A Menacing Fly & A New Yard Bird Visits

I was sitting on the chaise with the dogs peacefully beside me. When I caught sight of a fly buzz once through the room. Oh no, I thought. Please let it buzz into another room before Charlie catches sight of it. 

Too late.

I watch as he jumps down and goes tearing down the hall toward the bedroom, his body close to the floor as if awaiting overhead gunfire to erupt at any moment. Poor Charlie.

I had left the blanket on the bed all mussed up so he could easily get underneath should something scare him. 

But then I hear this frantic clawing and know he's trying to get into one of the closets. I get up and open the door. He disappears inside. I may never find him amid all the junk piled up. I hope he remembers his path to get back out. 

Such is the life of a dog mom whose little one is terrified of tiny buzzing creatures.

It is much cooler today, and I'm going to go out and enjoy it. I have a new bird visitor who I saw flitting all over the furniture and plants. But of course as soon as I open the door Abi erupts into a barking fit and off it goes. 

I caught it a bit here. I am pretty sure it is a Bewick's wren. They are so cute. 

Here's to cool days and hopefully cooler nights. And to flies that fly under the radar so that Charlie does not have an anxiety attack.


  1. Charlie is so cute, and so is your fall blog banner! Our doxie was afraid of flies, too. It dawned on me one day that to small dogs, having a fly buzzing around them must be like us having a bird buzzing all around us. We might run for cover, too! :) I hope he finds his way out of the closet.

  2. So cute about poor Charlie! It's cooler, alright. Today the high here is 53 and I'm freezing! Brrrr.

  3. Love the look on Charlie's Face. I think I may have had that same look when one was buzzing around my face the other night. Rained here today but tomorrow it has brought cooler temps so I will be up early walking. xo Laura

  4. Poor Charlie, I wonder if he may have been stung by a bee at some point? My Jack Russell was very careful about shadows of big birds, hawks, owls and eagles, and going under an underpass would have her burying herself under whatever was in the back seat of the pickup. Hope Charlie has calmed down and that you have taken care of the fly.

  5. ONG, that is too funny. Bailey would have been going after the fly. She leaped off the sofa the other day after one.

  6. Awww...poor Charlie! I'm glad he has a mama that understands. :-)

    It's cold in my neck of the woods, too (Nebraska). We're actually bracing ourselves for SNOW tonight! Can you believe it!?! It's still technically SUMMER! Yuck!

  7. That's funny. My dog tries to eat flies if they get in his face. That bird sure is pretty. I haven't been seeing as many around my house lately. Guess I need to refill the feeders. We're enjoying some rain here tonight. Glad you're having nice weather.

  8. I know exactly what you are talking about...my older Yorkie is scared to death of flies or any other bug that buzzes. She hides in my bedroom closet and stays there for hours.

  9. My daughter's dog is terrified of flies...I've wondered if perhaps he was stung by a bee in the past. You feel so bad for them! Lovely photos, Brenda!


  10. aww Charlie.. poor lil thing.
    He is such a cutie.

    My 3 pom girls dislike flies:) they growl and jump up to catch and kill them. If its a crawly bug they smack it with their paw and then roll on it lol.. it looks like they are having spastic fits- I outta get a video and show ya. would be good for hours of laughs and I know we can both use all of those we can get.

  11. I love your pupster stories, and Charlie always seems to give you material ;).

  12. Oh...poor Charlie! Do you know why he does that? Enjoy your day, ;)

  13. Bless Charlie's heart. When my dogs get scared, they want to run and hide too. I wish they would learn the safest place is in our laps where we can comfort and cuddle with them. I guess it's just instinctive to hide.

  14. Poor Charlie! That is the cutest picture of him. I'm loving this cooler weather too. Finally felt like a hot beverage this morning- English Breakfast tea with sugar and lemon. Mmmmmm... enjoy the day!

  15. My little Morkie Ziggy doesn't seem to be too afraid of things, lucky for me. If there's a fly in the house he just sits and watches it. Love the new banner and the fall colors. I know fall is here but we are having such HOT weather, going to be 105 this wknd, and over 100 today for sure. I'm jealous of the ladies talking about cool weather! And I'm paranoid to water anything because of our drought.

  16. That is funny about Charlie...poor guy! Did he ever come out of the closet? My vet offered Xanax for Milo's fear of fireworks. I told her I would need some, too, because it gets me so upset seeing him cower like that.

    Very pretty bird. I haven't yet found what's eating my seed at the lake. I am going to have to creep out there and sit very quietly for awhile.

    Jane xx

  17. Poor little guy..I don't have that problem Brenda..my cats just catch them and eat them..yuck..

  18. That picture is so funny in combination with the fly story.I'm sorry that i think it's funny, poor puppy.

  19. That picture is so funny in combination with the fly story.I'm sorry that i think it's funny, poor puppy.

  20. That picture is so funny in combination with the fly story.I'm sorry that i think it's funny, poor puppy.


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