Whimsical Creations: FleaMarketGardening.org

If you have a tricycle in the basement that everyone is too big for, put it out in the garden and enjoy it there.

These boots were made for walkin', but now they're garden shoes...

A well thought out framed garden vignette.

I adore mirrors in the garden. Make sure they aren't facing sun. Don't want a fire. Don't know quite how that works. But the mere thought scares me!

Galvanized anything is "in." I love the natural patina of these old vintage pieces. Love them even more in the garden.

Got a collection of bird houses? Put them together and they look twice as good. Maybe even three times.

I don't think I'll ever tire of making fairy gardens. It's a little bit of magic in a busy world.

Take an easel, and a frame, and an old drawer, and use your imagination to create a work of art. Surrounded by lush plants.

My first husband spent the majority of his time on the golf course. He took me a time or two, but somehow I was never able to make contact with the ball! I like them much better here, don't you?

A garden of hostas. Mounds of beauty mixed with old farm implements.

...Sweet Garden Love...

(All of these images I found at www.fleamarketgardening.org)

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  1. LOL Brenda I have a red tricycle outside ....towards the back. Little grandson has not ridden it in about 5 days and the bindweed that returns again and again is growing up the wheel...I took a picture before I pull it! :) So I got a kick out of this post :)

  2. A very enjoyable post, Brenda! These are very creative ideas. I had to laugh at the rubber boots used as planters. Really cute! I love seeing fun gardening creations like these.

    I tried golfing with my first husband, also. I took a few lessons and wasn't half bad! I even got a par once!

  3. I think you and I must have been reading the Flea Market Gardening.org at the same time.. I love the ideas they share.. I have a bicycle in one of my sheds.. I want to get it out and paint it "red" maybe.
    I'd love to paint some golf ball lady bugs too. Soooo cute.
    I think mirrors act like magnifying glasses. Don't know how a fire would start though. Will have to google that.
    Enjoy your day.

  4. Wow loved all of these! Oh I wish I had some of them. Thanks for sharing. I have a new post on Pinterest.Fairy Gardens and will be adding all these pictures. Have a blessed day my friend!

  5. Those wellies give new meaning to garden boots! I have two galvanized watering cans, but won't be planting them any time soon! I use them all the time. Judy and I are two of a kind, I bought 3 new herbs the other day and a tomato plant, and already my parsley is looking pretty sad. The cilantro is going crazy though as is my sweet basil!

  6. I'm missing the larger photos of Charlie and Abi on the right...Lol :)

  7. Great post Brenda..my kind of gardening..I bought two pair of little girls boots to plant in..I have to go look at this blog!

  8. The tricycle is my favorite! The basket full flowers is just adorable.

  9. I love these little garden ideas you've collected!
    I have to say my favorite is the golf balls. For years since living here...we've played SWAT THE BALL... we aren't not golfers. But for fun, we'd all head out to the field and swat golf balls. Well, guess what? My neighbor bulldozed the fence and the dozer unearthed a lot of balls out there-- that have been overlooked on our BALL RETRIEVAL ADVENTURES!
    I have a bucket of balls in the mudroom-- I know just how I'm going to paint them! Like bugs!
    Have a great rest of the week, Brenda.

  10. Those golf ball lady bugs are soooo cute!

  11. I loved these ideas. So cute and creative. I had been thinking I remembered a galvanized square medium sized tub being in our basement. Had searched and couldn't find it. I figured we had thrown it out along with the big galvanized wash tub that I know we threw out years ago. Well, what do you know, my husband found the medium galvanized tub and a galvanized bucket when he was cleaning out around the drain/plumbing pipes area to make room for some bathtub drain cleaning that had to be done from the basement pipe. Three good things today: a son in law who knows plumbing/drain clearing, and two galvanized tubs. I hope we will still be seeing the galvanized tubs in gardening next year. I think they look so down-home cute with herbs planted in them. I have spent my gardening budget for this season (and then some). So for now my galv. tubs will remain empty. I would like to find one more vintage galv. tub so I would have a collection of three to plant in next spring, or maybe mums in fall (Fall garden budget, yeah!).

    I liked the golf ball lady bugs, too. I knew I would sooner or later find a use for the golf balls our neighbors hit into our front yard. We don't live near a golf course, but apparently our front yard is sometimes part of their home grown driving range :( .


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