Small Apartments, Big Ideas


Just because a living space is small doesn't mean it can't have everything you need. And living in an apartment doesn't mean you can't have a beautiful and unique home.
Deck the walls. It will reflect your personality while giving warmth to a generic apartment space. Adding personality is key.


A more girly living space.

This is the Meredith & Gwyneth blog. She has real style in her new digs in Nob Hill. She can always be counted on to find great furniture in the dumpsters and the least likely places, and then rejuvenate them.

Here is her dining room. I just adore how she's utilized this small space for more than one purpose. A dining space and library in one!

Customize The Kitchen

The apartment kitchen is usually one of the areas that pose problems, unless they're high end and new. But you can do it. Look at these kitchens.

(Apartment Therapy)
(Apartment Therapy)
(Apartment Therapy)
Removable wall paper makes a gorgeous back splash.

Customize The Bathroom:


Got a vintage pink bathroom in your rental? Make the most of it with flowers and shelves.

Change out the switch plates. These are from Etsy.

Change out the faucets.

A pretty shower curtain, rugs and nice towels will give you a fresh 

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  1. Some great photos here. I need to put up some peg board or rails like in some photos for pan organizing.
    I know it's a matter of personal taste, but I wish the trend would pass for animal skins on the floors and heads on the walls. Even faux ones creep me out! Not a fan of the male torso for art either, but that's just me. To each their own.

  2. I love all of these ideas, Brenda. As my goal is to move into a small apartment next year I am pinning lots of ideas. I will definitely add some of these to my Pinterest boards. xo Laura

  3. Brenda, I love everyone of those cute spaces. Makes me want to do some painting or remodeling here. LOL. Hope you are having a good weekend, xoxo,Susie

  4. These are very nice and work well for long term small apartment living, in my opinion. On a temporary basis, short term for a few months, I don't think I want to go to all that effort.We are trying to keep things to a minimum because we know we will need to move again when we buy a more permanent home. We are downsizing and want to keep the transition as easy as we can especially with J's poor health and the fact we are older. Certainly not as much energy nowadays. We've noticed a big difference between now and two years ago, when we tried selling our home until we both became ill and had to postpone.
    Our little apartment isn't as gussied up as it could be but it is comfortable and offers a nice retreat. I'll save my energy for the next home, if possible.

  5. The pictures make me want to move into an apartment.. We had a pink bathroom here until I had it renovated. I had a fiberglass tub put in and now I wish I had my pink cast iron one back.. Had to have the floor redone or would not have had to get rid of the tub..
    I like the way that Meredith and Gwyneth did their sofa in front of the window.. Love all of those pillows..

  6. I love the small sectional sofa in the second photo! I wish I could try one out in our narrow living room.

  7. As much as I adore living in the country, with seaside views to boot, I grew up facing beautiful architecture from our living room window, and will always have a soft spot for this perspective. Perhaps that's where my love of architecture stems from...hmm, just thought of that this second! Yes, it makes sense!

    Don't mind small kitchens, but definitely need a window for natural sunlight and a connection to the outside world. I lived in a spacious apartment in Greece for 20 years, but the kitchen was dark, and this affected my mood right from the moment I opened my eyes, and even after the first cup of coffee!

    Love Meredith and Gwyneth's living room and dining room and the Apartment Therapy kitchen!

    Have a wonderful week, Brenda!


  8. that bathtub is the exact same pink shade as the one in my mom's 1959 ranch house :)

  9. Wonderful pictures! So many great ideas to inspire me. I also love the small sectional couch in the second picture!

  10. Very nice ideas..I love old retro tile bathrooms and kitchens..I miss that look..

  11. Wonderful pictures! So many great ideas to inspire me. I also love the small sectional couch in the second picture!


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