Droplets Of Rain & Silly Dogs

I went out to the patio with the dogs early this morning. Rain drops were speckling the concrete. It is cloudy and gray. Hope that means more rain might come. My plants truly love it.

Mr. Sun is hidden by the hyacinth bean vine. I still have yet to see the purple bean pods. But then it has only been producing its lavender flowers about a week or so.

Do you know what this is? It is a moon flower bloom, closed for the daytime. It spreads its large white flower at night only.

Abi has two favorite sitting spots outside. One is in the chair. The other is sitting in this pot. You funny dog!

See you this afternoon for Tweak It.


  1. OMG. That pic of Charlie ( I think) looking up at you is WONDERFUL!!!! That will be a great memory in years to come! They both look great this morning!!!!! I had the rain this morning and Miss Bella is still sleeping in the recliner!

  2. Just popping in to say Hi after my summer break. Charlie is as cute as ever and I love the clean new look to your blog. xo Diana

  3. LOL she's so stinkin' cute in these pics! :)

  4. Seems we have had nothing but rain and rain is forecast for everyday of this week. Such cute photos of Charlie. xo Laura

  5. smiling at your words and pics.. tearing up at the pure unadulterated look of Love in Charlie's eyes..
    talk about a Love that surpasses all understaning... said it before and I'll say it again.

    Dog is God and God is Dog and if we loved each other the way they love us- we'd know what Heaven really is and we'd live in it every moment.

  6. It's non stop rain here so I haven't had to water which is good think this garden can give me a huge water bill. I love how Charlie always seem to have one ear up and one down. See you later.

    PS I couldn't find your home page, I was at your last post and couldn't find how to get to you home page for this post?

  7. I wish it would rain here in CA-we need it so badly!

  8. Cutest doggie photos...hope u got rain...we need some, too.
    C u this evening for the party...:)

  9. Charlie looks like he loves getting his picture taken. They are both very cute. I think you have got more rain this summer than we have in Oklahoma City. It looks like it is going to be another hot dry day for us.

  10. Oh Abi! You are so cute!!

  11. Those hyacinth bean flowers are so pretty..I've always wanted to try Moon flowers but never got around to it..Oh course you know I adore the pupsters..

  12. Your dogs are always so cute! That's funny that she likes to sit in the plant pot. Wish we were getting some rain. it keeps threatening to rain, but just blows past us. Everything is so dry and hot here.

  13. I have grown moonflower. White fragrant flowers that open at night are attractkve to moths.

  14. I have been wondering if it was difficult to train Charlie & Abi to go to the bathroom on your patio, since they had been used to grass at your little blue house. Also, it seemed that they used to spend much of their day looking out your window and it doesn't appear that they can do that now, they must miss that. Looks like they are enjoying the patio though! They are so cute!

  15. Our heat seems to have left us for the time being. However, we have had thunderstorms the lat 3 nights. Nothing bad just lots of noise and flickering of lights. My garden is winding down. Fall comes early to us here in the North.

  16. I wonder what on earth attracts Abbi to that pot??? Too funny! :-)

  17. Brenda--I believe Charlie is going a bit too heavy on the eye liner and lip gloss in this photo. lol. We tease my parents' Bichon about her shiny black lips. What sweet pupsters you have.


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