When Push Comes To Shove

It's been a busy 24 hours. Yesterday I went to a doctor about my ankle. They did an x-ray and he thinks I may need to have surgery again. 

I'm going out this afternoon for a CAT scan because of a gray area he was concerned about. Then I guess I'll make another appointment with him to see what he says. At least I got a new boot. Those things fall apart fast and are very expensive. My insurance has not been very helpful. 

I just got back from taking both dogs to the vet. They have secondary infections, and Charlie has tonsillitis. They were not happy campers to get shots. 

When they brought a new boot in for me yesterday, I could tell it was one that went up to the knee. So when they came back to put it on, I asked if I could drive in it.

The doctor heard me from the hall and came around the corner and said I could not drive in any boot. Well, I have been. I don't have any choice. I've tried doing the brake with my left foot, but I'm terribly clumsy at it. 

I told him I didn't have any other choice right now. So they gave me the shorter boot like I already had, because I can bend my knee better in it. And said all this was at my own  risk. Well, I realize this. I wish things could be different.

You never think when you're young that you will come to a point where you have no idea who is going to be around to help you out when push comes to shove. 

Heavens, there's a college student who went home and shot and killed his parents and 17 year old sister because he owed a loan shark $3000.  

I just got the book "The Sociopath Next Door." I just can't conceive of actions like this. But it happens all the time. 

According to CBS News:

"Stephens County District Attorney Jason Hicks said Hruby owed money to a loan shark. Hicks did not say why Hruby had so much debt, only that his spending was out of control.
"The reason we were given for the murders was that he was having financial difficulties," Hicks said at a news conference in Duncan. "He felt if he murdered (his family) he would be the only heir to the estate."
Hicks said Hruby shot his mother and father twice each and his sister once. He later left the family's house and disposed of the gun and disc from a home security system. Hruby then traveled to Dallas for the weekend, where he stayed at the upscale Ritz-Carlton hotel, Hicks said.
Hicks said Alan Hruby acted "very nonchalant" and "cold and callous" when he arrived at the home where the bodies of his parents were discovered by the family's housekeeper Monday.
"I tend to think this is a very heinous and atrocious crime," Hicks said. "This shows the fact there was no remorse; this shows this was an evil person."
"Any tears that were shed (by Alan) were crocodile tears," he said.
Alan Hruby's college roommate, Andrew Burmann, reportedly accompanied him on the trip to Dallas following the murders.
Burmann told CBS affiliate KWTV he is in disbelief over the accusations against his friend and that nothing seemed out of the ordinary on their trip to Dallas.
"We were laughing, making jokes and he was hiding this... which is one of the scariest things," Burmann said.
"Nothing he ever did sent up any major red flags," Burmann told the station."


Isn't that the most chilling thing? How on earth could you just go ahead and have the time of your life with blood on your hands? 

So frightening.


  1. Keep your chin up. Maybe you should have titled this post: When Sh*t Hits the Fan. Have a good weekend.

  2. Prayers that things turn around in your home. And you are right, when we are young, things like that just do not even cross our minds.

    Take care!

  3. Brenda, I am sorry to hear that you are still suffering with your foot/ankle. Maybe you need a cast not a boot. But I do understand that you had to drive yourself . Hopefully things will get better soon. .....Sad about that young man and his family. I do not understand why people think they are so entitled....like his [parents didn't work for their money, or whatever he hope to inherit . xoxo,Susie

  4. I don't understand things like this, with the boot and doctors saying you can't drive. I'm sure you're far from the only patient who doesn't have someone to drive you around. What do they expect?! Sorry your doggies are sick, too.

  5. Life gets so complicated. doesn't it?

    I hope your new boot is exactly what you need to continue your recovery.

    On another note, I love the new look of your blook.

    It looks amazing,


    Thank you for stopping by the other day and commenting Brenda.

  6. Hope your scan comes back ok Brenda, so sorry you're having so much trouble with your ankle. Horrible the way things are these days, so much meanness! Sweetest pups ever...

  7. Very scary stuff...makes me nervous to think that such things happen 'all the time'.

    I hope both you and the pupsters are doing better and that your scan showed good things. Please be careful with the driving.

    Happy weekend!


  8. When it rains, it pours, as the saying goes. That's why we should cultivate family and friends; they can help us out when we need help and vice-versa. You are always in my prayers, Brenda. Hope you don't have to have an operation....

  9. Oh Brenda! I hope they find a way to make your ankle better, it's been such a drag. You might already know this, but if you were married to your ex for 10 years and you're 50 and disabled, you can start getting his social security benefits. (As long as he is 62 or older or getting benefits). I've just been looking into this sort of thing lately.

  10. Brenda, I am so sorry your ankle is still not doing well. Wishing you a good outcome. It is so easy for someone to say to you, well you can't drive or do this or that...but when you have no one else to help you, well you have to do for yourself! I was so sad to hear that hospice has been called in for John, I know this is really hard for Judy. Keeping you all in my prayers. I just helped an old friend who is homeless and it keeps me aware that we are all just a thin line from that ourselves.

