"Big Little Lies" & October Book

Our Bloggers Book Club choice for September was Big Little Lies. I went out and bought it and had it read in three days, it was so compelling. It drew me in like a spider to a web!

It is about how mothers/women tend to see and judge one another on appearance only. How these days it is of the utmost importance that they get their children into the "proper" pre-school. Sort of a take on the much-talked-about "helicopter mom."

It is a look at gossip, and how it changes in increments as it continues to fly about town. By the time it comes full circle, it is hardly even the same story!

Madeline was my favorite character. She is a strong-willed, ready-to- pounce-on-anyone-who-treats-her-friends-badly sort of woman. I would feel safe with Madeline on my side.

Drama follows her wherever she goes. (Or perhaps it is the other way around, and Madeline follows drama.) Big and bold and full of color, is how I would describe Madeline. And loyal to the core.

Then there is Celeste. So beautiful in every way that people stop on the street to stare at her. Married to a very handsome and wealthy man. Beautiful twin sons. Everyone thinks they must surely live the ideal life. 

But as we all know, no one lives the ideal life. And it is oftentimes in these very circumstances when life is really barely tolerable. That's all I will say on that so as not to ruin it for you. 

There is young Jane who comes to town with her little boy, who she tells everyone is the result of a one night stand. She moves them about every six months, looking for the best place for them to live, to be happy. To be normal. And possibly to hide from what haunts her.

This book is about bullying in schools. What it does to the family of the child who is bullied. And then we must think about the family of the child who has been labeled a bully. Victims all around. 

This book makes you think. It startles you out of your everyday reverie. It is funny and it is sad, alternately. It is about a society where the bullying of children has oftentimes drastic consequences. And with the advent of social media, is ever more commonplace.

I think my favorite part of this book was the way it was put together. With bits and pieces of what the townspeople had to say in judgment, as one often does when they don't have all the facts. The author sort of weaved these tidbits into the story, which I thought was a fantastic element in her plot.

And of course I loved the three female protagonists.

I definitely want to read more of this author's books. Great writer!

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Now I get to choose November's book, and I have already done so. Standing in Barnes & Noble the other day buying The Storied Life Of AJ Fikry for October, I chanced across this book nearby. And after thumbing through it and reading bits and pieces, I knew I had to read this book. 

(On the inside cover of The Good Girl...)

"I've been following her for the past few days. I know where she buys her groceries, where she has her dry cleaning done, where she works. I don't know the color of her eyes or what they look like when she's scared. But I will."


Once home, I have to admit idly looking through The Storied Life Of AJ Fikry. I read a few of the first lines. And I could not stop. So I've already read that book in record time! It is a good one. A real page-turner. 

For those of us who love the actual paper pages of books instead of reading on an electronic reading device, this is a book for you. I, for one, will always choose the book I can hold in my hand.

No electronic reading device can rival how I feel when I sit with a real book in my hands and turn the pages as I read.  

Happy reading!


  1. I just finished Big Little Lies--and I really liked it! Interesting way to tell the story--you knew SOMEthing had happened, and had to work backwards to find out what. At first, I wasn't sure I was going t like it, but once I got a little into it, it really kept my interest and kept me wanting to find out! (Have you read her book The Husband's Secret? I liked that one, too!) I'll be over near our B&N today and will check out the new pick.

  2. Haven't read it yet. Going on my list. xo Laura

  3. Brenda...it's so entertaining to click on your blog. You change up your header and blog design for the seasons and I enjoy seeing your creativity.

    I need a good book. Will check out your book club.

  4. Very good book reviews my friend. I'll add these to my reading list! Thanks! I sure finished One Thousand White Women. Have you read it? I know you would love it! Hugs, Diane

  5. The Good Girl sounds interesting Brenda..

  6. I read them both and really enjoyed Big little Lies..
    Unnverved me a bit too as I once knew a beautiful woman who others were jealous of but only because she kept the secret of her abuse so well hidden, unfortunately her secret killed her:( I'm glad this book allowed the right one to die~!

  7. I liked Big Little Lies, too...sucked me right in!!

  8. Yes - totally got sucked in right from the start!

  9. hey don't forget me on the list! ;) and i already read the storied life, too- it was so intriguing and such a quick read! and i know we already chatted about our love for big little lies and moriarty! can't wait to read more!


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