Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Are you tired of the typical? Have you become bored with the banal? 

If you're looking to do something completely different with your bathroom, here are six unique ways to renovate it.

You can't get much more unique than this green-tiled beauty.


1. Crazy Tiles

Anyone can install porcelain tile in their bathroom. Only the most savvy decorators, however, use something like limestone or bamboo flooring. 

You might also be interested in Tuscan stone for both its beauty and its affordability. You can even have the tile decorated with mosaic or geometric patterns for bonus flair!


2. High-Tech Tubs

If your bathtub doesn't have special nobs for bubbles, jet streams and inline heaters, you're missing out on prime opportunities for relaxation. 
High-tech tubs don't even cost that much anymore, not since they've become more and more commonplace in modern homes. 

You can de-stress in aromatherapy treatments for as little as $1,000!

3. Double Sinks

Does your wife leave soaps and lotions scattered around the sink? 

Are you tired of your husband not cleaning up after his daily shave? 

Consider investing in a his-and-hers sink like the kind offered by Modern Bath 


 Both of you will be able to complete your morning routine without mess, fuss or bumped elbows.

4. Organizational Vanities

Most vanity tables come with little more than a flat surface and a mirror or two. 

So what if you need more space or an easier way to keep track of all your medicines and cosmetics? 

Think about upgrading your bathroom with an organizational vanity that comes with shelves, hooks, baskets and compartments for supreme ease of use.

5. Steam Showers

Soothe those knots in your back with a high-pressure steam shower. 

They can come with everything from temperature controls to multiple shower heads that cascade warmth on your shoulders like a waterfall, making them the perfect indulgence after a long day at the office.
6. Better Light

Harsh fluorescent light is sadly common in modern bathrooms, but as you're probably aware, it doesn't do anyone any favors. 

A better alternative is compact fluorescent light (CFL), which offers the same visual clarity but with energy-saving and appearance-forgiving properties. A few CFLs in the bathroom will light it up for years to come.

These are just six ways to transform your bathroom from The Addams Family to Downton Abbey. It only takes a few renovations to completely change your space, so don't be afraid to take a chance on something new!


  1. We have one tiny bathroom that definitely needs a grown up look. We need to just go on vacation and have someone redo the bathroom. And of course, we need to win the lottery to pay for it.

  2. Great ideas. Thanks for sharing. X

  3. we are getting ready to freshen up our master this winter. it's kinda like the family locker room.

  4. Beautiful bathrooms! Our bathroom is in need of updating. Not a budgeted item now or for awhile! Love looking at all the ideas though.

  5. Brenda, your bathroom is the only room of your home you have not shared with us. Any pics soon?

    Cate <><

  6. We have to renovate both of our bathrooms and I've wanted to use gray and blue in the tiny downstairs loo. When I saw pic number 4 I immediately went to BHG and pinned it. It showcases many of the ideas I have floating around in my head from the colours, beadboard and vessel sink.
    I need to visit the BHG website more often.
    Have a great day!

  7. Love the first green bath. The bath is the only room in our house that has been updated. We did it a couple of years ago, everything from the sub floor up is new, except the really great old 50's bathtub.There is no way I could have afforded a new tub of the same quality. I have tile floor, tile tub/shower surround, a new window, new vanity, and bead board walls. The floor tiles are mottled brown with white subway tiles in the shower. The bead board and woodwork is painted white, and walls are the same color as a brown paper bag. The curtains are gingham in a bittersweet red, and I have a bunch of red plaid tins displayed. The room makes me happy every day. Don't even mind the rest of the house.

  8. That first bathroom is swoon worthy! My bathrooms are teeny tiny...that room shown in almost the size of my master bedroom! Ha! It's very pretty though and probably big enough to fit my bed. If only! ;)


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