Simple Frugal Gratification

I love the combination of blue and white. But then I also love red and white. Blue and white is more calming. I think I shall always have a bit of blue and white decor in my home for tranquility.

This will be a moon flower. I just love them, blooming at night. Such a difference from all it's sun-loving fellow flowers. Such a treat to walk outside and see the large white flower beaming at you in the darkness.

And surprise of surprises, that big bloom is still there this morning! I guess because it rained and the sun hasn't been shining yet. What a treat!

The mums are doing their thing quite well. Lots of colors. Tucked in here and there in the patio garden.

I shall always have white in my gardens. It softens all the colors, and gives a place for the eye to rest.

I enjoy the simple sight of mugs lined up along a shelf. Things you love should be out where you can enjoy it. Which is why I love kitchen cabinets without the doors. I would be perfectly happy with shelves. 

To me it is gratifying to see my things all lined up in this exact soldier-like pattern. Kind of silly, I know. But it makes me feel organized and as though everything is in its rightful place. 

Then all feels right with the world.

The morning glory blooms are slowing way down. Soon they will be gone. I brought the little seedlings over from the house when I moved. They are very hearty!

The bean pods on the hyacinth bean vine are beginning to turn brown and dry. I am gathering them in a plastic bag for next year. I love to be frugal! I bought one packet years ago, and have had many years of these beauties without paying a penny.

The sun this year is covered by the hyacinth bean vine instead of the passion vine of last year. However, I dug up a few starts of the passion vine. It is climbing, but is not mature enough to have flowers this year. Hoping for next year.

See you later for Tweak It.


  1. Esp ♥ your pretty blue and white china teacups lined on a shelf - just begging for a friend to come sit and sip a spell with you. Wish we were closer, I'd be there in no time for just that.

    Have a wonderful week, Brenda.

    1. Me too. I'd make some cinnamon rolls to have with our beverage of choice.

  2. If someone just stumbled onto your wonderful blog, they would never believe that you have been in your new home for such a short time. The patio and the inside looks to have taken years of care and thought. It is just beautiful, thanks Brenda for all the beauty and thoughtful words you bring into my life.

    1. Well, aren't you sweet! Thank you. Good I got it done before the ankle started acting up again.

  3. Love all the color in your home and garden! This makes me happy on a Monday!

    1. Oh, and the fact that The Blacklist is on tonight is another reason to feel grateful!

    2. Oh, and the fact that The Blacklist is on tonight is another reason to feel grateful!

  4. Blue and favorite decorating combination. They provide peaceful surroundings for me. Happy that you are still getting enjoyment out of your garden this late in the season. xo Laura

    1. Yes, I love my gardens. Wherever I've been planted.

  5. Beautiful photos!
    The china teapot is very unique and I just love the colors!!
    I also really like the white flower :)

  6. I LOVE climbers; if I could, I'd have them climbing on everything but my husband is afraid that they may damage brickwork :(

  7. I love the blue and white. The mugs looks so pretty lined up on the shelf. I'm thinking of getting blue and white bedding. I am loving blue these days.


  8. I love your sunshine face hiding behind the hyacinth bean vine..I have a big pottery sun face I am considering bringing inside before Winter this year..

  9. I appreciate 'simple gratification' ... the flowers in the garden this time of year are a pleasure for sure.
    I like your blue and white dishes lined up...such order!
    I'm hoping for some of that soon. ;)

  10. I love simple gratification, too, Brenda. Your pictures are so lovely. I love that blue and white china. Do you know what pattern that is? I just love it. I gave most of my blue and white to one of my daughters but kept one set and a huge tureen, too. xo Diana

  11. I love blue and white together too. Blue is a cool color so it has a way of calming you down. I think that's why it's often a good choice for a bedroom. Love all your pretty vines climbing the fence. I've never seen a moon flower before. That's really neat!

  12. Your garden always looks so calm and inviting, just sitting there with a cup of coffee would be like taking a mini vacation. You have done such wonders in your new home. Tho I admire your blue & white cups, I am a red girl at heart (I even painted the wall of my fireplace red for some drama). I recorded the Black List, can't wait so watch it tonight.... I am so addicted!!!


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