Monday Morning Thoughts

Cool late evenings and early mornings. A slow transition into fall.

I'm so excited! Along with a mourning dove I saw yesterday, I also saw some cute little chickadees.

Mister Charlie Ross missed this squirrel.

See you this afternoon for Tweak It. 


  1. One of my favorite birds is the sweet little chickadees that show up this time of year for us. Sweet post. Lucky squirrel that Charlie Ross did not see him! xo Diana

  2. You are surrounded by sweet little spots of beauty. I have to hunt for color in my garden.

  3. love them Chickadees..
    fall is here- at least for today:-) 43 when I woke up this morning and the high will be 67.. time for some pumpkin cookin and bakin...

  4. I love chickadees. So sweet. Cool and rainy day here, today. xo Laura

  5. The black capped chickadee was my favourite bird growing up and when I did a grade 6 project on birds, it left me with the sweetest impression! Nevertheless, your flowers are always the stars, in my book!

    See you tonight!


  6. What lovely, lovely photographs! It is so nice to appreciate the beauty in all the small things around us.

  7. Isn't it odd how Charlie Ross will go after the squirrels but he is scared to death of the tiniest gnat or fly..I love to see the little chickadees too..beautiful pics Brenda..

  8. Such beautiful pics!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  9. Beautiful photos Brenda!! Have a wonderful week- xoxo


  10. I love your combination of yellow and purple chrysanthemums with the cabbage plants. They are going to be beautiful when they are in full bloom! - Very inspiring, as usual!


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