The Blacklist: 9/29/14

If you missed The Blacklist on Monday night, here is the full episode.

I did find it interesting that each time Red referred to Naomi, he still called her "his wife." Not "my former wife", not my ex-wife, but "my wife."

(A photo of Berlin (Peter Stormare) and Naomi (Mary Louise Parker.)

The premise of this episode was the robbery of Monarch Douglas Bank in Warsaw. 

The episode began with Reddington having called in Mr. Kaplan (we still don't know why this woman is called Mister). He always calls her in to clean up his messes.Which in this case were men he'd killed and needed disposed of.

One seems to be rallying around, which gets the attention of Mr. Kaplan. Red sees her glance, and looks over himself. "Oh hell," he says as he puts a final bullet into him to seal his fate.

Truly the best part of this show are three things: James Spader's solid rendering of this role, his odd but endearing quips, and his facial expressions.

The enemy this week was Berlin, played by Peter Stormare.

Here is a photo compilation I've done on Stormare looking far less sinister.

Here's a role he played that I surely did not remember. How about you?

And then there's Lizzie and Donald. He seems to have a prescription drug problem, that I'm sure will be summoned up in a future episode at more length. 

Donald is showing a more vulnerable side. And Lizzie seems to be showing him more empathy and concern. I believe they have now bonded.

And lastly, there was a brief mention of Red's child. Just a small acknowledgement that got my attention. Is she dead or alive? What happened to his little girl?
We've all wondered if she's Lizzie. 

Then who is the Jennifer he refers to, when Red says to Lizzie: "Jennifer. What have you learned about Jennifer?"

To which Lizzie says: "I've confirmed your daughter was placed in protective custody, with her mother, in 1990. The marshall service lost contact 7 years ago. She is unaccounted for."

A preview of next week...

Here is a video preview of next week's show. About the world's most deadly surgeon who is involved in illegal organ transplant activity.

What are your thoughts on Monday's airing of Season 2, Episode 2, of The Blacklist?
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  1. I loved it. Another fact about Red, he only wears three hats. James Spader said in an interview, if you pay enough attention, he only wears the same three; his character is constantly on the move and cannot pack heavy. And it was James' idea for the hats for his character. Can't wait until next week!

  2. I was more into this then the first episode. Not sure if it just took me a little longer to get back in to RED World or what. I find this show so fascinating and it's all due to James Spader. Hoping we get some more answers soon!

  3. Thank you, Brenda for creating this new blog. I love all things Blacklist and all things James Spader! I will be checking in frequently. :)

  4. I love this blog! Thanks so much for bringing us together. It's fun to discuss. I love the show and all things about it but one. My husband and I sometimes have trouble hearing the lines, especially when they have the music playing. The "background music" is louder than the actors are speaking. We played the first minute or two of Monday's episode over and over, trying to hear what Red was saying. We never could figure it out. We are in our early 60's and yes, we do accuse each other of mumbling everything but we aren't really hard of hearing yet! We have a good sound system with our TV. Does anyone else find this a problem?

  5. My Favorite show. .. I hope Lizzie is his Daughter ..

  6. oh my linda: I had no idea what I was missing until I watched the 22, yes 22 episodes on Netflix....wowsers. love everything about this one for sure! thanks for reviewing and making this another part of your wonderful blog. pam in texas


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