The Blacklist Returns

NBC's "The Blacklist" delivers strong overnight ratings Monday. 


I always say: There is youth, which is fleeting. And there is excellence, which is enduring.


A hunk-a-hunk-a-burning love. Just look at those smoldering eyes. 

James Spader has it all.


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The Monday night (September 22) much-awaited Season 2 premiere of The Blacklist focused on Lord Baltimore. And of course, James Spader as Red Reddington.

There were explosions and witty remarks (James Spader) and everything I would have expected. 

We met Reddington's ex-wife, played by the superb but somewhat diluted and profoundly dumbfounded Mary Louise Parker, who may be missing part of a finger. 

The villain told Red that he would get her back piece by piece. 

Liz seems to be at odds. Isn't Tom dead? 

 Or is he? She acquired an annulment from the marriage nevertheless. 

I keep thinking there may be a little romance brewing between Liz (Megan Boone) and Donald Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff.) What do you think?

Ya think? Just look at those eyes meeting. I think I see a few sparks flying as well.

Here's some photos of Diego Klattenhoff I dug up...

I consider the photo below to be his "Brad Pitt with red hair" look. Isn't he a handsome one?

How old do you think he is? Take a guess. He was born in 1979.

In other show news...

It looks like The Blacklist will be rolling in the dough.

Netflix has acquired the streaming rights to the NBC crime procedural from Sony Pictures Television in a hefty $2 million fee per episode, EW has confirmed. Deadline first reported the news.

The $2 million price tag will be the largest per-episode fee paid by a subscription-based video-on-demand company for a television show. While Netflix gets the first window on the streaming rights to the show, Sony TV will also be selling The Blacklist to broadcast and cable networks for syndication. 

The show was a ratings hit for NBC, garnering strong viewership for a freshman drama, and securing a full 22-episode renewal for a second season.

That's a lot of dough, loyal fans.

Did you? I know I did...

You can watch all the episodes here at NBC.


Much Ado About Season Two...

We asked, and James Spader and the cast of The Blacklist, last season's NBC hit show, delivered. I have finally found a TV show that absolutely mesmerizes me from beginning to end. 

This show is unbeatable. Memorable. A nail biter. James Spader is pure gold.

Memorable Moments From The Past...

He is bald and chivalrous. He is witty and intelligent. He is charming and deadly. He has the most unique facial expressions of any actor I've ever seen. 

He looks a bit nerdy. He is full of confidence. James Spader has made the roll of Reddington so famous that we watch his scenes over and over again to see if perhaps we missed a quirky look or disparaging tilt of his chin.

I can't think of one male actor that could have brought to this show what James Spader quintessentially has. And I wasn't particularly a big fan of his to start with. 

Oh, but that has changed.

He is his own legend. An aging man who wears hats and smiles when he's about to deal a deathly blow to an unsuspecting foe. 

He is fickle and he is loyal. There are Pinterest boards aplenty for this perhaps "about to become a cult figure" who seemingly came out of nowhere (in other words he played many memorable roles, but had somewhat receded into the past), and sealed this show with such promise NBC is making the big bucks off his acerbic wit. 

We can't get enough of him or The Blacklist. NBC hit a home run with this one.

Oh my, we certainly will. Next week, Red. It's a date.

Now tell me what you thought of the show Monday night...


  1. WOW Brenda this is awesome. I watched it last night. I DVR alot because usually I am in bed by 9:30. Yes, season 2 did start off with a bang. He was on Live with Kelly and Michael and he is so calm and collected and does not want to be the center of any attention. He said he stayed in London for 3 months over the summer and shot the movie, The Avengers. I also DVR Kelly and Michael, because it is the last thing I really like to watch before going to bed; watching something funny or silly or entertaining...not something that will bring up the blood pressure.

    1. I was afraid I'd get sleepy. Once last season I fell asleep the last 15 minutes and was so upset! Last night you couldn't have drugged me and closed my eyes. I took it all in with delight.

  2. It was fantastic, wasn't it? We loved it. My daughter loves when he starts to smoke a cigar! You know something is going to happen or should I say BLOW! We sit here on the couch yelling, oh no, how much more time, they can't leave us like that! And are we really sure that's Tom? Love the new Rowan character!

  3. Sometimes I wish I had someone to watch it with. I too love his smoking cigars, though I hate tobacco in any form. But he just DOES IT SO WELL. It seems that every move he makes is choreographed. But I really think that he has slipped into the Reddington role so well and so completely, that he doesn't even have to act after awhile. I think I saw on the credits where he's one of the producers now.

