More Rain, A Bug Zapper & Purging

It rained again last night. I think the weather is mixed up and thinks it is spring. But we'll take it. So many of you live in areas where you don't have nearly enough rain. So I'm thankful to Mother Nature.

Right now the sun is trying to shine through the clouds.

A reader emailed me last week and told me that maybe I should get a bug zapper to kill flies and other flying insects that terrify Charlie so. I went right over to Amazon and did just that, and it even on sale for around $7. 

The one they sent me is pink (can you imagine a feminine color for a bug executioner?) and arrived quickly. 

I used it for the first time last night. I was lying in bed reading a book and the dogs were there snoozing. I had it next to me on the sideboard I use as a bedside table. 

A mosquito buzzed in front of me. I grabbed the zapper. When you make contact, there is a sizzling sound. Both dogs went tearing off the bed terrified and off to unknown hiding places. Sigh. 

Now I can kill the flying insects, but Abi is just as scared as Charlie when I zap them. Hopefully I can find a happy medium. 

I don't mean to sound so casual. I don't want to kill bugs. I just can't have them scaring Charlie into hours and hours of shaking underneath a blanket as a result of them getting inside.

Around these parts it's time for the pixie-faced pansies. I know they're loving the rain. 

A tip: When I buy them, they're often about five inches tall. I cut the stems down a few inches so that they will fill out and not be leggy. I know it's hard to do that to a plant. But if they are already somewhat leggy, the pansy just falls over from the weight.

So when you can, buy the ones that are thicker with more blooms than flowers.

This is one of those "odds and ends" posts. I keep forgetting to thank the reader who advised me to buy JCPenney's thinner towels that are made to dry quickly. 

Since my washer/dryer doesn't get towels quite dry, I did just that. And you're right! They dry quickly. 

So thank you to that very kind reader for the suggestion.

Yesterday was cool and rainy. So I finally got into my two walk-in bedroom closets and started purging. I didn't have much choice. They are the only closets in here. No linen closet, no pantry. So where to put sheets and towels and such?
When I had a bigger home, I had places for these decorative pretties. But now I do not.

Last week I was trying to reach something on a shelf in one of them, and knocked over a decorative glass teapot. It shattered on the floor somewhere in the nether regions behind the vacuum cleaner and some boxes. 

That is one of Charlie's hidey-holes when a flying insect gets in, and I didn't want him stepping on pieces that I couldn't get to. 

Also the green cushions will have to come off of the patio chairs for the winter, and I will have to put them in there. They will take up quite a bit of space. Add to that that all my holiday decor is in there. 

Now the floors are clean and I can get to everything, and I'm a happy camper. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and start getting rid of things. 

The Blacklist is on tonight for all of you who enjoy watching it. I will be back this afternoon with Tweak It. 


  1. Brenda, Please encourage them to be careful with the high dose antibiotics they shut off my mom's kidney's and she died.

  2. Yes, sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and pass on items even when you love them.

    My thoughts are with John and Judy.

  3. Thanks for the update on John and Judy! I like the bug zapper but can see how it would frighten the dogs. We can't win can we. I'm doing more of that purging myself this week. Love some of my things but when there is not room at the Inn, they they have to go.

  4. I really enjoy purging now that we've downsized...kind of freeing not to have so much "stuff".

  5. YES, Blacklist tonight!! ;)

    I LOVE your outdoor space, Brenda. You always have such a wonderful eye for outdoor settings. I need the PURGE energy. Hammering and crashing sounds going on around here... not too restful... guess that's why that patio looks like where I need to be right now! LOL! blessings ~ tanna

  6. It's been sunny and dry here in northern IL until today. Rain is supposed to be here through Wed. That's OK - we need it. I didn't know John was in the hospital again. Thanks for the update. I regularly keep John and Judy in my prayers.

  7. have you tried putting one dry towel in with all your wet towels ... i routinely put a dry item in with every load i put in my dryer, as it's an energy-saving trick ... while everything is tossing and turning, the dry towel absorbs moisture as well, and everything dries evenly and a bit faster ... love the bug zapper and want to get one for our patio next summer ... two of our dogs don't care about bugs. the other one will eat June bugs, and will jump in the air to try and snatch a fly but if he sees or senses something "smaller" in the air or in the house (such as a mosquito) he will hide under a bed, and/or when he walks across a room, or across the patio or yard, he will slam his butt tight to the ground and look around suspecting that this or that small bug is going to fly up his butt ... it really cracks us up.

