Oh, Sweet Sweet Love...

Oh my, a recently-renovated 600 square foot cabin on The Creeper Trail in Damascus, Virginia...

Just my cup of tea. Or rather coffee. I could move right in.

I might even take guitar lessons, though I am terrible with music. Can't sing either. Though I sing nonsense melodies I make up as I go about my day. Do you do that? Sometimes I just hum.

I could live in this little beauty for sure. All 600 square feet of it.

What a lovely little kitchen. LOVE the old rusty piece over the stove.

I guess I'd have a stove again. But my Breville would do most of the cooking, since it doesn't heat up the place. And I'm all about saving money on utilities, etc.

Look at the quilt framed in the mirror. And now you see the rest...

I could climb right in after a day of piddling in the yard and blogging. All cozy with the striped duvet and colorful quilt hanging behind me. I would dream sweet dreams, I'm sure.

Goodness, there's even a "guest room", if you will. And a crocheted blanket to keep you warm.

I could absolutely and truly live in this house and feel like I'd hit the proverbial jackpot.

Does it whisper sweet nothings in your ear?

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  1. Ohhh, this is wonderful! My husband and I plan to move to the mountains in a few years and have been researching small cabins.....this would be absolutely perfect for us! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Now that my dumplings are all grown up and leaving the nest, I could SO live there! In fact, I spent most of the summer purging so that in the next year or so I can really downsize. I have several of these little cabins pinned on Pinterest, just dreaming of the day I can live the simple life...

    Forget the McMansions--this is my idea of a dream home! Thanks for sharing this wonderful little home, Brenda!

  3. What a sweet space. I love the screened porch!

  4. Yes, I sing nonsense melodies all day! All of them about my precious kitty and directed to her. And I'd really love to live in this home! So cozy and comfortable...

  5. It's absolutely divine, Brenda! It's so cozy and adorable and charming and kitchsey so so cute!

    If I ever could I would buy this for you. I would, seriously.

  6. Love it~! wish we could each have one side by side with about 40 feet between us..

    you grow the pretty flowers and I'll grow enough veggies for both of us..

    isnt dreaming fun:-)

  7. Yes, right up my alley too. I love the screened in porch area. If it was right near a little river, it would be perfection! I do sing nonsense melodies to the weiner dog. And then I laugh at myself for being so silly.

  8. It is adorable, and it does whisper sweet dreams. I love the guess room with the lockers! It has everything one could want and a screened in porch to whittle the days/nights away looking at nature. Oh my what I could do with all that yardage! Flowers and vegetables, Oh My!

  9. Hi Brenda! That's cute! I love the screened porch too as you could sleep out there on cool nights.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. It's a lovely little place, but I wouldn't give you 10 minutes before you started adding more color to that kitchen!

  11. Cute little house!
    Not far from my hometown...my best friend was married at the gazebo in Damascus.

  12. I would definitely feel like I had hit the jackpot. Love it. :)

  13. Oh, what a fun little cottage.

    People need to figure out that we don't need to use up tons of space for living. I am on a conservation kick because here in California the drought is seriously bad and I hate to see people in McMansions with huge lawns and gardens wasting water to maintain them.

  14. Love your little house--it is so neat!
    Marie in NC

  15. Hi Brenda, I would be perfectly happy in this cottage, too. What you wrote about sing nonsensical songs to the dogs cracked me up because I have done that on occasion to my cats. Once, at Christmas time, I thought I was alone in my shop and I started singing Jingle Bells loudly. Instead of the word Jingle, I was singing the name of my cat "Kaiser." So, I was singing "Oh, Kaiser Bells, Kaiser Bells, Kaiser All the Waaayyy" when I saw a customer standing not 15 feet away. My face was red!
    I'll be checking back to see how John is and I'll remember him in my prayers. I hope he has a long run of health after this.


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