Best Spent Money To Boost Home Value


Three Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Home

Home improvements can be as much for you personally as they are for increasing the value of your home. 

Whether you're planning to sell or simply desire greater comfort, there are many ways you can increase functionality by installing new and updated appliances. Or by replacing old ones that are less energy efficient. 

After all, home efficiency can reduce your monthly utility bills while allowing you to live comfortably.

Kitchen Appliances


Depending on the age of your home, there may be some appliances in the kitchen that could be replaced. Energy efficient models are more than a trend, as these units can reduce your utility bills.

Examples could be refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers and installing aerated faucet heads to reduce the amount of water that you use in the sink. 

When compared to annual spending overall, these upgrades could save you hundreds of dollars per year while making the property more attractive to prospective buyers.

Hot Tubs for Stress and Appeal


Hot tubs can be an excellent tool for a variety of purposes. Many people only look at the entertainment factor and don't consider the physical and mental applications these units can accommodate. 

Sore muscles, injury recovery and stress reduction are only a few ways that units such as Hydropool hot tubs, Toronto can improve your life. This isn't including the allure and value a new hot tub can add to the property. 

Build a gazebo or other structure for the tub and you could add thousands of dollars to the asking price if you wish to sell.

Fountains and Ponds Landscaping


Landscaping can be an incredible selling point while providing you with a pallet to sculpt nature. Many find the tranquil setting of fountains or ponds to be relaxing while offering a unique look to the property. For nature enthusiasts, water also attracts wildlife.

Unless you purposely copy a design, no two ponds or waterfalls are the same, setting the home aside from others in the area.

Many people find it peaceful to sit near a small water fall while reading a book on a warm summer's day.


Some home owners may be apprehensive about spending money on home improvements in this fashion. What they often don't realize is that it will not only add to the appeal and property value, but it's not as pricey as they may first anticipate.

When considering the functionality and value that any one of the above examples provide, you could be living a less stressful and more efficient lifestyle, while adding to the aesthetic of your home.

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Welcome Wagon Friday 10/31/14

Up for you this month, I have three new bloggers...

Isn't she lovely? A vintage typewriter from days gone by.

What gorgeous fall leaves, and a fantastic photo of them.

Here's a girl who likes to redo furniture.

Okay, my trusted volunteers of over five years now, please give these new bloggers a welcoming visit please!

(NOTE: The top two blogs have word verification turned on. Didn't know if you knew that or not. If you want it there, fine. If you don't, go into Settings to uncheck it.)

Ideas For Tabletop Vignettes

I'm always looking for new ideas for tabletop decor. There are so many talented bloggers out there who have wonderful ideas. 

I love the tray with the various vintage framed photos.

Ann Sutton is very talented at arranging vignettes. I love her home, and her style.

Here's a nostalgic nod to all things French and vintage. 

I like all the elements used on this coffee table. It has color, patina and texture.

Fresh flowers, old books, vintage keys and clock, and typography pillows makes for a fantastic look.

Greenery always looks great in a tabletop vignette. Same goes for books. 

Hope you got some ideas for your next tabletop display here. I know I did!

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Tackling The Bathroom & Other Chores

This is the first year I've had success with the moon flower vine. The blooms are huge and magnificent in the darkness. And many times they will last till close to noon the next day if the sky is overcast.

"Isn't that right, Charlie Ross?" I so rarely get a good photo of  his face. And usually I can only get it when he's right in front or me.

I bought one kale this year. And now it is huge. I so enjoy the many green layers of wavy leaves and purple veins.

Have you read The Husband's Secret? If you haven't, you should. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. And I am in total admiration of the writer, Liane Moriarty. I thought it was better than her Big Little Lies I recently read. 

Now I'm about to start reading The Good Girl by Mary Kubica. And I've also been reading The Sociopath Next Door. Chilling but good-to-know information there. 

Otherwise I'm trying to ready the house and patio garden for surgery a week from today. I like to have things done and I check them off my list. I go in to discuss my pre-op tomorrow afternoon. 

Not sure how mobile I'll be for awhile. So don't want things like dust on the ceiling fans or top of the fridge and all those other things we put off. 

Rusty the rooster will be outside overseeing things. I have to get out there and move everything away from the wall because they're coming to clean the gutters. I expect quite a mess!

