Loving The Kitchen I've Created

I just adore this white orchid. 

So you may be wondering how things in the kitchen are working out. Splendidly, as a matter of fact! My washer/dryer is fixed. I don't miss my stove at all. 

With the microwave, Breville Smart Oven, an electric skillet, my egg maker, and now my crockpot, I have everything I need to cook and bake.

I love to walk in the kitchen and be greeted by all my colorful bottles I've collected over the years. There wasn't an adequate place to hang my stained glass. 

But I rather like it where it is. The mosaic shows through the bottles, and that makes for such a pretty affect.

I'm a happy camper in my kitchen now. All ready for you to come on over for a visit someday and have a cup of coffee. If it's hot, we'll stay inside. 

If it's nice outside, we'll take our beverage outside and sit on the patio.

And watch the resident cardinal couple cavort about the plants and tables and many perching spots.

Changing Up The Living Room A Bit

There's something I dragged out of one of my closets this morning that you haven't seen before. Do you know what it is?

No, it isn't a dog. Although by some act of magic Abi managed to slip into one of the closets last week and shut the door behind her. Still don't know how she managed that. By the time I figured out where she was, she was a little spooked by the whole episode.

When I bought this chaise sofa, this big ottoman came with it. When you slide it up next to the sofa, as you see here, it becomes a full-sized bed. Not that I have any overnight guests. 

The pupsters quickly took charge of it. They want to know why I didn't drag this out of the closet a long time ago.

I have gone stark raving quilt crazy this week. I started digging around in the other closet in the old trunk, and I thought: Why do I have all these quilts folded up in here where I can't enjoy looking at them? So out some of them came.

I know. It looks like a quilt show came to town. No one can ever accuse me of not going overboard with whatever I do. 

Then I got to looking at this star quilt that I painstakingly appliqued all these stars to years ago, and it just looked, well, huge. So I put this mirror over it to give it a focal point.

So now you're scratching your head and thinking: Then where did the little cart go? Well, here it is.

So now you're thinking: Didn't that red bench go where that table fan is? I know. A bit of ugly. Got to keep it real. Hot as all get out here. 

You're probably now looking up at the far right, wondering what on earth that is sticking out.

While I was digging around in the closets, I reached up and grabbed that red basket you see nailed to the wall. Out of it fell this doll. I started to toss it back in. Then thought: I'll just stick her in the basket when I nail it to the wall. I made her many moons ago.

And yes, those are ugly electrical cords. Keeping it real, like I said. So it was the doll's feet you saw sticking out in the photo before, just so's we're straight about everything.

I have the same red and white buffalo checked curtains for this window that I have for the bedroom window. But I haven't even opened the box yet. 

My little dining spot. If you blinked you didn't see it. Look over to the right. That's my new red crock pot I ordered from Walmart for $17. 

I hope to cook up some lunches come fall that are more nutritious and have a little more substance that what I eat all summer. Which is whatever I reach into the fridge and grab.

So there you go. This all started because I looked up the other day and saw some nail holes and I don't have the paint to match it, but I tried anyway. What resulted was shiny smudges here and there on the wall. Which naturally bothered me.

(Abi, do you have a stench to you that Charlie's curious about?)

Which resulted in my digging through the many things in my closet and grabbing some quilts. 

Then this morning I was trying to get to something in the other closet in my bedroom, and couldn't even walk into the closet for all the stuff I have in there. 

Which I shall be cleaning out and organizing when it isn't so hot that I have to take a deep breath, dive in, and hurry back out quick as I can. 

So now you see what can happen when I don't plan on doing anything, and suddenly I've done all this. One thing just manages to lead to another. 

But the pupsters are happy to have more couch to snooze on. So if the pupsters are happy, Mama is happy.

Welcome Wagon August 2014

It's that time again. When I introduce new bloggers to all of you.

I woke up to find that it had rained last night. So that made me a happy camper. It has been blistering hot here, and the plants have suffered. 

Okay, on with the show. Up for you this week, I have...

Okay, my devoted and loyal Welcome Wagon-eers, please give them a nice visit.

It's Still Hot, But Let's Talk Fall

Let's pretend the air is growing a tad cooler. And not over 100 degrees in the shade before noon. And we're all digging in every closet and nook and cranny for fall decor, getting ready to deck out our homes for fall. 

(I know I do a lot of pretending. Humor me.)

Here's an easy-peasy three-tiered homemade basket filled to the brim with fall pretties. Pine cones, pine needles, candles. You name it. 


This looks about my speed. Unless it's harder than it looks. Get a monogram letter, and glue leaves on it. I think I can do that.

Yes, this is a real cake. If anyone wants to try to duplicate this beautiful concoction (that I'd have a heck of a time cutting into because it's just too pretty for words), she has the tutorial for you.

Have at it. I couldn't begin to cook and decorate something so positively sublime.

Leave it to this girl to create a gorgeous farmhouse look. Love her house.

Oh, I love this vintage-y scene. Velvet pumpkins never go out of style.

Ah, the natural look. It fits into any style decor. This would be a beautiful tabletop display.


These are unique and adorable. If you have a whole lot of patience. Which I don't happen to have.

And when you're finished gluing and pretty-ifying your house, sit down to some slow cooker chili. I ordered a crock pot from Walmart.com (red of course) so I can enjoy hearty meals come fall. 

You can't begin to believe what I've been doing this afternoon. I've been hanging quilts on the walls. Yes, I know that sounds crazy when it's this hot. I had to have a fan on high blowing on me the whole time. 

My thumbs are numb from pushing thumb tacks. But it kind of gets me out of the hot and humid summer doldrums and into a cabin-cottage-farmhouse sort of decorating mood. 

Now I've got stuff all over the place and I'm too tired to deal with it. 

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Thinking About A New Deck?

Raising A Brand New Deck At Home

A brand new deck is one of the first additions that most people make to their new home. It is a wonderful place for family and friends to gather for a barbecue. 

Arranging seating and container plants is fun to add to the atmosphere, as I did here.

The family will benefit in many ways from using a service like Softwoods timber decking. And each item should be considered before the family makes the investment. 

A new deck will enhance the family's lifestyle if they approach the building of the deck correctly.

For instance, you might want an overhead structure as I had. It was a wonderful place to sit outside and listen to the rain, have my coffee and read a book. I always loved to watch the yard birds from the deck. And they were plentiful!


A brand new deck provides a large seating area that the family can use any time they want. New deck furniture can be used for summer meals in the evening, or when the family is hosting guests. 

A table, chairs, benches and an umbrella can set the scene for the family, and the deck can become a place where the family eats all its meals when the weather is accommodating.

Working Area:

Many members of the family can bring their work outside when they are tired of being in the house. The family can have some electrical outlets installed to make sure they can power their computers.

Other people may read or rest on the deck, but the deck becomes a place where everyone in the family can congregate to make the most of their new space. 

The seating is arranged to accommodate everybody, and the seating that is chosen is often more plush when the family spends so much time outside.

Partying Area:

Every family that likes to grill and host guests can use the deck to hold parties. The grill can have its own space on the deck, the table and chairs can be made into the design and the deck can have its own canopy for gatherings when the weather turns sour.

It is wise for the family to approach their contractor with plans that highlight their own personal needs. A new deck will meet and exceed the needs of the family, and the space will become an extension of the indoor areas.

I enjoyed mine so very much. I spent many wonderful hours sitting in my favorite upholstered chair, while watching butterflies and hummingbirds and all that nature has to offer.

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