  11. I am sorry to read about your ankle. It is a good thing that they could get a shorter boot for you so that you can continue to drive. I hope that you won't have to have another surgery on your ankle.

    I was surprised to read that your Charlie pup had tonsillitis....I never thought about dogs even having tonsils. Hopefully, the pups will be better very soon.

    Take care,

  12. That is very scary, indeed, Brenda. It seems that there is more and more of that sort of thing going on in the world.

    I am so sorry about your ankle. That is certainly all you need! Please drive carefully when you are out- I know you only go when you have to go. Maybe you won't have to have the surgery after all! xo Diana

  13. I'm so sorry to hear of your problems going on right now. I know you must be SO tired of dealing with your ankle!!! Is there any way you can take it off to drive and then put it on before you step out of your car? I used to wear a boot when I had planters fasciitis and that's what I did. But I realize you're dealing with an injury so that may not work. Sorry about your dogs having problems too. I guess when it rains it pours, doesn't it? At least you have the good sense about you not go and murder someone because of your problems. I can't believe that kid did that! That's crazy!!

  14. Brenda, unfortunately, it is the signs of the times and it is only going to get worse. I don't understand commiting murder, in the first place, much less against your own family. Oh, I've said, "I am going to kill old so and so" but it is just an expression. To actually do it never crosses my mind! Such behavior befuddles and saddens me.

    I am sorry to hear about the ankle but maybe the surgery will allow you to get back to life without the boot. I'm praying that will be the outcome!

    Grace & Peace,

  15. Good luck with the CAT scan, I hope they find the solution to your ankle.

  16. I don't know what these doctors expect either..from older single women..do they think we can afford to be taxied around?..Is that ankle ever going to be normal again Brenda??..It has to be so annoying after all this time..If you look at that young man's photo long and hard enough you will see what I have seen in the eyes of others who are that way..an emptiness..a void..a lack of emotion..it's frightening that this can happen in a child..We had a similar case not far from here in 2002..16 year old boy shot his father, mother and two sisters ages 13 and 10..In a tiny village way out in the country..so incredibly shocking..

  17. I hope the cat scan results in positive news, and that surgery can be avoided. Be careful driving, and hope the pupsters are feeling better!

  18. I hope the CT scan shows a way that the ankle can be fixed once and for all. Too bad that they can't give a whole new one!!
    Isn't the world gettng scarey? It is awful that he could go on with life after what he did! I a not sure that many people know what is right or wrong anymore. But of course that is to the extreme.

  19. I hope the pups get better soon and the doctors get this ankie fixed once and for all...of course you need to drive :)

  20. Your title says it all. Except, when push comes to shove we MUST shove back. The doctor really needs a shove so he learns that we have to adjust to life's circumstances the best we can.
    As for that young man...his eyes are soulless. No conscience. And the scary thing about that is no one ever knows who these people are until they do something so heinous it makes headline news.
    I hope you and the puppies start on your way to better health. I keep you in my prayers.

  21. A Dr told my mom the same thing about driving when she had to wear a brace of some kind. He said that if she had an accident, it would likely be considered her fault because she was wearing a brace. The dr was just 'covering his butt'.
    Hope something can be done to help your ankle. Hope the pups feel better soon.

  22. I hope you don't need more surgery, Brenda. That would be really rough to deal with alone.

    Were you living in Texas in 1994? Robert Coulson in Houston murdered his adoptive parents, two sisters and a brother-in-law with the goal of not having to share an inheritance. More recently Bart Whitaker did the same thing, with an accomplice. The only difference was his father survived the shooting. It really is impossible to imagine how people do these horrific acts, especially those planned in advance, not an impulsive rampage.

  23. I sure hope you don't need surgery on your ankle. But, I do hope they can find how to help it heal better. I did finally learn to brake with my left foot years ago and still do it that way to this day, but it was difficult at first. Are the pups doing better? Hope so. Take care!

  24. I'm so sorry that you are still having so much trouble with your ankle. I hate that you may have to have another surgery, but maybe it will make it better. Hope the pupsters are better. xo Laura

  25. It is very scary.
    I think because of the internet and the media it's more in our faces- but we all know this has been going on since the dawn if time. Jealous acts and selfish pride lead to murder -- remember Cain killed Abel for these very same reasons
    I hope you foot continues to heal and if at all possible - you won't need more surgery Unless it means getting better and becoming bootless!

  26. So sorry about your ankle...and then the dogs issues. One day at a time as they say. Do you have friends or neighbors to help you out? I have a cousin who had a stroke at a young age and can't drive so I help drive her around. We all need to help each other out when we can.

  27. I agree you have to what you have to do. When I was in a cast, my son came home alone. I asked where was his brother. Hmmmm, he was on the bus before they changed buses. So, I drove. I tried to brake with my left foot and about thrwe us through the windshield. My son said, " That's it, I am getting out of the car." I will never forget that. By the time we got to the bus garage they found him. He forgot to switch buses. So don't break with your left foot. Avoid busy roads and drive slow. Hope the poor pups get better.


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