I'm also finally getting up to working on the tiny bathroom. It has a mirror that starts at the wall where you go in and extends beyond the vanity and then the toilet. So yes, it's massive. And I'm trying to play it down. 

Will show you that when I'm done, if I can get some photos of this tiny space. 

Off to get my coffee now. Cool this morning. I have some painting I'd like to get done. So we'll see how the day goes.

The Storied Life Of AJ Fikry

The Bloggers' Book Club read "The Storied Life Of A.J. Fikry" for October. At first I didn't think it was that appealing, but I got into the story fast. And loved the book. 

Tweak It Tuesday #113

BJ at Sweet Nothings shows her love of the color red.

How about some of this meatloaf and mashed potatoes by Flower Patch Farmhouse?

The Heathered Nest completely reupholstered this settee. And it is exquisite!

Ms. Toody Goo Shoes made a lovely cake decorated with candy corn.

Isn't this decorative farmhouse scene lovely by Karen's Up On The Hill?

Renovar did such a great job on these furniture pieces.

Grandparents Plus made this chocolate crumb pie! Yum!

Robin at Happy At Home created a decorative wall to die for.

I just love this shade of green Northern Nesting painted this piece.

Don't you know every trick-or-treater in the neighborhood will be lured to this pretty front door by Thoughts Of Alice?

Calypso In the Country created a three-tiered fall display.

In Our Happy Place has a pretty bed to snuggle up in come winter.

This is a wonderful idea for a unique gift from Thoughts, Tips & Tales.

So what have you tweaked this week?

Decor Tips For Renters

If your landlord isn't flexible about letting you painting the walls, bring color in with throw pillows and rugs. A rug quickly unites a conversation area.

Take advantage of vertical space. As in the books on the wall. And this room is filled with natural light, always a bonus.

Add a whopper of a light fixture that will command attention and add texture. Fresh flowers always add panache. 

This kitchen makes great use of its space. I love the window with pots and pans hanging. What a unique idea!

This all black and white bathroom looks terrific with the floor tiles. If there's room, add a little table such as this round one, where you can add a plant, a small candle, etc. 

Renting doesn't mean you can't have a beautiful home. Quite the opposite. And as long as you improve on an area, the landlord may be willing to bend rules. 

Love it while you rent it, as I always say. Life is too short to be living in the future. Make your spaces reflect your personal tastes and you will be happy living there.

I'll be back later for Tweak It.

Photo Source: Apartment Therapy

The Cozy Factor

I often get the question of: "How do you make your spaces look cozy?"

1. In terms of lighting, you need three lighting sources, such as lamps, in each room. This is aside from the overhead lighting. Lamps cast a warm rosy glow about the room. I love them in kitchens too.

2. Layer. I layer quilts a lot. I not only layer them on couches and beds, I also put them up on walls. Quilts engender a feeling of being protected. I like the simple patchwork made from scraps best.

3. Books. You may not think that books lend a feeling of coziness. But your books are an expression of who you are. I just love to sit in someone's room and let my eyes glide over the kinds of books they have on their shelves.

4. Let in the natural light. It's your private window to nature. And it changes depending on the seasons. It casts light in your space and gives it a feeling of warmth.

5. Gallery walls lend a very cozy feeling. So many things in one place, arranged somewhat randomly. It tells an aspect of the personality of the person who lives there. And they are just fun to look at.

6. Collections. Put them on display, but don't overdo. If you have a collection of soup tureens or ironstone pitchers, too many will take away from the whole vignette. Pick your favorites and let them be the stars of the show. 

7. Throw pillows. They soften the corners of furniture and add to the cozy factor.

8. Rugs. I can't have rugs in my indoor spaces. Because somewhere along the line, my dogs decided they were puppy pads. But there's nothing prettier than a nice rug over hardwood floors or other solid flooring. 

9. Candles. Nothing changes the ambiance of a room more than candles. Light one for yourself each day. (Of course keep an eye on it and don't leave it burning if you leave the room!) You will enjoy the fragrance, and the small flame gives one a feeling of coziness. 

10. Your bedroom. Once again, layer. Quilts, throws, blankets. Pretty shams or pillows. It will invite you in each night. So make your bed up with lots of texture and layers. 

These are my tried and true tips for making a space cozy. Do you have any to add?

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