  4. I could not wait for the season premier and it did not let me down. I have always 'liked' James Spader and his quirky characters but I LOVE his Red Reddington character. He is perfection in this role. He says so much without uttering a word! I want to find the time to go back and watch the series season one again! SO GOOD!


    1. I loved his character in Boston Legal, but now he has gotten even better....aged, like fine wine!

    2. You hit the proverbial nail on the head, Linda. He says so much without uttering a word. He needs to win awards for that role!

  5. I did so miss this! It is my favourite programme! Know one else could play the part! Do you get stuck like that? You know, only seeing one person playing a certain role? I don't always feel that way, but I do about the role of Red. James was made for this role. Can't wait for next Monday!

    1. How did you miss it??? Go to the NBC link and watch it.

  6. It was definitely intense and so many characters to keep up with! A very good start to this new season.

  7. I fell asleep but already had the dvr set.. I was going to watch it this afternoon but too much going on..

    tommorrow afternoon I'm watching it.. I even plan to have tea and toast.

    1. You were supposed to take a nap yesterday afternoon, Sonny. No worries. Watch it with your daughter.

  8. Well, I am a fan. I have trusted your judgment on books and other things and you didn't fail me on this one. I decided to tape it as I, too, go to bed early. Didn't watch it at all last year but felt caught up after searching a few websites concerning the show. I find him like Billy Bob Thorton and John Malcovich (sp) very versatile in their acting and a constant surprise as how they become the part so deeply. Thnx again,.

    1. Go to the link and watch last year's episodes. I think they're all on there.

  9. I am such a HUGE fan of this show...those quotes had me laughing...just genius of the writing team on this show! I love Monday for this reason alone : )

  10. I have never watched this show. Maybe I will go back to last season and watch an episode or two.

  11. I went to the link but from what I can tell it's only last nights episode that can be watched. I clicked on another link at the bottom of the page under past episodes and ended up on iTunes where I could have downloaded last years episode for $40. Am I missing something?

  12. He's been my FAVORITE for a long time! Since I first saw him play Alan Short on The Practice. LOVE him. LOVE The Blacklist!!!! =)

  13. Great post Brenda! Yes, we watched it Monday night! Loved it! We weren't able to watch it last I DVR'd it...and binge watched it about a week and a half ago....WOW!! I too love watching Spader's facial expressions...and his quotes! I'm definitely a fan....hope this show will be around for awhile! ;)

  14. Oh I'm excited to know we have a place to go where everyone watches The Blacklist! That show is head over heals above any other show on NBC, ABC & CBS and there are several drama shows I love on CBS but James Spader draws me in with his perfectly choreographed character, in words and movements. I watched the Primetime Emmy's and James had been nominated but didn't win for best actor. He has to compete with several heavyweight shows on cable. I know some of the main actors in these series are relieved that Breaking Bad is over and won't be taking home all the awards in the coming years. Just when Kevin Spacey from House of Cards thought it would FINALLY be his turn at the trophy, along comes Spader and from NBC, if that's not a kick in the stomach to Spacey! I love both men and think both are about the best actors we have in this generation. I love both shows too. Looking forward to 21 more episodes of Spader! The writers need a good nod from us too, they are the ones who come up with the great lines. Spader has the ability to deliver and own them!

  15. Oh, Brenda! Wasn't it wonderful?? I was so worried that Season 2 was not going to live up to Season 1. That happens way too often when they know they have a huge following and then seem to just try to fly by the seat of their pants, thinking everyone will watch anyway. That surely didn't happen. They still have the most amazing writers and they craft such an interesting and many-faceted web for each episode. SO happy it is back on for us to watch,,,, and then discuss!! Thx, Brenda!!

  16. That picture of him young with the long sleeve shirt looks like Nolan on Revenge ( or I should say it the other way around)!
    looks like Nolan could be his son!
    Fantastic show!

  17. Every time you do a post on The Blacklist and James Spader I want to bop myself over the head for missing it and the first season. Well, I am going to get the first season and sit the honey down with me to catch up. We need something to do in the evening besides watch the corn grow (or wither).

    Boy, he was and is a hunk. Was he in movies or television back then?

    Jane xx

    P.S. Thanks for the compliment on my blog post. I lost 26 pounds from January to May and now I'm at a standstill. Need to get serious again.

  18. My favorite show. I anticipate each episode. :)

  19. I love this show. I do hope that it kicks Scandal to the curb. Or How To Get Away With Murder and Thursday night is not a bad spot for it. James Spader makes the show.


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