Dozing In The Sun

The leaves are still green here. Clinging to the tree branches. I wish they'd change colors, as they're supposed to for fall. So we could see golds and oranges and reds. 

I saw the surgeon yesterday. He says the hardware put in my leg over two years ago needs to come out. I am in pain much of the time now. I am waiting to see what my insurance says. 

It won't be easy being alone here if I have it done. But I managed it once. So if I can afford what my insurance won't pay, I guess I could manage again. 

Also, the gray area he was concerned about turned out to be a rare circumstance where a joint goes over and attaches itself to the bone. Not much to be done about that. 

Abi dosing in her favorite chair. It faces the patio doors. She loves to be out here in the sun. And I'm so grateful to have this patio area for them to enjoy.

Charlie is not fond of having his photo taken, as you can see here. He's just not like his sister.

You can barely see my beloved pretty cobalt blue birdbath at the top right hand corner. I went outside, and it was knocked over and broken. I imagine by a squirrel. 

I've had it about eight years. And I am going to miss it.


  1. hallo, brenda, ihr hund ist süß!!! danke für die schönen bilder und inspirationen, einen schönen abend wünscht angie aus deutschland

  2. So sorry to hear you will be needing more surgery...I hope insurance will cover it and it will help with the pain. Too bad about the birdbath...anything to be done with all of the pieces? A mosaic maybe, or spots of color in the garden?
    PS Abi and Charlie are heart-stealers...

  3. Hi Brenda, sorry to hear about needing another surgery. I pray that your insurance with cover it and your pain will be less after surgery. Your pupsters are just so adorable. My cocker spaniel loves to lay on our porch in the sun. They bring us such joy, don't they.

  4. Sorry to hear more surgery for you Brenda. My legs are full of metal (accident from 1991) and have had my share. Will they replace the hardware that they will be removing?

  5. Brenda, Sorry to read that you have to have more surgery. I am wishing you the best. xoxo,Susie

  6. So sorry to hear about the surgery, Brenda. One of my fur boys loves posing for pics, but the other one runs away. :)

  7. UGH so sorry you may have to go through this again! :(

  8. Brenda, I can only imagine what you are going through with your chronic pain. Being in pain can make a person feel sad and lonely. You are not alone. I hope you feel the friendship and support of us in bloggy land. I know that blogging has given me a lot of comfort. I am an elementary school teacher, but I have taken a leave of absence due to a severe headache condition. I felt bored at home - until I began my blog. Although the friendships are virtual, they are real nevertheless. Blog buddies and my pets have helped me from becoming lonely during the day when my hubby is at work and my teenagers are at school & after school activities. I am thinking of you.
    Michelle from

  9. dang..I was hoping you wouldnt have to have another surgery..
    you'll do fine thought, cause you have True Grit and this will just be small set back.

    we're all rooting for ya..

  10. I am so sorry to hear this news makes me glad though that you moved to this smaller place and have less to take care of..if only I were closer I would gladly come by to help out when needed..Dozing in the sun sounds like a good idea Abi is cold here today..

  11. Brenda,
    I am sorry to hear that you will need more surgery. I had surgery two years ago myself, and still suffer from some of the issues that arose from the surgery, those are things they unfortunately neglect to tell us.
    Your puppies look so good all freshly groomed too!

  12. ... hang in there Brenda ... you, your words, all of it ... mean so much to us all ... healing energy right back at you.

  13. Bummer about another surgery! Hang in there!

  14. You are a tough cookie, my friend and you will come out of this even stronger! We're all here for support whenever you need it. Have a lovely day with the pupsters!!


  15. Hand in there, Brenda! I know you'll be fine ... you're touch as they come :)

  16. I am sorry to hear you may need more surgery, Brenda, such a shame after all you've been through. Sorry about your beloved bird bath getting broken too. How cute the pupsters look, you got some great shots of them there!
    Helen xox

  17. Keep us informed about your poor leg. Golly you have been through a lot. Ugh.

    You know I lost my SECOND cobalt blue terra cotta birdbath a week ago. I am done. They're really expensive and I cannot get a third. I still have my top part from this last one, though, so hubs is going to make me a heavy duty metal stand for it that the bowl sits in very deep and hopefully it won't break. That won't be until spring of next year though.

