Tweak It Tuesday #102

Last week on Tweak It Tuesday, Priscillas showed the master of the house on the most beautiful of blankets.

Bless'er House showed a media cabinet makeover.

Garden Up Green mixed up some infused ice tea. I haven't had any, but I'm seeing it everywhere, infused teas.

I would love to be a guest at The Charm Of Home. She always has the  prettiest and most romantic settings.

Chatfield Court created pretty cafe lights for their outdoor space.

Don't you love this shade of blue the table and chairs were painted at Bacon Time With The Hungry Hypo?

Frugal Little Bungalow showed what's growing in her gardens.

Oh my, this looks delicious. Maison de Pax cooked my favorite: spinach, ham and cheese quiche.

Hello Little Home showed her revamped gallery wall.

Rosemary &Thyme  is all ready for tea. And what lovely flowers!

Lavender Dreams has been sewing up some cuties.

Sharing Shadymont shows how pretty decor is against distressed shutters.

Lovely Livings has been resting on her pretty porch.

Nancy's Daily Dish baked up a pretty cake. I'd like just one bite of this sweet concoction!

Rowhouse Events & Interiors showed us his pretty new dining table.

To me there's just nothing prettier than veggies picked from the garden at Poppyview.

New House New Home showed us her wine box tote filled to the brim with pretties.

Okay Tweakers, let's see what you've got this week!


  1. Hey Brenda,

    Thanks so much for featuring the goodies from my garden! If you lived nearby, I'd send you over a few crates!! Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful week, Coach!


  2. Thank you for the party :)
    Beautiful features!!

  3. Nice. Thanks for sharing. You did a great job.

  4. Thanks for hosting Brenda, and the features are great too! Thanks for keeping us in the loop on Judy and John. I hope this means good news?

  5. Thanks for hosting, Brenda! Wishing you a happy week. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  6. I love all the beautiful features.
    I'm linking a Tweak Prices post..:)
    Hope all is good in your world and that you are liking your new place.

  7. Hi Brenda, always a great party going on here! Thanks for hosting!

  8. Thank you for hosting and the feature Brenda! :) Have to escort a few grandkids home / will come back later . Sewage is backed up there / I am the potty -grandma this afternoon. LOL you know what they say....Sh** Happens :) He's got a snake in the drain now...hope it works! Sure beats having to pay a plumber !

  9. Thank you for featuring my outdoor cafe lights with all of the other beautiful features Brenda, and thanks for hosting! Hope you have a great week.

  10. Thank you for hosting another great party! Great features, loving that blue on Priscilla's bed!

  11. love that wonderful media cabinet, thanks for hosting, Brenda!

  12. It's always the highlight of my week when I see everyone's tweaks! Thanks Brenda!!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  13. Brenda ,
    Thanks so much for featuring the blanket I made for my daughters house ! She will be thrilled to see this post :)

    1. I don't know which I love more--that dog or the blanket!

  14. Thank you so much for hosting, Brenda, and for featuring my quiche! :)

  15. Love your features ... would like a bite of Nancy's cake too.
    Thanks for hosting.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  16. You outdid yourself this week, Brenda! Can't wait to ck out all of these blogs!

  17. Thank you for the feature -always enjoy stopping by each week you share the neatest features! Love it
    Carole @ Garden Up green

  18. Oh Brenda, I agree…fresh garden veggies look so gorgeous…especially that photo! I love the blue dining room feature too…so many wonderful ones! Thank you so much for featuring my cake!

    I don't know about you but I am so ready for this humidity to go bye bye! I am ready for Fall!

    Have a great week!

  19. Thank you so much for hosting, Brenda,Your bedroom is gorgeous and the headboard is truly stunning. The cabinet that holds the linens is so pretty too.
    Girls Bedroom

  20. Thanks so much for the party, Brenda. Hope you're having a good week!


  21. Lots of beautiful things. The cake looks delicious.

  22. Thinking about your friend John and hoping he's making a splendid recovery....

    I had to mention that when I was in college my mom made me a coverlet/quilt/blanket of flowers just like the blue one featured, except that all the flowers were a different combination of colors on their insides, but each flower had yellow petals and the background was all white like this one. It's all packed away, now, but it got me to thinking that when I make a new guest room I should be sure to include that in my decor. The beauty of those crocheted coverlets is that they wear so well. Mine has gone through countless washings.

    Best wishes for an Extraordinary week, Brenda!

  23. What an incredible array of inspiration. Thank you for hosting Brenda.


  24. Thank you for the feature! Shared your post on Facebook! Thanks for the great party too. Hugs from Bacon Time.

  25. Thank you so much Brenda for the feature! I love that crocheted blanket in the first shot! Thanks for hosting!

  26. Thanks so much for featuring my wine box tote!!!

  27. Hello cute lady! I love stopping by your fantastic party each week.Please swing by and party with us. We would be thrilled to have you.
    Happy Tuesday! Lou Lou Girls

  28. Thank you so much for hosting, Brenda, and for featuring my gallery wall:) I love that blue bedroom - missed it last week!

  29. Hi Brenda,
    THanks a million for the feature, and for hosting every week!! :)

  30. Sorry I am late to the party -- nice features as always. Please give my best thoughts to Judy and John.

  31. Great features Brenda! I would like a bite of the pretty cake and the quiche, too! Thank you for hosting!

  32. Thanks so much for featuring my kitty cat! What an honor my friend! Enjoy your week! Sweet hugs, Diane

  33. So MANY great features this week! Love it! Thanks for hosting and blessings to you,


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