Why Your Bed Needs A Head Board


Three Reasons to have a Headboard on Your Bed

The bedroom is a very personal place, and out of everywhere in your life, it is the place you should feel most comfortable and at home. This all starts at your bed, where you spend a third of your days, recuperating and recovering from the daily hustle and bustle. 

Most of us have mattresses that accommodate our comfort and support needs, but as far as aesthetics, people frequently seem to overlook an important part of the entire "bed package." And that part would be the headboard.

While some people feel headboards are flashy or gratuitous, they do serve multiple purposes. Firstly, they're a big help in the maintenance of your bedroom. 

Without a headboard, you will ultimately come into contact with your wall time and time again. With the oils present on our skin and in our hair, this will eventually discolor and soil the wall of a bedroom. 

Aside from being unsightly, it's a hassle to clean, and in the worst case scenario, re-paint. A headboard protects your room from you, and saves you some work too.
Soft, upholstered, foam-padded headboards, while protecting the room, also are a big help in protecting you. In the middle of a dream, or just waking up, we're not always completely aware of our surroundings.

Preventing a banged head or a jammed finger, padded headboards can help guard against accidents we may not even be able to prevent.

Lastly, certain style headboards can offer storage in rooms with limited space. Mini shelves are great for holding lights, alarm clocks, phones, books, and other items you want at arm's reach. When you don't have room for an extra shelf or stand in your room, headboards can offer that.

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Shop Smart: Look for a hardwood frame with high density foam padding, wear-resistant fabric, and a covered back. A custom-fit slipcover is a bonus for easy style swaps and cleaning.

Measure Up: Height is important. A tall mattress and stacks of pillows will obscure a too-short headboard. For lean-back comfort, measure your height when sitting in bed.

Install With Ease: Most headboards come with hardware that attaches to standard bed frames. You can wall mount one using D-ring hooks or interlocking hanging brackets.

Keep Clean: Use a pillow to keep hair oils off upholstery. Clean regularly with a vacuum brush; a lint brush works for touch-ups. For stains, spot-clean or call an upholstery cleaner.
Article submitted by The Foam Factory, an online retailer of open-cell foam, the soft and durable padding in custom upholstered headboards used to increase comfort and safety.


  1. I so agree. A headboard makes a bed complete.

  2. I agree, a bedroom without a headboard just looks temporary and unfinished. Ours is a bookcase headboard, made in 1947 by a high school student. He also made a walnut dining table and 6 chairs. We sold the table and chairs, the man who refinished it said that for a high school student in 1947, it was a very forward looking design. The headboard is oak, and in our little bedroom just the thing for all the little stuff that one need near the bed. Good post Brenda.

  3. I wish I had one now that I see how they really enhance the room. I am a totally incompetent decorator except for patios.

  4. I agree a headboard is very important. I inherited my Moms pre Victorian bedset. My headboard is 6 feet tall and 6 feet wide. It's quite imposing but gorgeous carved walnut wood. If I had what I want I would have a femimine padded material headboard that is tufated.

  5. A bed just doesn't look complete without a headboard Brenda..nice post!

  6. I like to read in bed and a headboard is something for back support that just a wall could not provide. Also it makes the room look finished and the bed that much more grand.


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