Some Etsy Darlings

There are several places online where I can literally spend hours. Etsy and Pinterest. Really it's the only places I allow myself to truly relax and "mentally shop."

Annie's Images also has this...

Oh sweet love...

So please come shop with me...

I can't afford most of this stuff, but just looking at the artwork created from someone's talented hands has me in complete awe.

If you saw me wearing this, you'd think The Stepford Wives had started filming for a new movie. Because it is SO not me. But isn't it just the cutest thing??? 

It's for somebody! I'd hang it on a mannequin if nothing else!

I rarely do more than slap a peanut butter and jelly sandwich together these hot days of summer. Or eat fruit. But I still want one of these beauties. I don't think I could bear to cut food on it anyway!

Of course I'm not part of a couple and would not want my name on it, but it's the images I love!

Can you just imagine how long this took this woman to make? And it's under $30. In her photo you see her playing the guitar. 

How perfectly "Appalachian artisan" is that?

Then there's of course high tech to bring us out of the mountains and into the present...

This is called Happy Chicken In The Garden. A 5x7 art card for under $5. I have to think of my friend Elaine, who dearly loves her chickens!

{Billie Green}

Another form of collage...


Here's one framed...


I would not know how to begin to make these works of art.

Now you'll probably laugh, but in the back of my mind, I've always kind of wanted to own a kiln and make pottery. Sort of pictured myself a Demi-Moore-type with my hands all gray and gooey shaping something. (And add Patrick Swayze (bless his beautiful soul) who the rest of us could see in the movie, a ghost who just couldn't leave his sweet love.) 

I adored Demi's short haircut in that movie. It perfectly defined her features and those pretty eyes of hers. 

Do you ever do that? Yearn to be an artist that really has nothing to do with who you are or what you've done? Yet it is like a magnet in your daydreams. In mine there are shelves full of mugs and bowls and pottery. Just a pipe dream.

And then there are these...

I know what you're thinking. Etsy doesn't sell dripping-with-sugar donuts. Oh, good enough to take a big bite of!

It's soap!!! Don't get your mouth all puckered to take a sweet bite. Take it into the shower!

Etsy is the best thing since sliced bread. Or gooey donuts. Etsy is where millions of people make a living (or augment it) selling their wares. I just adore the whole concept. 

I've heard various stories of how it was begun. That person was brilliant.

You go, Etsy artisans! I'm behind you all the way!

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  1. I love beautiful handmade cutting boards. I am grateful every day for the added income etsy gives me. xo Laura

    1. That's what makes it so wonderful. Etsy is so easy for artisans to use and make money from. Win/win.

  2. I like this virtual shopping thing. I too am always on ETSY. I like to put items on my heart lists. Meaning, one day I hope to not just heart the items but to actually purchase them....some ETSY vendors over the years have gotten really outrageous with certain items though. Vintage locker baskets....I found at my antique store for 6.00 each, (I scooped all three of them up) ETSY vendors want anywhere from 20.00 to 30.00 each. I do purchase alot of my fabric on ETSY. They have some of the best fabric vendors!

    1. I often buy cheap graphics on there. None over $5. I can't make those things. How I make my headers. And I just designed and ordered business cards from the header I have now. It's so much fun to get on there and just skip from shop to shop.

  3. Hi Brenda! I'm been traveling and trying to catch up a bit! I love Etsy too and aren't there the most talented ones out there? Yes, my mouth started to water seeing that doughnut. Can't believe it's soap! Hope you're doing well and have a nice weekend.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

    1. I hear tell you've bought a house in NY. Judy told me. I've been very busy, but I'm headed over to your place to see if I can get some real info!

  4. I love all of these ETSY items! But my favorite has to be the basket. A lovely place to keep things that don't have a home. All of my ETSY purchases have always exceeded my expectations!

    1. And I can't believe she made that and priced it so low. I imagine all the time that went into it...

  5. Ghost is a favorite movie of mine. And yes, I wish I could draw and paint. Love that cutting board!!!!

  6. ha ha ha now if I put those doughnuts in my bathroom one of the grand kids would be sure to try to eat one, which would be quite funny come to think of it! :)

  7. If one of the grands acts out, send them to the bathroom. Wonder how long it would take him/her to resist that donut?

  8. Brenda, I am always amazed at the talent out there. Those donuts made me laugh they did looked good enough to eat.LOL. Blessings to you for a great weekend, xoxo,Susie

  9. I'm having trouble commenting again. My comment was that I loved the apron. It's quite the prettiest one I've seen in some time. If I wore aprons, it would be mine! And the basket is very reasonable...I really like it, too.
    Ghost was a good movie and I liked Demi's haircut, too. And that Patrick Swayze...what a hunk he was!
    Have a nice weekend!

  10. There's some - ok, a lot - really cool things out there. I'll have to check out the pages of some of the things you listed. While I'm here, I thought I'd mention that for some reason, your blog is taking a really long time to load on my laptop. And that I can't scroll down on your page using my touchpad like I do on most web pages. I have to use the down arrow on the side of my screen to click slowly down. At the same time, I noticed the ads on the left side of your blog now take up a column about 2-3" wide and your blog is "pushed" to the right. Could that have anything to do with it?

  11. I love Etsy! So much fun to shop for unique items!

  12. I think you should go for it, Brenda! You should see if they have one of those pottery places where you pay by the session and make whatever your heart desires. Just think of the colorful fun pieces you could create! I love the little red and white doll cupboard, too. Sweet!

  13. Brenda! you are just like me...virtual window shopping, you've found some really cue things. I was wondering after you get settled in your home a little while longer, if you thought you'd start making for your shop again? I miss seeing those adorable lollipop pillows!

  14. Lovely lovely finds - thank you for sharing these treasures you've uncovered!!


  15. You're right. Etsy is a brilliant idea! There are so many talented people out there in this world of ours. For them to have a place to market their wares is fabulous!

  16. What a fun post! I totally agree about that cute apron. So not me, but sure is Dorothy! There's so much cool stuff on Etsy. And I too have often thought it would be so fun to be a great potter. But then I hear it takes practice. ;-) lol

  17. those donuts!!! I am sure my grandkids would have to 'taste' the soap!!

  18. I do love Etsy and love browsing and "hearting" also! I too plan to buy some of my "hearted" items someday! I love my own little Etsy shop (MyPinkPaperCottage) as it gives me a place to display the things I've made (although they are really just stacked up in my craft room!).... and is a good outlet for my handmade things. I always thought Etsy was supposed to only be for handmade things or vintage things, and yet I see a lot of shops that are selling scrapbook papers, embellishments or fabrics. Don't know how they can do this. I've sold some of my true "vintage" fabrics from my shop and if I could sell ANY fabric, I would make a fortune as I have tubs and tubs of fabric, but not vintage! Does anyone here know if we can, in fact, sell products that come from other companies? A lot seem to be doing that now! I could also spend hours on Etsy, browsing the oh-so-talented people out there!

    1. Marilyn..I believe you are allowed to sell craft supplies also..You should able to sell fabric..

  19. I have the same addictions I am going to check out these shops..

  20. I was all set and ready to drive to Krispy Kreme after seeing that soap. Too funny! All of these are beautiful!

  21. Thanks for sharing all of these. Love them all!! I love Etsy! I do ... well use to do lots of shopping there. I have people following ME on Etsy! I guess they liked my favorites?! Im in love with to look and be in total relaxation. I can and do spend hours at a time on there when I feel bad and would rather stay in bed. I have around 50 boards that keep growing. More to come. That soap.... Id take a bite. Wow that looked so good. Looking for a Krispy Kreme next time im out and about! :)


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