The Green Buffet

It really doesn't take much for me to get a bee in my bonnet. My friend Charlotte mentioned that the green buffet might show its colors better along the gallery wall.

I mulled this over a couple of days. And as you knew would happen, I am shoving it over there. It does show up prettier there, but I can't get a good photo in front of it for the lack of room.

One wicker chair went back under the window. The gold in the room reminds me of autumn and pretty falling leaves.

Just as hard to get a photo of the gallery wall. Just can't get in a spot where a photo can be taken.

The navy lamps covered up portions of the gallery wall, so they're now on either side of the couch.

Which resulted in scooting the gold lamp down a few feet to the dining space area. 

I just love the crushed oregano green I painted this piece. Looks so much better than the black it originally was. From this moment on I'm avoiding black furniture. It shows dust like crazy.

Can't close without a gratuitous Abi pic...


  1. O, I adore your green chest. I love the color...painted some shutters that color several yrs ago and loved them. Thought I wouldn't have a place for them when we moved and gave them I want 'em back....(always the way)

    I saw this and thought of may have already seen it but....

    so so neat.....let me know what you think.
    xo bj

  2. It occurred to me the other day why your home just sings "Autumn" to me. The beautiful hues of gold and red remind me of apples, and that gorgeous buffet is the perfect Granny Smith to top off the bunch! What a lovely symphony of colors.

  3. very pretty! I love the styling too!

  4. It does look good there. I understand how hard it is to get a good pic, my home is kinda small also! I'm putting out some warm fal colors this week and enjoying them even if it is still hot outside!

  5. Brenda- That is a really GREAT looking piece and that looks like the perfect spot for it. I love all the color you have in your just feels "happy" to me. You have done a great job working with the room you have there- I know you downsized quite a bit with this move.

    It feels like "HOME" to me! xo Diana

  6. I just love seeing pictures of your place-you have a real talent for decorating!

  7. The cabinet is a wonderful shade of green.

    And, I love that pic of Abi with the ear perked up. What is she listening for?

  8. I think you do a great job of placement and photography. You have a great way of pulling all the colors together.

  9. I think Abi is thinking "what do you think ladies". "Do you like the change my Mom made to her living room"?
    I do like your green buffet under your gallery wall.. It adds a nice splash of color.
    I think your navy lamps look great with your other blue and while pieces too.
    I have moved, changed, moved and changed again while I've put my fall/Halloween things out.. I don't know what is wrong with me this year.. Just can't make up my mind.. I think I'm finished now and am happy with what I've done..
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. well isn't that little green buffet just the cutest thing...and Abi!

  11. love that great green color, and Abi's adorable ears!

  12. I love that green buffet. It is a statement piece. I love blues and greens. You are a natural painter. I may be good at some things...but painting is not one of them. No way no how. I have deal. Have a wonderful weekend. Abi's a true diva.

  13. love! and also love your liberal use of lamps ...

  14. That buffet is really a great piece and Mimi was right, it's the color of Granny Smith apples. Where do the dogs go while you move and redo things? For someone who can't paint the walls, you have made your place a fantastic and comfortable little oasis in this crazy world.

  15. Beautiful buffet. I love the color.

  16. Like I told you before I just love that color on your looks very nice there..Thank you Miss Abi for gracing us with your adorable ears

  17. The green chest is such a great colour, and it does look lovely there! I love your gallery wall, and I love how you use lots of lamps in your decorating. Lamps and the pools of light they create make a home so cosy!
    Happy weekend to you and the pupsters.
    Helen xox

  18. Green is my favorite color! Any shade of green is good in my book...I should try to incorporate it more into my own decor. I LOVE your gallery wall and really want to try one in my home soon. The hardest part is deciding where to put it...thanks for sharing!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  19. Your house is in perfect Autumn colors, Brenda. Cozier and cozier. xo Laura

  20. I like all the color in your home...everything just goes!
    You have cohesive clutter! I mean that in a good way. :)
    I like it.

  21. Brenda, I've never been a green person until now...I love your buffet! I'm trying to decide what piece I can paint in that pretty shade, just got to have me some green. You're so right about the black and dust! I love black, but in west Texas it's a no no. I sooo enjoy your blog! Blessings,Christie

  22. Oh, I love everything green. I liked the buffet under the window, but it looks even better under the gallery wall. The buffet grounds it better than the 2 chairs and little table. The chair looks good under the window, just right for setting and reading. Good job.

  23. Everything looks great! I love your bold use of color and you make it all work. I have no confidence in mixing colors together in a space. I wish I had your eye for getting it just right.

  24. I agree that this shade of green is very ALIVE and cheerful. I like the way your gallery wall is united with pictures of flowers. I admire the way you did that!


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