Welcome Wagon Friday 6/13/14

Up for you this week Gayle and I have chosen...

Aren't the tassels pretty? And look at this...

I would love to try one of these parfaits. But I sure wouldn't turn down some grilled new potatoes.

 I would love to have one of these First Aid signs. 

Okay, my wonderful volunteers, please give them a warm welcome.

(Everyone please be careful. It is Friday the 13th!)

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  1. Happy Friday the 13th! I'm off to do some visiting of new blogs! I love the name Three Dog Farmhouse.

  2. I'm going to visit too. There is also a full moon tonight.. Tread lightly !

    Happy Friday whether it's the 13th or any other date.. I always look forward to Friday and the weekend.

  3. Fun blogs - thanks for showing them off.

  4. Wishing you all a safe and happy Friday the 13th! Looking forward to visiting these new blogs.

  5. Off to see these friendly blogs! They look interesting
    Happy Friday!

  6. Happy to see my blog included this week! Thanks so much for spreading the love, Brenda!!


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