Using Tile In Your Bathroom

5 Uses for Tile in Your Bathroom

Tile has long been a preferred material for home builders and designers. Its durability and versatility make it a wonderful addition to just about any room, including the bathroom. You may not realize it, but tile has a variety of uses that can add an aesthetic value to your space as well as bring functionality to the room. 

You can browse the mosaic tiles at online retailers, such as, and think about how you can use them in these five ways:

1.      Floor Covering

The most popular use for tile is to create a durable yet elegant-looking floor. Tile is easy to clean and maintain, which is why so many people choose it for their floors. The possibilities for tile flooring are endless, as the material comes in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colors. 

It can also be a cost-efficient flooring option if you choose to install the tile yourself. Consider going with large, neutral tiles on the floor and then using smaller, colorful pieces to make an interesting design in the middle. You can also alternate colored tiles to liven the space.

2.      Back Splash

Just as you may love having a tile backsplash in your kitchen, you can also reap the benefits of one in your bathroom. Depending on your space, you will likely want to tile the area between your vanity and the mirror in your bathroom. The backsplash is the perfect place to bring more color and character to the room. An added bonus is that the backsplash easily wipes clean.

3.      In the Shower

A tiled shower is an essential addition for anyone looking to upgrade the bathroom. While traditional shower stalls are easy to clean, a tiled shower wall adds elegance and provides another opportunity to introduce color and design to the room. Additionally, tile adds texture to a room, which is another aesthetic benefit many homeowners enjoy.

4.      Tile the Sink

As a really fun do-it-yourself project, you can transform your existing bathroom sink into a fancy new piece. There are many videos and tutorials online that can show you how to tile over your vanity, which will not only upgrade the sink but also have a positive impact on the entire room. It is important to note that tackling this project will mean that you will likely have to use a tile cutter and have a lot of patience.

5.      Accent the Wall
You can enhance the bathroom by adding some tile to the wall. For example, you might choose one wall in the bathroom to tile from floor to ceiling, creating a gorgeous focal point. You could also tile a space between horizontal wood panels placed along the wall.

Working with tile is an easy way to give your bathroom an upgraded look. With so many styles to choose from, you can be sure to find the right pieces to cover your sink, enhance a wall or tile your shower.


  1. My favorites are penny tile (retro) and subway. Not much into those huge blocks. But we all have our tastes.

  2. I like the look of old subway tiles. xo Laura

  3. I love all the photos of the updated tiles. But, that is a project that takes skill and I certainly don't have that level of skill. I have blue tile in my bathroom and wish I had the funds to change it to a neutral white. It would be so much easier to change accessories to add color than to be stuck with a colored tile.

  4. I'm planning to redo the Cottage's bathroom in a few years... I want tiles but not only, so it was a very useful post.

  5. I always loved the old retro tiled bathrooms and kitchens..tile is so decorative..


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