The Black List Starts Tonight

I love birds. But then you know that. Real birds. Fake birds. Any kind of bird. Mostly I love the yard birds.

If I happened to come back in another life as something other than a human, I'd like to be a bird. Fly over the ocean. Far over the mountains. See the world from a "birds-eye" view.

The male cardinal seems to have made my patio his home. He looks older now, and he found a mate. I can't seem to get a photo of her.

Little birdies, hiding high up in the trees. I can hear you chirping, little birds.

Do you see a bird, Charlie Ross? Hope it isn't a fly. As you know he's terrified of flying insects.

I brought the birdhouses I had, hoping I'd get some renters to come live on the patio.

So far no takers yet. The rent is free. I'll even supply the caviar of bird food, black oil sunflower seeds.

I guess that's too small for you and the missus. I'll see what I can come up with.

I'll be back mid-afternoon with Tweak It.

Tonight is the fall premiere of the long-awaited second season of The Black List with James Spader. Don't forget to watch so we can dish about it!


  1. I always enjoy the photos you share of your little flitting friends! They are fun to watch. I enjoy looking into our backyard in the early morning hours and watch our little visitors and hear their chatter.

    I LOVE THE BLACKLIST! One of my favorite shows. I wonder when Lizzy will learn the truth of who her father is. I have said from the very beginning that Spader is her dad.

    Enjoy tonight and happy fall!

    1. There is no other TV show that captivates me like this one!

  2. Great shots of the birds. And yes, Blacklist is back! Aren't we going to be happy campers!

  3. Love your shots of the pretty birds...
    I've never seen the Blacklist and yet he is one of my favorite actors....See you this afternoon...

    1. BJ, you should watch it tonight. He is phenomenal in this role. Best role I've seen him play yet.

  4. Poor Charlie Ross! I bet you don't let flies get in the house!

    1. Sometimes they slip past me when I'm coming or going outside.

  5. So excited that The Blacklist starts back up tonight. :)

  6. love birds too.. as you know I once tried to fly:)

    James was all over the morning talk shows - pumping up the interest for the show .
    I'll be taking a short nap so I can be wide awake to watch it. better set the dvr just in case.

    1. I read somewhere that Netflix is paying an absolute fortune for the rights to show the episodes after they've been shown on NBC. Something like double digit millions for each one.

      Yes, I do recall that little flying stunt of yours.

  7. Lots of pretty birds and yes the Cardinals are so fun to watch. and YES The Blacklist tonight. I've been counting down!

    1. I've been counting down for a week. I'd think: okay, six days. Okay, now five days. And now it's just hours!

  8. Hi Brenda,
    I love these photographs and I am tickled pink that you have this fabulous wildlife at your new home. I just realized something this afternoon about your blog and my comments. I find these postings so entertaining or relevant that I keep them open on my desk for several days and look at them periodically. Then, I end up not leaving a comment because everyone has moved on to something else you are doing and I don't want to make you go back. I just love your blog.


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