at blogger templates (type in blogger templates), over to the left you will see Customizable. If you want one that works with the Template Designer, so that you can still change things up, click that to start your search. Then those that are shown can all be customized.  

This is a very inexpensive little gift you can give yourself without leaving your chair. Oh, what fun! It's like Pinterest. Addictive!

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  1. Blogs are really pretty these days. Seems easy to you but terrifying to me. :)

  2. I cannot believe people actually complain about graphics or headers. I do know what I like in a blog and what I dont like. I do not like a blog that is all chopped up. I like it free flowing. Have a wonderful weekend. Back to the grind of sleeping in a little, lounging by my community pool and reading...

  3. Well that is why you're my go to gal when it comes to changing up blog headers! You are so knowledgeable and comfortable with the whole process. I'll let you know when I'm ready for a change. I know we've discussed it already. I

  4. Hi Brenda,
    Yes, I have seen the trend toward more clean and simple looks. I love it!
    Thank you for the idea of purchasing the art on etsy. I never would have thought of that.
    I am a huge lover of picmonkey too. I just designed my new business cards there. :)
    I always love seeing what your up to. :)

  5. I always love to see how you change up your blog. I am so afraid to mess things up that I tend to never change much. I did make a new header though last week. Next to change those blog buttons,

    1. And Elaine, it is beautiful! I'm not even sure how you made the header continue to blend and look as part of the post space myself!

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. Love your header, it's fun seeing what you'll add next.

  8. I love all the interesting things you post about! I really need to learn how to do more with blogging. Just need to find some time!

  9. I'm loving the watercolors. hmmmm!! xo Laura


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