A Variety Of Rooms At BH&G

Lots of patterns mixed here. Has a bit of the fifties feel.

I love the mix of bed linens.

The table and chairs are grounded by a rug. 

Soft colors. 

A very nice living space. Lots of seating. Abundant natural light.

Love that corner shelf.

Pretty and posh.

Love the antique-ish looking island with the white cabinetry.

Like the shutters for a headboard.
(All photos courtesy of the BHG website.)

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  1. I was liking the second one and then I'm like, "No that one!" I found that there was something in every one that I liked. Shoot I just love all designs done with taste. I'm a lover of white, but since I've been following you, I'm falling in love with color!

  2. Lets not forget that we like the rustic basket on the bottom of that 'antique-ish looking island' ...the just- right-shade-of-aqua in that bedroom... the painted paneling, the natural sisal rugs and ... backing way up to the top...
    what is NOT TO LOVE ABOUT THAT VERY FIRST ROOM?! I just love the look, feel, and colors in there!

  3. I love the little island in the second to last photo.

  4. I love the last 3 pictures. Aw....such comfort and color.. that blue couch!! The shades in the kitchen are pretty. Oh that bed....I could jump right in with my heating pad and ice packs. It looks so comfy.oh I love the mix of linens on the first bed as well. Right now I have jersey fitted sheet with a regular cotton sheet on top. Then my bed comforter with my down comforter atop that.. I also have 5 inches of foam padding on my matteress. I have a Halloween pillowcase, a cupcake pc, a regular yellow pc, then a pillowcase that has bible veres on it. Im sure your rolling in the floor but Im a comfy girl!!

  5. Very nice! Giving me some inspiration.

  6. I love the wall color in photo #$. I've used a color like that in the past in a bedroom and in a living room. (Would love to be out of an apartment so I could use that wall color again!) I really like that kitchen in the next-to-last photo too. The dark blinds really make a statement, just as your dark blind does in your living room.

  7. That was supposed to be photo #4, not #$. I guess I was making a subconscious comment on the cost of these rooms!

  8. I was trying to pick a favorite, but just couldn't. There's something I love in each picture! Very lovely living spaces. You always find the best...

  9. Love the kitchen with all of the natural light, and the blue couch, and the....... xo Laura

  10. I'd take all of these in a New York minute, and that's faster than you can say, 'Yo!'!


  11. Those are some great looking rooms! I remember seeing some of them in the magazine.

  12. wow, lovin the old shutter headboard... they are all great rooms with details I'd love to copy but the headboard will haunt my dreams... gee, thanks a lot Brenda~! lol just when I was starting to get some sleep...:)

  13. I love all the color! Not boring at all!

  14. I like the bedroom, that you love, with all of the different linens, the living room with the dog, and the kitchen with all of the windows..
    Sending wishes for a cooler day for you and a uneventful one, unless all of the events are good ones..

  15. I LOVE that last one. I'm running out to get paint tonight! LOL, well maybe tomorrow.

  16. I enjoyed your selection of eye candy--especially that white corner bookcase.

  17. I adore the first and second pictures. I'm huge fan of color and pattern!

  18. That blue couch..That suitcase..The way they fit that bookcase in that corner..There is not a room here that I would turn down..The colors are awesome..

    1. Love the first room. All the color and patterns. Your choices are excellent. You should be a designer.


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