WWFriday 9/26/14

Instead of three new bloggers, I have two today. I had three, but  her photos were unclickable. And as we all know, it's all about the photos!

So here's the two I have...

What a beautiful fall porch! And you know how I love the pups. 

The Beautiful Matters...

The beautiful does indeed matter. And she's got it mastered!

First thing I noticed about these two bloggers were the great photography skills. That's what has to reach in and grab you. I was very impressed with these two. 

Okay ladies, please go visit them. I think you're going to love their blogs.


  1. Thanks so much for the Welcome! Bubba Gump sends his kindest regards :)

  2. Brenda, I love the pictures too. :):) Hope you are having a good weekend. xoxo,Susie

  3. Thank you Brenda, for featuring my blog here. What a nice surprise! I appreciate your kind words very much!

  4. Thanks for always supporting others..particularly newer bloggers. Have a great weekend.

  5. Thanks, Brenda. Hope you and the pupsters have a great weekend!

  6. Oh, I love Karen's up on the hill. I like alot of her ideas. Have a wonderful weekend Brenda!

  7. I had just recently discovered The Beautiful Matters myself and was impressed. Thanks for the two recommendations.

  8. I also discovered Up on the Hill this week and am following her to the moon and back.
    I will check out Beautiful right now.

  9. oop, back to say I was already following Beautiful, too. hahhaa...love both your featured bloggers.


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