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 Here are some pretty living space ideas.

This is interesting with the diversity of seating.

This is a classic arrangement.

Leather is always popular. Especially next to a warm fire.

This yellow room is festive and elegant.

Neutrals with lots of colorful accessories to warm it up. 

Any room with sunflowers is a room for me!

Which is your favorite?

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  1. OMG Brenda I can't pick a favorite because I LOVE THEM ALL!!

  2. My favorite is #6. I like the white sofas and the colorful pillows. With the white sofa, the different colored furniture looks good too.

  3. I like the next to the last one, but would rather have more color in the sofas.. They'd be cute in a red and white buffalo check.. I love the blue wardrobe or armoire.
    I love the curtains and the big blue lamps.

  4. These are all lovely living spaces. But my favorite is #6, the next to the last one. But, I do agree with Charlotte about the couches needing more color!

  5. love the sunflower room. if someone would come in here and duplicate that in my family room I wouldnt move a thing..

  6. Cute spaces Brenda. It's funny how everyone has their own sense of design and decorating. I like many styles. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  7. To be quite honest, I don't care for any of them. Guess that's why I quit subscribing to Country Living long ago.
    I love your living has so much more character than any of these!

  8. I love the walls in the yellow room, the rug in the 1st room, the blue tufted sofa in the 2nd room, the windows in the 3rd room, the leather chairs in the 4th room, the blue painted armoire in the 5th room, and of course the sunflowers in the last room. hehe For the record, if I was looking at a house and they had painted the fireplace white I would turn around and leave.

  9. I love the first! I just bought two blue rugs so I appreciate this room the most. It also has some pretty pattern on the loveseat. The pattern is a little crazy but overall I definitely lean towards this one. What's your favorite?

  10. These are so pretty. I like the blue and yellow combination. xo Laura

  11. All are quite pretty, but the first one really had me from the start!!!! The blue rug and the floral love seat are awesome. Second place would be the last one. Fun post! Jane

  12. The last 2 are my favorites, but I love the way the furniture is arranged in all of them. We've got an awkward long narrow living room with furniture bought for our old house. I'd love to have any one of the rooms you've featured!

  13. I'm liking the the eclectic Leather with Wood stove-- the metal, wood, and leather elements play nice with the white ceilings, walls and built ins!

  14. #6 for me! I'm wishing and swooning over that one.

  15. I like them all!
    Brenda, I have been unable lately to pin photos from your pinterest icon on the photos. Are you not allowing pinning of your blog pics anymore?

  16. I love the yellow room, especially the shade of yellow and the floral fabric on the chairs. I don't think I would choose some of the other furniture pieces, but the color is so yummy I can overlook them for now!


  17. Your place is looking AMAZING now it's furnished!!.. Love the living room, the teal wall looks great.. Ralph & I have just started, hoping to get our kitchen ordered in the next few weeks..You're more than welcome to pop in anytime, I'm sure you'd have plenty of good advice!!
    Colourful Living room

  18. Second to last. I love neutrals with pops of color!

  19. I love the blues in the first photo, especially paired with the floral chairs. I could do a sunroom with that!!

    Jane xx

  20. neutrals of lots of color, I also really like the first one too! I'm a lover of color, got to have color!

  21. I love the blue. None have a rocker or rocking recliner. I gotta rock to be comfy! Lol. They are all pretty!

    1. The second one with stripe rug. But gotta have dark shades.light and whites hurt my eyes.


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