The Cozy Factor

I often get the question of: "How do you make your spaces look cozy?"

1. In terms of lighting, you need three lighting sources, such as lamps, in each room. This is aside from the overhead lighting. Lamps cast a warm rosy glow about the room. I love them in kitchens too.

2. Layer. I layer quilts a lot. I not only layer them on couches and beds, I also put them up on walls. Quilts engender a feeling of being protected. I like the simple patchwork made from scraps best.

3. Books. You may not think that books lend a feeling of coziness. But your books are an expression of who you are. I just love to sit in someone's room and let my eyes glide over the kinds of books they have on their shelves.

4. Let in the natural light. It's your private window to nature. And it changes depending on the seasons. It casts light in your space and gives it a feeling of warmth.

5. Gallery walls lend a very cozy feeling. So many things in one place, arranged somewhat randomly. It tells an aspect of the personality of the person who lives there. And they are just fun to look at.

6. Collections. Put them on display, but don't overdo. If you have a collection of soup tureens or ironstone pitchers, too many will take away from the whole vignette. Pick your favorites and let them be the stars of the show. 

7. Throw pillows. They soften the corners of furniture and add to the cozy factor.

8. Rugs. I can't have rugs in my indoor spaces. Because somewhere along the line, my dogs decided they were puppy pads. But there's nothing prettier than a nice rug over hardwood floors or other solid flooring. 

9. Candles. Nothing changes the ambiance of a room more than candles. Light one for yourself each day. (Of course keep an eye on it and don't leave it burning if you leave the room!) You will enjoy the fragrance, and the small flame gives one a feeling of coziness. 

10. Your bedroom. Once again, layer. Quilts, throws, blankets. Pretty shams or pillows. It will invite you in each night. So make your bed up with lots of texture and layers. 

These are my tried and true tips for making a space cozy. Do you have any to add?

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  1. Brenda,
    I agree on all counts! Such a comfy, cozy room you have created!

  2. Brenda, I think all your beautiful quilts make your home so cozy. Love them. xoxo,Susie

  3. You also decorate using only the things you love. I l admire how you're not afraid to break "the rules" (i.e. hanging a mirror over a quilt) and you tweak things until YOU love them. Rooms copied from magazines, without adding the owner's personality, make for some pretty sterile, "cold" environments. Your zest and personality give your home its coziness. :-)

  4. Controlled Colorful Clutter=Cozy!

  5. Yes....put the throw pillows BACK UP ONTO THE COUCH after the dogs sneak them onto the floor so they can sneak onto the couch when you are out of the house :)

  6. I love cozy. I love all your beautiful quilts. I think they make your home look so cozy. I agree with all the above.


  7. Pués si tengo algo que agregar.... GRACIAS!!!
    Conxita :))))

  8. I like the ottoman under the window covered in the pretty quilt. It looks like a daybed for the dogs. Pretty

  9. You just have the touch that brings it all together Brenda!!

  10. Brenda, you also are not afraid to use color, and you have the ability to balance and blend colors and textures for a cozy look.

  11. Hi Brenda! Love all your cozy reasons and you're so right! Your home always looks so nice and comfy cozy! You're just a born cozy decorator! I love the 'pups think rugs are pee pads!' :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. I like all your tips, Brenda, and your LR is the very definition of cozy! I had to chuckle when I saw your puppy on the couch looking down like she's saying "Where'd it go?!" And "it" looks great under the window and quilt! Have a wonderful week, Bess

  13. Quilts and lots of lamps are two of my favorites. I hate overhead lights so I never turn them on. It is definitely coming up on the time of year when we want to get cozy. xo Laura

  14. You are the QUEEN of COZY !! Love your stylin'!! oxox

  15. Hi Brenda...I love your post today and I love your cozy little house...your quilts are just beautiful and your pillows make it all come together so nice..I use my crocheted afghans I make...wish I had a pretty quilt like yours..I have some but they are older ones...I love candlelight too and flameless candles as well...Take care Brenda and good luck with your surgery...xoxo Carol

  16. Your surroundings are the definition of cozy Brenda. I think everyone can agree on that!

  17. Your homes are always so inviting, so cozy. Great tips, but you really have a special touch of your own.

  18. You have nailed "coziness"! I remember a line in the movie, "The Quiet Man" starring John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara. When her Irish brother wouldn't let her have her dowry, mostly made up of her deceased mother's cottage furnishings, Maureen's character would say, "A woman needs her things about her." Meaning "around" her. I think that's how we women all are. We need our things about us. We need our nest. Doesn't mean we are materialistic, just we need the things we cherish around us. You definitely have your things about you and in a beautiful style. I could curl up with your sweet dogs and just read the afternoon away in your cozy room. The quilts are beautiful.

  19. You do have a cozy home. I think one of the reasons is that you don't have soaring ceilings and you use old fashioned things to decorate with. That automatically makes a room cozy. You gave some great tips.

  20. Great tips, I love all of your colour, especially RED.

  21. I agree with all your trips. But you also have a special touch. I mean look at your kitchen....I would have never come up with those ideas. Yes, you are the Queen of Cozy.......I so agree. Cozy hugs.

  22. These are cozy tips to a "T"! I often wondered why you didn't have rugs! Pee pads, indeed! :) I love area rugs, I probably have too many. Wish I still had some of my old quilts. We "used" them and they weren't made by hand for that sort of wear and tear and the washer/dryer. Had I known you then, I would have them on the wall right now!

    Jane xx

  23. I hate to be a wet blanket, but those fragrance candles are toxic. We have no idea what chemicals are being spread about the room from them. I can't be in the same room as an unlit fragrance candle without getting a headache and sometimes chest pain. Please use unscented candles for the good of those people in your environment who could be allergic. Unscented are better for your own long term health, too.
    And my old dog had his own rug in every room and that's where he knew to stay. Never had a problem on my Bokhara carpet. Dogs are smart, so maybe you can have rugs after all. I love your colors and quilts. I think you must be a cheerful person to chose the colors you do. Well done.

  24. In this great big cyberspace, it's good to know that we can gather right here, in your cozy living room, and feel like it's just a bunch of friends, sharing news and a cup.


  25. I agree with all of your tips, Brenda! You have done a beautiful job on your home to make such a cozy and inviting space. I love how colorful and happy it looks.

    I kind of have to hang my head in shame when I tell you that I just read your feature in Country Sampler. I had a large stack of magazines (mostly CS) that I had not even opened until a few days ago. I keep a basket by my TV chair, because that's where I generally look at them. For several months, though, I've either been crocheting or doing some other stitchery-type project while watching TV, and my basket was a bit over-flowing. I grabbed a few of those magazines & took them to my bedside table to do some catching up instead of starting a new novel. I just randomly picked one to begin, and it was the July issue......and there you were in your Cozy Little House! It was a lovely feature, and the photos were so very pretty. I have to go on the assumption that it's "better late than never" to say "Congratulations!"

  26. Love the quilts. Did you make them?

  27. Great tips Brenda, your home is always so cozy and welcoming!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY...

  28. Great tips Brenda! I love cozy and I love how you decorate with all the things you love...your rooms always look so pretty!!


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