Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Are you tired of the typical? Have you become bored with the banal? 

If you're looking to do something completely different with your bathroom, here are six unique ways to renovate it.

You can't get much more unique than this green-tiled beauty.


1. Crazy Tiles

Anyone can install porcelain tile in their bathroom. Only the most savvy decorators, however, use something like limestone or bamboo flooring. 

You might also be interested in Tuscan stone for both its beauty and its affordability. You can even have the tile decorated with mosaic or geometric patterns for bonus flair!


2. High-Tech Tubs

If your bathtub doesn't have special nobs for bubbles, jet streams and inline heaters, you're missing out on prime opportunities for relaxation. 
High-tech tubs don't even cost that much anymore, not since they've become more and more commonplace in modern homes. 

You can de-stress in aromatherapy treatments for as little as $1,000!

3. Double Sinks

Does your wife leave soaps and lotions scattered around the sink? 

Are you tired of your husband not cleaning up after his daily shave? 

Consider investing in a his-and-hers sink like the kind offered by Modern Bath 


 Both of you will be able to complete your morning routine without mess, fuss or bumped elbows.

4. Organizational Vanities

Most vanity tables come with little more than a flat surface and a mirror or two. 

So what if you need more space or an easier way to keep track of all your medicines and cosmetics? 

Think about upgrading your bathroom with an organizational vanity that comes with shelves, hooks, baskets and compartments for supreme ease of use.

5. Steam Showers

Soothe those knots in your back with a high-pressure steam shower. 

They can come with everything from temperature controls to multiple shower heads that cascade warmth on your shoulders like a waterfall, making them the perfect indulgence after a long day at the office.
6. Better Light

Harsh fluorescent light is sadly common in modern bathrooms, but as you're probably aware, it doesn't do anyone any favors. 

A better alternative is compact fluorescent light (CFL), which offers the same visual clarity but with energy-saving and appearance-forgiving properties. A few CFLs in the bathroom will light it up for years to come.

These are just six ways to transform your bathroom from The Addams Family to Downton Abbey. It only takes a few renovations to completely change your space, so don't be afraid to take a chance on something new!

Tweak It Tuesday #109

Now is that not the cutest thing you've ever seen, by Mason Jar Crafts Love.

Denise On A Whim
made this fantastic pallet kitchen sign. 

Living The Gourmet made panini sandwiches.

Ms. Moozy's Open House shared her fall porch.

Kids Activities Blog came up with this spooktacular dish.

Magenta & Lime made this gorgeous headboard.

3 Boys And A Dog created these cute tuna canoes.

Home Remedies showed us how to decorate our entryway for fall.

How about these chicken corn cakes made by Our Cozy Creative Life

Our Home Away From Home told us not to toss our old light bulbs. Pears!

D.D.'s Cottage & Design painted this ornate mirror. Love the reflection.

A Life In Balance has some great pear recipes for fall.

Ranger 911 made a wonderful spot to put winter coats and scarves.

Isn't this a gorgeous piece by Scrapality

Little Farmstead showed us her lovely fall dining room.

An Extraordinary Day made a tantalizing breakfast.

Chatfield Court shared her fall home tour.

Oh my! Would you look at that pie, by Grandparents Plus.

Ornate Splendor crafted a very unique & spooky Halloween house.

Okay Tweakers, let's see what you've tweaked this week.

Yummy Crock Pot Recipes

Soon all the leaves will turn their bright riotous colors and fall to the ground. The nights are already a bit cooler, and soon we'll be getting blankets out of the closet. So let's get the crock pot out and make some yummy food, courtesy of

Recipe #7

Bon appetit!

See you this afternoon for Tweak It.

And if you're a fan, don't forget The Blacklist tonight!

Planting For Fall & Spring

Yesterday I planted bulbs and flowers. In these bigger pots, I have about five tulips of varying colors, then the fall plants on top. Which are pansies, kale, mums, and I added a cone flower. 

I'm so glad I got this new bird feeder for my cardinal couple. Sitting here this morning at my computer, I've seen them eating there multiple times. Then taking advantage of the cobalt blue bird baths.

As you can see, I have plants all over the place. But I love it. I love the varying shapes and textures and shades of colors.

Kale is a fall favorite because of its colors and veins and texture. I like this one against the red pot.

So don't forget to plant your spring bulbs. When the mums fade away, then winter will arrive and we will be anxiously awaiting spring blooms. 

I hope to see my tulips then. 

Plants & Great Books

Yesterday, though it's still hot here, I ran some errands and went to my favorite nursery. I love to wander along the many pathways with my cart and listen to the water fountains on display all around. 

One was absolutely gorgeous. It was tall, and looked like a Japanese maple tree. The water dripped off the leaves and went down into the container below. It was over $1000. WAY out of my league. But it was the prettiest water feature I'd ever seen. 

I thought about planting yesterday evening. But it was still so hot I decided to wait until today. Nothing makes me happier than a grouping of plants all ready to put in their permanent homes. 

I also found the cutest bird feeder for my cardinal couple. They are too big to perch on the other one I have up. 

This one was a long cylinder that looked like a vintage jar, complete with the gray lid on top. It was $24.99. I loved it. It's already hanging in the tree.

I read this book by Amy Hatvany, found on the clearance rack at B&N. A very good book. It is about how mothers/females who are alcoholics are viewed much different from their male countertops.

A mother with a drinking problem is looked at with contempt. While a man is merely the life of the party. So unfair.

This book is written by a recovering alcoholic, and she gives us a bird's eye view into what life is like when you lose your little boy to his ex because you are in recovery

A wonderful read. Next I read this book...

Then I proceeded to read The Hiding Place by David Bell. This too was on the clearance rack and was a wonderful read if you like psychological thrillers. Kept me going till the very end. 

Okay, I've got cereal and coffee and some plants on the patio calling my name.