  18. Sorry you have to go thru another surgery. It sounds like this guy is really good and I'm glad you saw him. Hopefully the insurance will pull thru and you can manage things. I know it won't be easy, but we have faith in you. Dang that squirrel, I've coveted that bird bath for years. It is just too beauitful. Love the puppies on the patio.

  19. You've went through so much with your leg already and now another surgery. So sorry this has happened to you Brenda. There's no other way to put it other than it just sucks! Bad things kind of come in cycles, at least they always do for me, sorry about your broken bird bath too. I hope this time your leg pain is resolved and the insurance covers most of the cost. Such sweet pics of the pupsters.

  20. I hope this surgery might help with the pain! I know it's hard! Your pups are so cute!! I hate that your birdbath got broken :( but like others said, maybe you can put pieces here and there for the color! The leaves are starting to change a little bit here and I'm enjoying it!

  21. I hate to hear that you'll be needing surgery soon for your ankle. And worst than that I hate to know you're in pain all the time. Chronic pain is a terrible thing!!! I didn't know that you would need to have your ankle re-done at some point. Hopefully, you'll be able to get it done and then be pain free. Maybe the Fall colors will visit your home soon so you can enjoy them.

  22. So sorry to hear that you will need more surgery. Wish I could be there to help you. Hopefully this will relieve the pain. We are finally getting colors here. It seems to be late this year. Maybe that means the winter won't be so bad. That would be nice. xo Laura

  23. Sorry to read that you need another surgery. I hope that you can get some type of pain relief while you make your insurance arrangements before the surgery. Being in pain can change a person's entire outlook on life.

    Here, it seems like we have fall colors all of a sudden. The nights have been in the 40's, so I cover some of my plants with a sheet at night, and uncover them every morning. I'm not ready to bring all of my plants in yet, I want to treat most of them (not the ferns) for bugs before bringing them in. First I have to find a relatively "safe" (if there is such a thing) insecticide to buy.

  24. Feeling bad for you about the surgery situation. I hope you are able to get disability or on Medicaid or something. I also had a blue birdbath that broke. It was ceramic and just too delicate. Pupsters look cute as always, my doggies like dozing in the sun as well.

  25. I don't know where my comment goes to, but I always have to do it over! Hope I can remember what I said. :)
    Sorry about the surgery, but I hope it will help alleviate the pain and I also hope the insurance company is good to you!
    Our trees have been slow to change and the colors aren't as good, so far, as last year. The trees in town are more vivid than in the rural areas.
    The pups looks so cute and that's a terrific close-up of the camera-shy Charlie.

  26. let me try this again, mine did not go through either?
    having it removed is a good thing, my 92 year old mom crushed her elbow last december. They put all sort of metal in her arm a huge plate !! they removed it and had told her due to the extreme damage she would never use that arm right again, but she has. They told her removing it would be best as the metal gets cold in the winter and causes a great deal of pain, as well as if you get hot, it causes issues. I am glad they are removing it, the next surgery will be nothing compared to the first one

  27. Brenda,
    You are so resilient that you're sure to bounce back if you have that surgery. If that takes care of the pain then I'm sure it will be worth it.
    Your backyard is so bright, colorful, and cheery! So sorry about your blue bird bath. Could you repurpose parts of it? Have a wonderful week...but one day at a time.

  28. Wow Brenda! so much to think about. Another surgery- I'm so sorry about that. Plus taking care of the pups while your not able to, (your babies) ..and taking care of you!
    I hope you're able to figure this all out. I think it will be fine in the end, maybe that can do something with that ankle of yours and get you well.
    So sorry about your birdbath-- maybe there is something to be done with the part that isn't broken? (The pedestal part or the bowl? ) It is a pretty blue-- and you'll no doubt come up with something creative for the birds! They'll miss it too.
    take care and have a wonderful week.

