New Business Cards

I cropped this photo in close because this is my gallery wall, almost finished. And I don't want to show it until it's finished. 

Somehow in all these years, I had yet to order business cards for my blog. So I went to Zazzle and designed the front and back of these. They are a little taller than the usual size. Cost: Under $30 for 100.

I hope you guys like this header, because after I ordered business cards with it on there, it's going to be a keeper. 

I know I tend to change things up a lot. That's because I love to play with graphics and then I want somewhere to put them!

I'd show you the back, but it's got my phone number on it. I choose not to put that out there.

I put this on the back. A circle of roses with the initials of my blog and when I started it. Yeah, most of the posts before a year ago are lost, but that's still when I started it. April 2009. 

See you later for Tweak It. 

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  1. Hi Brenda...I've been thinking about your lost blogs and was wondering if you've ever heard of the website called "Wayback Machine'? It's an archive of millions of screenshots of the internet (too confusing for me to figure out). ANYWAY....I looked for Cozy Little House and did find some of your old posts there..starting with some from 2011. I've pasted the URL below. Let me know what you find!

  2. I love your new business cards. I like the fact that they are a little bigger than the standard size too. Looking forward to seeing your new gallery wall when it's ready for its debut.

  3. So fresh and unique! Love your cards!

  4. Love your business card look, I do say I miss the little birdie you use to have on it. I'll have to check the site out since I need to make some business cards for myself too. If you get in the graphics inspire mode you could design mine....just trying to help you out with an outlet LOL.

  5. Pretty cards. Is the red lamp new? Never noticed it before.

  6. I love the cards! The flowers are beautiful. That would be great if Wayback Machine could help you find some lost blogs! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  7. Sweet cards! I love that you kept them simple and pretty.

  8. I love your new business cards! They're absolutely perfect. Very lovely. Looking forward to seeing your completed gallery wall!

  9. I LOVE your header and the business cards are fabulous!!!

  10. The cards are very nice..I do like that header a lot..I'm loving that decoupaged table too..

  11. Love the cards Brenda, and really miss those old posts, maybe one day they will show back up from out there in cyber space,

  12. They are perfect, and I know that you love red, so it's a great representation of you. Love the fresh and clean look of them also.


  13. Love, love, love the new header and cards; they are definitely keepers! So pretty and dainty!

  14. I love your new header!! The cards are beautiful just perfect! So happy for you!! Yay Brenda!!

  15. Very cute and I do like the header. Good choice and worth keeping.


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