Fall Patio

Linking with Nicer Than New #2 for Silent Sunday
& One Dad 3 Girls for My Sunday Photo.


  1. I love your Fall patio. It is just so YOU and it makes me smile. You know I think about where you started out down there with those crappy neighbors that you had to look at THEIR yard and mess...and look how private you are now. God is good! xo Diana

    ps. I don't usually ask people to go to my blog BUT-If you get a chance swing by my blog. A little boy is lost in the mountains and the family is asking for prayer.

  2. So much going on here, it looks like a well loved space

  3. So "cozy" - the perfect spot for you and a friend and those cute pups to enjoy fresh air and a nice visit.

  4. This is idyllic, I love it, seems so peaceful

    Thank you for linking up

  5. Beautiful!! So many beautiful colors!

  6. An oasis from this crazy world Brenda..something many of us could use..

  7. This looks like my type of garden, I would love to relax out there with a nice cup of tea :)

  8. Hi Brenda! I feel so honoured to have you come to my Silent Sunday party. I follow your blog and your photographic skills are amazing! I hope you will come back every week and share your talent. I love your terrace too. It is like a cozy comfy additional room!

  9. I love that you have happy colors!

  10. Looking good! I love the wagon full of gazing balls.

  11. Lovely! Just love =) #mysundayphoto

  12. Brenda,
    Love the vibrant hues in this photo!!!
    My favorite is the wagon filled with balls!!!


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