Blooming On The Patio Today

The roses are blooming again. And so are the hostas. They seem to stop blooming and then start up blooming together at the same time

The Hyacinth Bean vines are finally beginning to bloom. I love to watch them open up. Such an intricate process.

The purple morning glory vines are everywhere. Up in the trees, swooping up and then back down the fence. They are the heartiest morning glories I've ever grown.

The ornamental grasses are all looking so lovely, like feathers in the wind. I just adore their various textures.

And then there's the rare photo of Mr. Cardinal. Oddly enough, only he and his missus seem to count my patio as home. 

Yesterday I watched from this window as he bathed himself in the cobalt blue bird bath. 

The cone flowers that were supposed to be various colored blooms, but weren't, are blooming away. I don't care. I love this color.

What is blooming in your garden today?

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  1. I have impatients, marigolds, zinnias-finally, butterfly bushes, roses, fountain grasses, Rose of Sharon, sweet potato vine, hostas, black eyed susans, geraniums, red and pink, and petunias.. I did add flower beds to my yard so there is not much grass to cut..
    I wish we had gotten more rain this summer.. I think everything would have done better..
    Your flowers are beautiful.. I didn't get my morning glories planted.. Maybe next year ?
    Enjoy your flowers, your patio and the week ahead.. I hope your washer/dryer will be fixed and will give you no more trouble.

  2. Beautiful flowers, and I'm so glad that Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal visit your patio. They're my favorite bird!

  3. Loved seeing your fresh blooms today, and Mr and Mrs Cardinal too! Your flowers are so pretty, Brenda, and look crisp and new. Ours are looking bit tired and some pesky snails have been eating the zinnias!
    Wishing you a great week.
    Helen xox

  4. Beautiful flowers and bird, Brenda.

  5. We have gladioli, crocosmia and dahlias. As well as roses and various other flowers. Sweet pea too. But autumn is fast approaching!

  6. Beautiful and I love the way you captured the ornamental grasses. I have ornamental grasses, potato vine, periwinkles, begonias, and a few more perennials I don't know the name of. Enjoy your beautiful patio.

  7. It all looks so pretty, Brenda. Only blooms are on my lemon tree :)

  8. That sun sure has made the rounds hasn't it?'s still happy looking! Your flowers are looking so pretty, love the pink rose.

  9. Felt my BP go down just looking at your beautiful pics. I'm jealous, it's been so hot here and trying not to use water, there's no flowers blooming here! Just a few geraniums and herbs growing. Loved the picture of the sun, it's like it's meditating among the morning glories. Sounds like a pretty awesome thing to do right about now. Pondering how to paint that one!

  10. One more thing, on those morning glories, what color are they? Did you start them from seed since moving in? I have some old packages, wonder if they'd still work.

  11. My petunias are looking good. From a distance I love the combination of red and white petunias, but up close there is nothing prettier than a purple petunia. I have some on a tower like thing beside our front door, where I can see them at eye level. My glads are about done in the Garden of My Dreams (vegetable garden) and the zinnias look pretty good. We had almost an inch of rain last week, which is unheard of in these parts in August. My grass finally looks good.

  12. Lovely flowers on the patio.

    I planted a few ornamental grasses that I dug up growing between the street and the driveways on our lane. But, Lulu tramples them so they aren't making it. I love the look of them blowing in the wind.

  13. No blooms here. Love your photos!!!!!

  14. Stunning floral photos, Brenda! They just put a smile on my face!

  15. Lovely photos. I really miss cardinals. No cardinals here in the PNW. They are way too smart to live here :-).

  16. I was envying your resident Cardinal, until I remembered the Mountain Blue Birds in and around our yard. Once when I was hanging out clothes one landed on the clothesline about a foot away from my hand. I just stood motionless, staring for about a minute til he flew away. They are like a bit of sky on the wing.

  17. Love the pics of beautiful cardinals Brenda..I hope they give you a smile while dealing with your washer problem..Hugs Sweet Lady..

  18. That cardinal is so pretty. Nice of him to pose for you. Your flowers are looking so pretty. We had so much rain here a couple of days ago that it knocked some of my zinnias down to the ground. I will have to tie them up so they will look pretty again. I have one David Austin rose that is blooming so prettily right now. By Saturday, it will be 99 degrees here so everything will wilt, including me.

  19. My garden is in a sorry state! Even though we had someone watering the plants while we were away, most are looking a little spent. Whatever did survive has been eaten by the hostas were here last week, eaten yesterday. They ate all the lilies earlier this season, It's heartbreaking! Only two of my hydrangeas bloomed this year. So I am really enjoy looking at all of yours!

  20. My container garden looked tired and listless in June and July. I decided to go ahead with the Scott's fertilizer and what a miracle, they are thriving in this horrid dry heat. Also, I planted alot of morning glories on July 4th. Those vines are nutty. I have them going over my front patio. No blooms yet, but the greenery makes me super happy. I also planted more zinnias, no blooms, but they are budding. Looking forward to planting some bulbs. I plant mine during Veteran's Day weekend. They always come up in late March early April. If I planted them earlier (as I have learned) they come up in February! I don't much care for that. I love your cardinal, we don't have them here in the Sacramento Valley. The first time I ever saw one was in Hawaii and I was so giddy.

  21. It is so lovely to see all your beautiful flowers. xx


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