Thinking About A New Deck?

Raising A Brand New Deck At Home

A brand new deck is one of the first additions that most people make to their new home. It is a wonderful place for family and friends to gather for a barbecue. 

Arranging seating and container plants is fun to add to the atmosphere, as I did here.

The family will benefit in many ways from using a service like Softwoods timber decking. And each item should be considered before the family makes the investment. 

A new deck will enhance the family's lifestyle if they approach the building of the deck correctly.

For instance, you might want an overhead structure as I had. It was a wonderful place to sit outside and listen to the rain, have my coffee and read a book. I always loved to watch the yard birds from the deck. And they were plentiful!


A brand new deck provides a large seating area that the family can use any time they want. New deck furniture can be used for summer meals in the evening, or when the family is hosting guests. 

A table, chairs, benches and an umbrella can set the scene for the family, and the deck can become a place where the family eats all its meals when the weather is accommodating.

Working Area:

Many members of the family can bring their work outside when they are tired of being in the house. The family can have some electrical outlets installed to make sure they can power their computers.

Other people may read or rest on the deck, but the deck becomes a place where everyone in the family can congregate to make the most of their new space. 

The seating is arranged to accommodate everybody, and the seating that is chosen is often more plush when the family spends so much time outside.

Partying Area:

Every family that likes to grill and host guests can use the deck to hold parties. The grill can have its own space on the deck, the table and chairs can be made into the design and the deck can have its own canopy for gatherings when the weather turns sour.

It is wise for the family to approach their contractor with plans that highlight their own personal needs. A new deck will meet and exceed the needs of the family, and the space will become an extension of the indoor areas.

I enjoyed mine so very much. I spent many wonderful hours sitting in my favorite upholstered chair, while watching butterflies and hummingbirds and all that nature has to offer.

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  1. Stunning and that is what brought me to your blog in the first place was that exact area and those beautiful plants and those chairs! I have a large covered sturdy carport. I want to enclose part of it and since my landlord loves me so much, I am going to ask him if it is possible to put up lattice around two sides. That way I can have more shade tolerant plants and vines. I do not mind paying for the lattice if he puts it up. I hope to get it done by March...just in time for new plantings.

  2. Beautiful outdoor space Brenda! I'm sure you and the pups spend lots of time out there. With all the birds you have visiting and your flower must be soooo relaxing!

  3. Beautiful pictures, it looks so relaxing. I think I spotted Mr. Sunshine on the fence.

  4. wow, was that your patio? it is a beautiful spot!

  5. I have enjoyed seeing your deck even before it was your deck, as in when it was being built. You had a little piece of "heaven" outside of your door..
    I think you now have created another little piece of heaven in your new "Cozy Little House".. I'm so glad you still have some of the fun things that you had in Texas and lots of pretty flowers. .
    I have a deck but it needs a lot of TLC as in power washing and a nice new stain. I'm hoping that something will be done this fall to improve it's looks.
    Also, if there weren't so many mosquitoes, I could enjoy it more..

  6. I LOVED your deck and patio and the guy building your pond. Oh Brenda it was so beautiful. Im so sorry you had to leave this all behind. But your creating a beautiful place of your own now. And no one can take it! Thanks for sharing. I love seeing all your photos!!!!!!

  7. I love a nice deck and my former home had that and a screened porch. I do miss it so very much but hoping I can find happiness with a small container garden like you have done!


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