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Brenda has been writing since grade school. She attended journalism school where she majored in professional writing. She loves to decorate, garden, read and spend time with her Yorkies.

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DIY Coffee Tables

79 Ideas
I'll be darned if I didn't find a coffee table that looks like mine. Except mine is yellow.

The ever popular wooden pallets turned coffee table.

Wooden crates cleverly placed together and held together with a wooden top.

Vintage suitcase style.

Taking advantage of nature's offerings.

Style + storage. Win, win.

Repurpose an old drawer.

Don't throw out those old doors.


Love the textures.

Really rustic.

I've used a door for a desk. Decoupaged the top. But I've never used one as a coffee table. I wouldn't have the room. 

So do you like any of these? Or are they too DIY for you?

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  1. What great up-cycling ideas. I love the luggage one so much and is too cute. I've seen doors used as desk, but never seen what they used to make it "tall" enough to be a desk!

  2. I like a few , the ones tall enough to actually function. The others are cute in a photo but basically useless and might even be something to trip over and cause real harm.. I'm all about diy but some stuff is just ridiculous

  3. These are all wonderful coffee table ideas. Probably the one similar to yours would fit the best in our tiny living room. Also, the most practical. I love to paint things, but I am not really good at DIY furniture projects.

  4. Looking at all the old wood in these "coffee tables" I am just set to wondering how many termites one would bring into the house?? It always appears to me that the photographer finds a beautiful, richly-appointed room and removes the expensive coffee table the owners have, substituting the DIY table just for his one photo...but that made a great blog, Brenda, with the variety of tables you've shown!

  5. I love every one of them, however, some are too low. I sew on mine. I have an old army trunk that someone put legs on and made the legs look old. I love that thing and it hold all of my scrapbook paper. I hope the legs don't fall off one day. The crate coffee table is my favorite. It would be right at the level I love.

  6. I had a tree stump as a bedside table in my very first apartment. It looked good with grapevine accessories. Not sure I'd do that today though. One good idea I've had marked forever is one of the wooden whiskey or wine barrels turned upside down. It was in an outdoor seating area as a table between chairs, but it would work as a coffee table too.

  7. I'd use any one of these in my home! They really make a statement in the already lovely rooms! I especially like the large white painted suitcase.

  8. I actually like the one w/the wooden pallets. I also like old doors, but they are pretty long! I don't even have one now in my great room, and really don't miss it. My old dogs rules and until he's gone I won't have one, as he needs the space to be comfortable.

  9. These make me want to have like 10 coffee tables in my living room :) I love love love the door ones!

  10. Oh yes! I love the old gate on the saw horses-- very rustic! And the Green door with glass on top.
    I think I could just totally live in the grey room with the WHITE PAINTED FLOOR THOUGH!
    A bonus picture in my opinion, because, without scrolling back up I can't tell you what the table looks like...but THAT FLOOR...that I remember!
    In 31 years of marriage, I've only had 1 coffee table. My hubby built it off some plans from BHG or something like that. He hated it. He hates coffee tables.
    So after we got rid of it during a move. I think I had it all of about 8 mos maybe! I never had another coffee table.
    I do cheat though-- I have a huge ottoman...and I like putting my feet up on it. But it doubles for a coffee table with a tray on top. Silly man. He doesn't even know I've found a loop hole! hahahaha!
    Silly man-- but I love him. ;)

  11. I'm a fan of the gate and saw horse table, but I love the low door coffee table as well! Great inspiration.

  12. I like them all. I dont have one. Well I have this vintage dark mahagony wood oval shaped one out in my building. I would like to do something to lighten it up and bring it in. Any suggestions?

  13. They are all nice / I basically like the first photo the best...not for the table but just the old-fashioned ambience of it...the lady looking out of the window. And is that a steam heat radiator in the picture ? Means a nice older home there.

    I do not have room for a coffee table here. Years ago I used a beautiful old cedar chest from my grandparents for a coffee table. One of my kids then fell and banged his head, very close to his eye, off of a corner of it and after that I never used a coffee table again.

    So ...when I look at a table such as that one with the logs tied together and the glass top I think to myself "yea right, well not raising three boys..I'd give one of them a week to injure that table as well as themselves" !! :) :)

  14. The coffee table made from crates appeals to me.. I used soooo many apple crates, (bought from a fruit stand) when I did crafts shows so that one is right up my alley.
    I'm using an antique cedar chest, which belonged to my Grandmother, in my living room. I found an old flat top trunk at a yard sale. that is the coffee table in my family room.
    The first table that you show, proves that you have that special vision when it comes to decorating.
    I hope it's going to be cooler, very soon, in your "neck of the woods".

  15. Those are all wonderful! Love the suitcase one! Too cute. The birch logs do have wonderful texture! I have an old chest I use. Love it!

  16. I like them all, but prefer the ones with some storage functionality.

    A couple of months ago we bought two plain doors and turned them into a desk (the space is 106" wide). I'm using three cabinets from ikea for the base. Works great.

  17. I love all of these, but like the ones that are a bit higher. Some of them seem to short. I'm too lazy to lean over :)

  18. Love them all and I appreciate the cleverness of their creators! I also like the ones with storage options best--one can never have too many storage options. :) ... Debra

  19. I have two wooden pallets sitting in my garage waiting to become a coffee table for my family room. As soon as I finish the half-dozen other projects......

  20. I really think the wooden crates look the best Brenda..I also like the suitcase but the legs need to be a bit longer..

  21. I like several of them! I need a table and the suitcase one might be something I could do myself!

  22. If I had room, I'd so have one of those made from a door. Love!


I always enjoy reading your comments and having you join the conversation here at Cozy Little House. It is like having a gathering of friends sitting in my cozy apartment. Enjoying coffee and dessert, chatting and having a good time. I appreciate each and every one of you!

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