Five Frugal Tips

I'm always on the hunt to save money. I am having to use more than my usual $20 of gas per month living here. Because I am farther from things. So I try to make up for that somewhere else. 

1. Barter

If you have skills you could trade out in barter, no cash has to change hands. Maybe you have a friend or neighbor who could trim your trees for you. In exchange you could cook some casseroles for him or clean his house. Maybe bake a pie.

2. Eat your biggest meal at lunchtime. If you eat out at lunchtime, have them bring a take-out container when they bring your food so you can put half of it in there for another lunch before you even start eating. 

Lunches at restaurants are typically cheaper than at the dinner hour after 5 p.m.

Try to steer away from the appetizers and desserts unless it's a special occasion. 

3. Make sure your tires are carrying the appropriate amount of air. You get better gas mileage. 

Get the oil changed when you're supposed to and don't put it off. It is the single best thing you can do for your car to keep it running a long time.

4. Buy what you need, and only occasionally splurge on something. Now that I live in 725 square feet, I have to really think before buying anything. Because I no longer have a garage and there simply isn't any more room to store things I'm not using. 

A splurge for me is the occasional decorating or gardening magazine. Otherwise I have Pinterest for inspiration 24/7. And it's free.

If you buy a magazine and have a friend who likes the same magazines, trade after you've read it. Same with books. Read them and pass them on.

5. Use coupons judiciously. Sometimes you are tempted to buy something because you have a coupon. But will you really use it? If it's an iffy purchase, resist buying it just to get money off the regular price. 

They aren't typically going to have coupons for store brands. But I buy mostly store brands. With just me to buy food for, it's probably cheaper in the long run.

I'm probably not telling you anything you didn't already know. Sometimes it's just good to be reminded.

See you this afternoon for Tweak It.

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  1. IF I eat out I always do it at lunch and I always order something that I know I can bring half home for the next day. Great tips to be reminded of, Brenda xo Laura

  2. Love the tips - I love the coupon tip.

  3. Those are some good tips. I have one more for you. I shop at Walmart a lot. That is where I buy our groceries and many other things. I just started using their newest program called Savings Catcher. You enter the number at the bottom of your receipt in their website and it will check other stores in your area for the best price. If they find that you paid more than someone elses lower price, they will give you the difference! You can redeem it during your next purchase at Walmart. You can go to to learn more about it. I've used it and already saved several dollars in just one week! Now, I don't have to worry about shopping around for the best deals.

  4. The trick to using coupons it not to use them for things you don't normally purchase, but to use them for things you ALWAYS buy. My grocery store always has coupons for their store brand of items. By taking about 15 minutes to match up a dollar coupon for as many things on my list as possible, I usually get $20 off my bill. By the end of the month it's an $80 savings or usually more. Most grocery stores have a section in store where they have a big selection of coupons to choose from. I often find a few that I can add to what I have already brought with me.

  5. Those are all good tips. Steve bartered his art work for an entire attic floor - materials and labor. A lawyer commissioned a painting and Steve asked him to create our Living Trust as payment.

    Steve and I have taken to sharing meals in restaurants. The portions are huge so we share.

  6. Thanks for the great tips! Especially the reminder about checking tire pressure. We have not done that in a long time. Need to do that today!

  7. all good tips and we do need reminders now and then! I cook for one also and don't use coupons much at all, store brands and shopping at ALDI are my way of saving!

  8. I love saving money. Thanks for the tips. We have made good use of our library this summer. And eating fruit in season helps us cut costs. Another thing I do, is go through the meat aisle to see if there is any meat expiring that day. I take it to the butcher and they usually discount it 50% for me. I love that! : )


  9. Brenda, Those are great tips. I will buy a store brand if it's cheaper and leave my coupon near the product for others to use. Hope you are doing well. xoxo,Susie

  10. Thanks for all of these Brenda! I need all the help I can get. Warm over here. Stay cool this week!

  11. Love your tips Brenda
    Especially the magazine/book's one :)

  12. The coupon tip is spot on! I've often bought stuff just because I had a coupon that I wouldn't have bought anyway... lesson learned!

  13. Great tips Brenda..I always need reminded about things with the car..those things slip my mind all the time!

  14. One way I save money (and it can really add up!) with my Keurig coffee maker. I do not purchase the individual cups at $9-plus per box of 18. I purchased three of the $5 reusable plastic/mesh cups to add regular coffee to. It took about three cups to figure out how much to put in it for what I consider the "perfect" cup (black and very strong!! ahh) ha. It's a great way to save money and if I want a flavor, I'll add flavoring or creamer for a little something different. It really saves a lot of money. I've used the reusable cups since December and have no complaints.


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