  29. Sorry to hear about upcoming surgery. I hope insurance comes thru for you. It's a shame we have to wait for someone else to make a decision about our health issues. It's all so cut and dried between dr. and insurance. Dr.s don't mind their huge fees and insurance doesn't mind telling us "no". Don't get me started! Will send up prayers for you as you await their decision. Also sorry about your bird bath. I've had squirrels knock mine over too. Maybe you can find a good deal on one since it's end of season. My neighbor, new neighbor, don't know them, has a cobalt blue bird bath in their yard. Actually, it was left by former neighbor, didn't know them either. I don't think anyone tends to it. Want me to go steal it for you? Ha. That would be a sight, me trying to lift it and carry it down the road. Could see the headlines now, "Woman caught stealing bird bath from neighbor's yard. Said it was for a woman she meet online." Hahaha. Hope that made you laugh. Wish our leaves would turn as well. Though we do have a bit of a seasonal change here in Southeast Texas, unlike in Corpus where we are originally from, our leaves peak about Christmas time. Just a little slow but still beautiful and we enjoy. Go soak up the sun with Abi!

  30. I'm so sorry to hear you need another surgery Brenda...but your a strong women and you'll get through it! Your patio still looks so beautiful!

  31. I feel so bad about your leg. Is it going to feel better and will you be more mobile once the hardware is out? I really hope so. I wish you had someone to help you. How will you drive? Do you have cabs? Some of the physical therapy places here have a van that picks patients up.

    I know from the last few weeks of having only one hand that you do the best you can and try not to let it stop you. I've come up with some really incredible ways to get certain things done...I'll keep it private! lol!

    Keep us posted. My pups are lying in the sunbeams by the door right now. Beautiful weather here!

    Jane xx

  32. Well, my comment went thru yesterday but is not here today. I think it was important for you to read, Brenda, so here it is again:
    Try and schedule your surgery for this year so that if you have met your yearly deductable, you won't have to pay the 20% copay. If you wait until next year to book your surgery, you have to start over with the yearly deductable before your insurance starts to pay anything! Good luck and am sending prayers everyday for you. (Surely out of all your readers, there is someone who is close enough to help you after the surgery, to come in daily for a little while to take the dogs out, feed them and be sure you have enough food in the house. I pray God will move them to help you.)

  33. Not sure why my comment did not go through????

  34. With all my heart I send words of healing.

  35. Brenda, Your one of the people I admire most and look to for courage and resilience. I know you will have hard times ahead but you have support from all of us here. You have survived so much , I hope this next surgery alleviates the daily pain you suffer from.
    After your surgery, contact your local senior center to see if they have low cost or no cost people that will come to the house, do grocery shopping, cleaning and the like. I had my boot last fall and I had a nice lady come for about a month only once a week. The senior center may have volunteers that want to help as well. I know what it is like to be alone, in pain and suffering after surgery. If I lived near you I would help . You may qualify for meals on wheels while you recover. Hang in there, and those of us suffering from chronic pain and broken bone issues understand what your going through alone. I live alone to and sometimes we just have to ask for help.
    Lovely photos of the pups. Charlie is so beautiful its a shame he does not like photos. Your garden is a delight.

  36. I hope, if you have to have this done, that it makes life better afterward. I know, too, what it is like. You'd have more help than you could stand if we all lived anywhere near you.

  37. eh, I tried. but I don't have a blog so I try to comment and then log in. it never works. but I love your stuff. that is all for now. I'm not typing as I did and have it to be in outterspace. some day I'll get it??? eeks.

  38. oh my God...I typed my heart out, it didn't go thru. I type a short and sweet thing, and it goes thru. ok so I'm gonna talk fast, no I do not have a blog, but I get your emails. I love your doggies. I broke my ankle(s) in 2000, and have shrapnel in there. both sides of my left. I'm ok. other's are not. one got her's removed much older than I am, and the other did not but her surgery didn't go well. I had a guy that had the flu, I said what? all I was concerned with was that they kept the gown closed in the back....all good. and keep up the good work. don't always comment because I never can remember passwords, etc. but I get you in more ways than one!!! Angela from NJ!!! thanks...lets try to get this 'published'!!!

    1. sorry the 'guy' was my ankle surgeon, and despite his ailment, he did well, and I learned to like him. but I have to say that a year or two beforehand, my 70 plus mom fell and broke her ankle, and she was let go with a cast the next day. I guess it depends on the break??? ugh. good luck and keep us informed and God Bless. and those puppies. love them. that is all!! transmit please???


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