  8. I'd welcome some liquid gold from the sky, right about now, if simply just to freshen everything up! I love your patio, and could sit out there, indulging in a favourite decorating magazine for hours; it's cozy, even OUTSIDE!

    Have a lovely week!


  9. If I was a cute little dog, I'd run when the zapper went off too! :)

  10. rain for 3 days and and they are calling for it till thursday night. I cannot drive in the rain, it does something to my long range sight:( so its making a hang up to finishing the kitchen//knobs n pulls required. it seems like its always one more THING till this kitchen is finished. 90% there is great but the 10% that isnt is a pain.

    my pom girls dislike a bug zapper. they rarely growl but a zapper makes them all sound like 3 seriously p'off pit bulls.
    I was thinking when you first mentioned it that yours would really dislike a zapper and that sound would unnerve them.. That sound makes me shudder :)
    could you put those cushions in space bags and then just put them under the eaves of the house.. those space bags really do keep things dry until you release the valve and nothing can get to your new cushions. there's always more room outside than inside. just an idea to save you some room inside..

    give Abi and Charlie a hig from aunt sonny- the pom girls are waving, Hi n Bye..
    ps- Buffy had a tiny stroke this morning,she's better now and sleeping.. please send her good thoughts. thanks

  11. Brenda I know what you mean with the bug zapper. My Lulu is terrified of the pop and spark of zappers...and thunder and the sound of gunfire. Oh I could go on and on. And whenever I start throwing things away, usually the next week or so I find that I need it. Oh well. thank you for the update on John and Judy.

  12. Your patio looks so lovely! Just a thought regarding storing your patio cushions...I store quite a bit behind my sofa. If two don't fit maybe at least one will nicely. Our German Sheperd dog, Dusty, loved to go after flies and eat them. I would alert him that one was in the room by softly saying "fly" and him would immediately go on the hunt. I miss him so. My thoughts and prayers are with Judy and John. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

  13. Can they go under the bed, the cushions I mean? Always hard to store things. I have no room for storage either, and my closet gets the brunt of things. And it is time to purge that. Just had to buy a new refrigerator, and boy, I've been purging stuff from the old one, feels great! Delivery guys even arrived 10 mins early today, and I'm back up and running. Been cleaning like a mad woman!

  14. I bought my son one of those zappers when he was younger because he thought they were "cool" need to do a lot of purging around here too..still sending my best hopes and wishes for John and Judy..

  15. Could the cushions go in your car?

  16. I hate to even open the door to my bedroom closet lately. Cannot seem to find the time to clean it out. So tonight i have decided to try and clean out a little at a time. It is really bad! I have never let my closet get this bad. Wonder what happened? Just life I guess. Too many irons in the fire as my grandmother used to say. (Your patio is so inviting...Good job!)

  17. How about putting your cushions under your bed or behind your couch if you have room between it and the wall? Out of sight and still room in your closet?? Best wishes to John and Judy--my father went through the high dose of high antibiotics.

  18. Love your energy!
    I can certainly appreciate a clean closet. I have 3 in my old farmhouse here... and haven't a clue what's in them. I'll be getting to them soon it looks like.
    Was wondering if you had room for one of the outside Storage units...the small ones about the size of an indoor coat closet...You could put it on your patio, maybe one end? For storing your cushions and things.
    just a suggestion. I know I already mentioned the portable gazebo.
    Do they have restrictions on things like that at your apartment. I would say it doesn't hurt to ask... I mean they took your stove out! You have a powerfully persuasive personality I bet!
    :) Enjoy your clean closets and the rain.
    Here in East Texas-- we've been getting a good share of rain the last 2 weeks. I won't complain. We've been dry and any rain is a good rain!
    take care my friend.

  19. I definitely need some of your purge energy. I'm looking at a big pile of paper work I need to go through, but I just keep looking at it. An outside storage unit sounds good. If it isn't taller than your fence they shouldn't complain. Thanks for the update on John. Hope they get it figured out. xo Laura

  20. Have you ever seen "deck boxes"? Hard plastic lidded containers...where you can store seat cushions...and other things. They also double as extra seating. Can't remember the company that sells them. Might free up some closet space for you! They weather quite well....we've had two for several years, and we have Wisconsin winters. Your deck looks wonderful by the way! ;)


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