Tackling The Bathroom & Other Chores

This is the first year I've had success with the moon flower vine. The blooms are huge and magnificent in the darkness. And many times they will last till close to noon the next day if the sky is overcast.

"Isn't that right, Charlie Ross?" I so rarely get a good photo of  his face. And usually I can only get it when he's right in front or me.

I bought one kale this year. And now it is huge. I so enjoy the many green layers of wavy leaves and purple veins.

Have you read The Husband's Secret? If you haven't, you should. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. And I am in total admiration of the writer, Liane Moriarty. I thought it was better than her Big Little Lies I recently read. 

Now I'm about to start reading The Good Girl by Mary Kubica. And I've also been reading The Sociopath Next Door. Chilling but good-to-know information there. 

Otherwise I'm trying to ready the house and patio garden for surgery a week from today. I like to have things done and I check them off my list. I go in to discuss my pre-op tomorrow afternoon. 

Not sure how mobile I'll be for awhile. So don't want things like dust on the ceiling fans or top of the fridge and all those other things we put off. 

Rusty the rooster will be outside overseeing things. I have to get out there and move everything away from the wall because they're coming to clean the gutters. I expect quite a mess!

I'm also finally getting up to working on the tiny bathroom. It has a mirror that starts at the wall where you go in and extends beyond the vanity and then the toilet. So yes, it's massive. And I'm trying to play it down. 

Will show you that when I'm done, if I can get some photos of this tiny space. 

Off to get my coffee now. Cool this morning. I have some painting I'd like to get done. So we'll see how the day goes.


  1. Try using the panoramic option on your camera in small spaces. Depending upon the lighting, you can get some good shots that way.

  2. Such a cute picture of Mr. Charlie Ross Kula. Your flowers and kale are beautiful.. Rusty will take care of your "sanctuary" while you're out of commission.
    Best wishes for a speedy recovery though..

  3. Sure wish I was your neighbor to help you out during these trying times of being not so mobile...and sharing a cup of coffee, I mean tea for me. That is the hardest thing for me to accept as being a single lady and loving it. I was incapacitated last May for about 4 weeks and it was the darkest period for me... and the fact I left a very abusive relationship around that time period. All that probably exasserbated my physical self. But we get through these things because I truly feel we women are strong and have to stay strong even at our weakest times. Sometimes it is better said than done. I have the book, The Husband's Secret, I am waiting for my trip to Florida to read it. (In December) I cannot wait to see what you have done with your bathroom!

  4. It's so good to get those jobs out of the way when you know you won't be fit to do them for a while. For some reason they then become ultra important and you either are agitated because you don't do them or you take chances with your recovery and do the chores.

  5. I wonder if rusty paints too? I will be thinking about you next week when you have your surgery. If there is anything I can do for you virtually please let me know.
    PS- I don't like to dust.

  6. You have lots to do today but you will need to rest after surgery.

  7. There always seems to be so much to do when preparing for surgery. Especially when we have to primarily rely on ourselves. Your garden still looks really pretty. We are expecting a hard frost here this weekend so that will be the end of all the flowers. xo Laura

  8. Just want to kiss Charlie Ross's nose! I hope after this surgery you won't have to wear the boot again.

  9. Oh CRAP you just reminded me about the dust on the ceiling fans!!! :)

    Charlie Ross you are so cute!! Thanks for posing so nicely for us!

  10. good for you getting all the things done before surgery. Be sure to have lots of easy to fix food around cause you may not feel like cooking for a week or so..

    think about you everyday and sending good energy.

  11. I hope this surgery finally does the trick. You have had to put up with this non-healing ankle for far too long.

  12. That's a cute picture of Charlie Ross. I hope you can get everything checked off of your list before your surgery. Hopefully, it will heal properly this time and not continue to give you problems. Please be careful not to overdo and wear yourself down before the surgery.

  13. Hi Brenda - I'll be keeping you in my prayers as you head into surgery. Hope your healing goes even better (quicker!) than expected.

  14. I can't wait to ser what you do about that massive mirror. We now have a large one and it never occurred to me to do anything about it except clean it and complain! You are smart to take care of things before you are "laid up," to use one of my grandma's sayings. Here's hoping for a fast recovery.

  15. I've been out of commission for a couple of days and didn't realize surgery was scheduled so soon. I'm glad it's getting taken care of and hopefully this will help you so much. I too wish I was closer to help you out. The patio looks great. And I have to clean my gutters too, not looking forward to that!

  16. Charlie Ross gets my laugh tonight! So cute! :)

  17. Good luck on your surgery! You seem to be taking it quite casually so I hope things go well.

  18. I hope your surgery is successful !

  19. Very pretty Brenda...looking forward to seeing what you do in your bathroom...I know it's going to look great!

  20. Charlie Ross looks so darn cute!! I can take never ending pics of my dogs!

    I've been a little remiss commenting...you are having surgery? Good God. Please tell me about it or give me a link to your post. My next surgery is November 10. Heck, maybe we will just have to get each other on speaker phone to cheer each other up! My hand, your foot! Ha! And I know what you mean about getting ready. We leave on our trip Saturday and get back the following Saturday, with my surgery that Monday. And then Here Comes Thanksgiving!!!

    I read The Husband's Secret awhile back (lousy name for such a fantastic book). I'm glad you told us about her second book, I'm always disappointed when I get excited over that new one coming out and it's a dud. It's on my Nook wish list so I should take it off.

    Have you checked Pinterest for mirror treatments (I'm sure you have). I've seen where they make a sort of wainscoting treatment with wood to look like more than one mirror. I've also seen words and phrases stencil painted in white around the edges. Good luck.

  21. Many prayers for a perfect, successful surgery and quick, restful recovery, Brenda. Glad you have Rusty and Kay to help you. Call your kids and let them know abt your surgery, please...

  22. Moon flowers are beautiful..Best of luck with the surgery..I spent last Sunday night in the hospital for a sleep study..found out yesterday that I have to go back for another night on Tuesday..the study showed that I have severe sleep apnea which explains why I am always tired and falling asleep during the day..it's always something isn't it Brenda..

  23. Beautiful moon flower...that's one I haven't tried. Didn't know you were having another surgery. Hopefully this one will correct all the problems that you've had! It'd be wonderful if you could get rid of that darn boot once and for all.


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