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Brenda has been writing since grade school. She attended journalism school where she majored in professional writing. She loves to decorate, garden, read and spend time with her Yorkies.

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Blooming In The Patio Garden Today

Still a few flowers and vines blooming in my patio gardens, but many of the flowers have given up the ghost and handed the baton to another season, I do believe. They are tired of the heat, weary of the strange weather.

Fall is of course the season for mums to shine, and shine they do with their pretty yellow petals.

I just could not bear the scarcity of blooms, so I stopped and picked up five little pots of pansies. I also want to find some asters and use kale as fillers where the summer annuals have kicked the bucket.

I told myself I wasn't going to buy a single plant except for maybe the yellow mums. But flowers are balm for my soul, so I shall probably get a few more.

In terms of vines, the morning glories are still going strong. Winding up the tree branches and winking at everyone from among the still green leaves. 

The hyacinth bean vine has been blooming for weeks, and now I notice the actual bright purple bean pod is showing up. I will wait until these dry up and save them to plant next year, as I've been harvesting them for quite a few years now.

The way the two vines, the hyacinth bean vine and the morning glories, mix together in their hue of purple perfection makes me smile.

In the galvanized container gardens, sage and purple potato vine mingle with the tall strands of various ornamental grasses. 

The grasses have had to be cut a time or two, but now I won't cut them because they are showing off their wheat-colored and red and gauzy plumes.

What's still hanging on in your garden today? I hope you still have some brightly colored blooms to enjoy awhile longer. 

Linking up to the Fishtail Cottage Garden Party.

Brenda Pruitt
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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous garden at Fishtail Cottage's Garden Party! You make the Morning Glory look so pretty where you I can't get rid of it (known as a weed that comes up EVERYWHERE) lol xoxo, tracie

  2. Brenda, your pictures are food for my soul today! Lovely!

    I am *glad* you spoiled yourself a little bit - because my sharing your pretty new blooms with us you increase many folks' happiness! See? : - )


  3. There is not too much blooming here except for a few mums that I bought last week. I am looking forward to next year in the garden when I can plant lots of flowers! Thanks for sharing yours!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  4. So pretty Brenda! I am going to pick up some mums soon!


  5. I look around at my flowers and the zinnias have just about had it. My morning glories are stunning and going strong. Hydrangeas are spent. I did purchase three mums. They had pansies too, but it is so hot here, they would not do well right now. It makes me a bit nervous to think in about 6 weeks, things will look drastically different. But I am going to dress up my little front porch and keep it that way with a few cold weather plants. The biggest stunners that I planted from seed that are going gang busters is my Mexican Blanket Sunflowers (a deep orange and huge!) and my Four O'clocks. I planted their seeds on July 4th. They are stunning. I did super good with seeds this year. My impatients are also big and beautiful...for now. I doubt if I will do nothing but seeds come next March. I like to do three plantings March May and July.

  6. Brenda your gardens still look great...I LOVE your morning glory vines!!

  7. Your garden still looks great! Love the bean vines and the Morning Glories together. The mums are gorgeous!


  8. Oh Brenda you still have lots of lovely blooms going on! :)

  9. Such lovely the vines...the morning glories are so pretty! It's getting to the end of the season here...I noticed the squirrels even harvested my zinnia tops!

  10. Beautiful flowers and photos! I also love your description of your flowers - - you make their personalties shine! :)

  11. Your morning glories and those bean flowers are so pretty together. I almost had morning glories this year. I had a variety called Heavenly Blue twining and vining up the awning post right along with the vine of a red flowered madevilla that is luckily planted in a pot on the porch. I say almost had morning glories this year, and that the mandevilla is luckily in a pot on the porch because my husband accidently weed whacked my morning glory vine right off at the base of it. He missed the mandevilla vine because its pot is on the porch. The morning glory vine which had two unopened blooms on it was wilted and dying within hours. I was aggravated at myself for not having built some sort of fortress/barrier around the base of that morning glory before it got "whacked". I bet I remember to protect the base of the morning glories that I plant next year. Do your morning glories grow in a container, or are they in the ground? They might be safer around here if they are in a pot if they will grow in a pot.

