My 5 Essentials For Daily Productivity

1. I do yoga stretching twice per day, every day. I believe this helps me focus, and helps enormously with any pain or tension I may be experiencing. I truly believe stretching your body helps you stretch your mind/brain as well. It stimulates all of your body.

2. I spend a lot of time alone. I work best in silence. If I have a lot of activity around me, I cannot focus. I must focus to do my best. I don't like the TV or any other form of entertainment on. I like the just the soft noise of my sound machine, tuned to falling rain, 24/7. And I do not use social media, which I feel is a huge time-suck. I do often go on Pinterest at night for entertainment and unwinding.
3. Coffee! I love my morning coffee. It is the start, after stretching, a morning shower and breakfast, to my day. It signals the beginning of work time. It invigorates me and I am focused on my daily structure and planned activities.

4. Read. Read. Read. If you read books, you are keeping your brain active. You are increasing your vocabulary. You are stimulating your brain for your own ideas to come to fruition. I like to end my day by quietly reading. I feel this is vitally important to rest your mind and read someone else's words in a leisurely manner.

5. When I hit a brick wall on ideas, I take my camera and go out to my huge apartment patio. I watch the birds and take photos of them and the many plants and sitting area I have there for my outdoor pleasure. I let my mind go visual and absorb my surroundings. I can feel my body relax as I enjoy nature.

Then when I get back inside, I feel invigorated and am ready to go back to work.

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  1. Your back garden is lovely. Enjoy!

  2. danke für die schönen bilder und liebe grüße von angie aus deutschland

  3. Music, a blue sky, gentle rain, plants, books and the birds who visit my feeder make me happy. I am recuperating from surgery - listening to classical music, reading my books and I am the happiest person.

  4. Your patio exudes serenity. I turn off my TV too.


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