Plants & Great Books

Yesterday, though it's still hot here, I ran some errands and went to my favorite nursery. I love to wander along the many pathways with my cart and listen to the water fountains on display all around. 

One was absolutely gorgeous. It was tall, and looked like a Japanese maple tree. The water dripped off the leaves and went down into the container below. It was over $1000. WAY out of my league. But it was the prettiest water feature I'd ever seen. 

I thought about planting yesterday evening. But it was still so hot I decided to wait until today. Nothing makes me happier than a grouping of plants all ready to put in their permanent homes. 

I also found the cutest bird feeder for my cardinal couple. They are too big to perch on the other one I have up. 

This one was a long cylinder that looked like a vintage jar, complete with the gray lid on top. It was $24.99. I loved it. It's already hanging in the tree.

I read this book by Amy Hatvany, found on the clearance rack at B&N. A very good book. It is about how mothers/females who are alcoholics are viewed much different from their male countertops.

A mother with a drinking problem is looked at with contempt. While a man is merely the life of the party. So unfair.

This book is written by a recovering alcoholic, and she gives us a bird's eye view into what life is like when you lose your little boy to his ex because you are in recovery

A wonderful read. Next I read this book...

Then I proceeded to read The Hiding Place by David Bell. This too was on the clearance rack and was a wonderful read if you like psychological thrillers. Kept me going till the very end. 

Okay, I've got cereal and coffee and some plants on the patio calling my name.


  1. I love a good book that keeps me guessing until the very end! If it's too predictable, I'll jump to the very end to see if I'm right. I know...bad habit.

    I agree that men and women with drinking problems are perceived in totally different ways. How sad for all involved.

    I can't wait to see what you've done on the patio!

  2. Now you've got me all excited.. Looking forward to walking through your patio/garden to see your new plants.
    I know your Cardinal couple will enjoy their new feeder.. I'm so happy you have them in your garden.
    Enjoy planting and getting your fingers in the soil..
    I'm in the mood to do some more cross stitching..

  3. I think I saw a bird feeder like that at our local Lowe's store..I hope you will show us what you planted Brenda..

  4. It's so great to see you enjoying your patio into a new season! Can't wait to see what you got! Birds are so much fun to watch!

  5. I don't think women ever get a pass for bad behavior. The double standard still rules, even tho we like to think we are in a more enlightened age. Movies, music, popular culture, teaches girls they can have it all and be just like boys, but women suffer the consequences much more than men. Women not only mess up their lives, but their kids and parents lives much more than men. I am not saying that an alcoholic father does not affect their children, but a mom who drinks is much worse. A sober mom can be a buffer for her kids, but a drunk one can't. And you are right, a drunk guy can be looked on as the life of the party, but not a drunk woman. She is thought of as just sloppy, sad and out of control. I will have to read that book.

  6. Both books sound great! I was at Home Depot with my daughter today and we bought some veggies for her garden and a few flowers for mine! Pansies and mums! I need to get them potted tomorrow. Tonight I think Tiger is going to spend the night!!

  7. Hi Brenda! Oh, I love nurserys too but haven't been to one this year - I've been a bit busy! :) When I finally get settled, I need to start taking the time to read again. I used to read so much. Both books sound good but i think I like the sound of the last one better. I love me some Alfred Hitchcocky stuff! Now, I've been gone a month or so and look at your blog! I love your new cute header and I hope you'll keep this one! So cute! Hope you're doing well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. I am sure your back patio is going to be beautiful every season of the year. You just have that talent!


  9. I love wandering through the garden center listening to the water features. Wonderful way to spend a warm fall day. xo Laura

  10. Yes, I did observe, during all my drinking years (been sober 5 years) that the men in my family, work, and friendship circles, didn't think it was terrible that we all drank. They did however, really put down all the women around us that drank too, and considered them 'losers'. It's even MORE interesting, that since I have stopped drinking for good, I have actually lost the love and friendship of most of those men in my life. I am reading about becoming a 'Life Coach' now, and hope to make a difference in some of those men's lives, if they are interested.

  11. I go into a trance in nurseries and garden centers. I wonder if everyone does that?

    Have a great Sunday. Those books look good.

    Jane xx

  12. There is a Japanese Maple right outside my apartment building, and it is gorgeous, especially in fall. I can only imagine how lovely that water feature was! Right now I'm reading Delicious! by Ruth Reichl, and it has me hooked:)


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