  12. I LOVE the pic of the pink portulacas and the mustard kettle, blurred in the background - COZY AND CUTE!! Gorgeous images that make my heart sing!

    The same portulacas are blooming for the 3RD time in their little flower boxes on the bedroom balconies, cannot believe these petite but powerful pretties!!

    Happy Friday, Coach!


  13. Everything looks healthy and beautiful in your patio garden, Brenda. You are allowed to treat yourself to flowers whenever you feel the need. Your garden is your "sanctuary" for you and your readers to enjoy.
    I have some zinnias, sedum, rose of Sharon, roses, old fashioned ageratum, phlox and geraniums still blooming.. Our rain days were and are very sparse and few. I think the mulch I put down has kept my flowers blooming along with the "watering when needed".
    Wishing you a happy weekend.

  14. I went out yesterday and took photos of signs of Autumn. As sad as the end of summer can be the glorious colors of fall I do love. As I see in your photos the colors are beautiful.

  15. Lots of morning glories here as well, but I love them. My zinnias are still going strong, mums and begonias. My butterfly bushes are also in bloom. This is my favorite time of year. I love to go out in the evening and just breath in the smell of Fall. Our wood vine is starting to turn red and is so beautiful. My pots are looking stringy and worn out so I may be dumping them soon. This morning I will be heading out to pick tomatoes, peppers and pull up a few onions to make salsa. I also have a 2nd planting of corn to pick as well as grapes. You can smell the grapes the minute you step outside. So, as soon as the light starts peeping out from the eastern sky I will be off to start my work.

  16. Brenda, you grow such pretty plants! I love the morning glory vines, and I think bean flowers are so pretty too. I have just bought some of those same sweet little pansies for some pots outside my back door!
    Wishing you a happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  17. Looks like your garden is still going strong with the help of a few more Fall flowers. I'm hoping to get some yardwork done this weekend. We need to get our grass ready for the cooler weather so we will be reseeding etc.

  18. I think the temps have dipped just low enough to kill some of my flowers, so mixed pots look rather strange...some living flowers in them, some dead...I think I'm going to have to start tossing them. I love pansies this time of year...I may buy them at the lake and make the pots there...we're going for a three day weekend. Love that your morning glories and hyacinth bean doing that little waltz together!! My morning glories strangle the heck out of everything they get near! lol!

    Happy Weekend!

    Jane xx

  19. There is something so elegant about the pre-opening of a morning glory. I really love that. It was really a strange gardening year. I went outside this morning to work in the village flower garden but the yellow-jacket wasps are out there in force. Then spent 25 minutes on line reading about yellow-jacket wasps and how I could find a fruit fly in the bag with the whole wheat bread that I made LAST night. Turns out these yellow jackets don't have the prey (insects) that they have earlier in the season so they are switching to sweet things like flowers and your can of Coca-Cola. The fruit fly in the bag with my fresh homemade bread? They like yeast and there are no preservatives in homemade bread. I just knew you would want me to share that with you, Brenda! (Nothing like being off-topic, right?) Your patio is so pretty and your photographs are really excellent.

  20. My white Coral Vine is blooming it's head off! I'm so proud of it since I babied the root ball through last winter and am so happy that it is getting established along my fence. I also planted a dwarf Barbados Cherry bush last spring and it not only blooms in the spring but also again in the Fall! What a bonus bush.

  21. It is all still looking very pretty, Brenda. I love the shades of purple together. It is hard to believe we are moving so quickly into fall. xo Laura

  22. What a pretty combination those two vines make!

  23. Very little is hanging on in my garden! A few petunias...and the herbs - barely.

  24. My pentas, passion vine & jatropha budh are still blooming. I agree that my flowers are very healing to me...they calm me.

  25. Love to see your beautiful flowers and dream of my own container garden some day.

  26. wow, ich liebe ihre blumen!!! liebe grüße von angie aus deutschland


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