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Brenda has been writing since grade school. She attended journalism school where she majored in professional writing. She loves to decorate, garden, read and spend time with her Yorkies.

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Flowers & Soap

Charlie seems to be having a breakfast this morning of herbs. Not sure which one he's chomping on. 

I got some new soaps I ordered in the mail yesterday from the blogger who blogs at Cranberry Morning. These are natural vegan soaps, and I am already using an oatmeal bar. Doubt I'll want to go back to store-bought soaps again!

You can go take a look at her selection at her shop here.

The morning glory has traveled far up the trees now. I suppose I need to cut them down. But they are so pretty, the spots of purple among the green leaves.

We have been very fortunate, as it has rained about five nights in a row. The plants perk up every time rain falls. 

Remember when I put a little start of the golden pennies in this log? They are so pretty now.

This is the Hyacinth Bean Vine, about to open and show us it's gorgeous lavender blooms. 

This will be the first to open up I think.

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Brenda Pruitt
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  1. Thanks for letting me know about John and Judy. I am still trying to catch up on my reading after our vacation. My son was using my computer the entire 10 days because his died on the first day of vacation and he had to work. The break from the computer was good, but I missed a lot.

    Your photos are wonderful.

  2. We only have white morning glory here - I've never seen purple except in your photos. It looks lovely.

  3. I'm so sorry that John needs even more surgery. They've already suffered so much. I think of them often, wondering how they are doing. Will definitely keep them in my thoughts tomorrow. Please provide updates...

  4. I am praying for John's surgery and for strength for both him and Judy and the medical staff. I didn't even know she had a blog so I am going to hop on over and visit. Your pupsters are just so cute! The rain has avoided us entirely! It has rained in a complete circle AROUND our corner of southwest missouri and we need it so bad. The dust in the air is thick! xo Dazee (aka Jackie)

  5. I am keeping her and John close in my prayers. I just love Hyacinth beans but didn't plant this year? It's one of my favorites. Your photos, as always, are so beautiful.

  6. Prayers said for John, Judy and family.

  7. I saw Judy's post the other day and was saddened to hear about John. I told her I'd be keeping both of them in my prayers.

    Handmade mom has been making natural soaps (and other beauty items) for many years. She used to have a big business doing this, but now she just sells to those who ask for it (regular longtime customers). She just gave one of her new "man" soaps to has oil of bergamot in it, and oh boy, does it ever smell good! I noticed your soaps are wrapped in plastic...that's actually the worst thing natural soaps can be packaged in, as they can't breathe - and then they spoil quickly. You are best off taking them out of the plastic and leaving them open. Just a heads up!

  8. I am keeping Judy and John in my prayers and wishing the very best for the surgery tomorrow. And I love the soaps from Cranberry Morning, too! They last a long time and suds up so well. I only use handmade soaps now...I'm spoiled! Enjoy your afternoon sweet friend. Hugs, Diane

  9. I saw Judy's post and I'm keeping them in my prayers. I am so glad you can be there for them and keep us updated on how it goes. I'll be out of touch for a big part of the day as I will be flying home but I'll check the blogs when I get home. Your flowers are looking great and those soaps look wonderful. I use a lemon verbena soap I love!! Give Judy a hug from me!

  10. I love handmade soaps..going to be trying to make some of my own soon..I also make my own laundry soap and would like to try making more cleaning items..I think those golden pennies growing in the log are so pretty..I sign up to receive 20 North Ora in my email sometime ago but never received it so I just check in once in a while to see what Judy is up to..I must go over there and give them my best wishes..

  11. Brenda, Praying for your friends, Judy and John. They are wonderful people. I like your pennie plant. so pretty in that old log. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  12. Praying praying for Johns surgery and comfort for Judy. <3.

  13. Sending prayers to John,Judy and you also Brenda

  14. Keeping John & Judy in my thoughts, and his medical team, that all goes well tomorrow. You are such a good friend to Judy and many more of us, thank you. Love the flowers in the driftwood!

  15. Your plants are looking so happy and beautiful Brenda, they are blooming just like you are! Prayers going up to the Lord Jesus Christ for your sweet friends. May they find relief from the pain and suffering.

  16. At HomemadeSoapnSuch, my soaps are packaged loosely in cellophane for presentation and shipping purposes. They are in no way airtight. Airtight packaging can cause them to sweat and weep.I don't do that. These are larger bags which allow air circulation, and are only packaged just before shipping. Thank you so much for picturing my soaps on your blog! :-) I'm glad you're enjoying them.

    Such a difficult time for John and Judy. I hope they know many people are praying for them. Nice to bring it to our attention.

  17. I will keep Judy's husband in my prayers. Seems a lot of people need them lately. So sad! Cancer is a very BAD disease that I wish we would see cured in my lifetime.

  18. Prayers going up for your friends, Judy and John! Love your golden pennies and morning glories! =)

  19. Hi Brenda...sending prayers to John and Judy for Gods comfort during his surgery..sure hope all goes well and he is back feeling better again...we mhad Morning Glories one year around our deck that my husband had to cut off with a chainsaw they got so big and so strong...they were just beaitiful tho! love your beautiful pictures as always...Take care Brenda xoxo Carol

  20. I enjoy how giving and loving Judy and John are to many, especially you, Brenda. I am sending many prayers and healing thoughts their way.

  21. I hate cancer, and I hate that Judy and John have to go through this. Many prayers and good wishes are headed their way.

  22. Beautiful photos! Will certainly keep John and Judy in my prayers. You and Judy have been such a blessing in each others lives. Having been through too many "life events" over the past 12 years, I know how important it is to have good friends to help carry the load. I'm so glad the two of you have each other to lean on. Blessings to you, too. It's hard to watch your friends struggle.

  23. Praying for John, Judy, and you. I know they have become like family to you.

  24. Judy and John are going through really tough stuff right now...I am keeping them in my prayers.

  25. Am not totally computer savvy, duh, and when I sent my first comment the blog asked me how to publish comment and my son's name popped up in Goggle ... this (and I) am not him... So if it says Daniel H.Morgan it is REALLY "Sister" Morgan from Lafayette, LA! I am a vine-a-holic... love the morning glories, the hyacinth bean, the moonflower and sweet peas. I keep a mirliton vine going and a permanent trellis for it... at other times the vine is one of the others. Told my children and friends I wanted to be knows as De vine lady. Prayers for all going up now.

  26. Somehow missed that Judy had a blog. Just went over and took a look and she does some really cute things! I enjoyed looking! Also left her a comment that I will be praying for them. Your flowers are so pretty. Hope you have a great day, Brenda!

  27. Thank you for the updates on Judy's husbands surgery. I am keeping them in our prayers.

    Love the golden pennies!

  28. I feel so bad for John and Judy...they have really been through the mill and they just don't deserve this. They are so giving. I will be saying many prayers. Thanks for keeping us updated, Brenda. You are a true friend.

    The soaps look wonderful! Oatmeal is one of the best things for sensitive skin. I'll go have a peek at the website.

    Happy Monday!

    Jane xx

  29. I will definitely send another prayer for John and Judy. I love Judy's soaps. I need to order some oatmeal form her. xo Laura

  30. I'll pop over to Judy's and tell her I'm thinking of her and John. Thanks for letting us know!

  31. I would love to grow the Golden Pennies - they are so sweet. I have never heard of a Hyacinth Bean Vine. So, I'm off to look that up. I want to see the flower. I prayed for John in the middle of the night last night when I woke up.


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